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Your Amazon Account is Temporarily On Hold: What You Need to Know


Written by Jack Lin

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Amazon Account on Hold

When Your Amazon account is on hold, you need to know why and resolve it immediately, don’t you?

Well, there are many individuals who experience this issue due to various reasons and looking for solutions.

This article explains the most practical solutions you can utilize to overcome this error.

Amazon & Amazon Service

Amazon, without a doubt, can be considered a prominent online merchant.

This platform showcases its items to customers through a fully integrated website that serves as an e-commerce store. From this platform, anybody can purchase virtually anything.

Amazon’s service is superb, and the company’s website is a fantastic location to purchase and sell products.

On the other hand, some consumers have complained that Amazon accounts have been locked. This is true on the app or on their website.

That means Amazon prohibits them from conducting their usual business on the site or app.

With that said, we’ll show you the ways to unlock your Amazon account. Also, we will explain how to restore all of its possibilities.

Remember to read the full article to receive a realistic solution if your Amazon account is on hold.

What Makes an Amazon Account Locked?

Before learning how to fix the Amazon account on hold error, let’s learn why.

If your Amazon account is temporarily on hold, that could be due to the following reasons.

PS: let’s learn more about accessing the Archived Orders on Amazon.

● You Have Provided False Information

Did you create your Amazon account using any false information? If so, that could lead to a locked Amazon account.

For instance, providing fake identity, phony shipping details, billing address discrepancies, and fake phone numbers surely lead to account locks.

● Excessive and Strange Use of Gift Cards

Many individuals want to use gift cards offered by Amazon. Those gift cards are offered with discounts.

However, when a user applies for such gift cards strangely and suspiciously, that leads to trouble.

When gift cards are used, violating guidelines of Amazon could lead to a locked account. This is particularly true with new user accounts.

Excessive and Strange Use of Gift Cards

● Higher Return Rates

The company will pay the losses if someone keeps buying and returning things, just as they would in other e-commerce firms, and the seller would be held culpable for the losses.

Amazon prohibits individuals from returning items in large quantities to protect businesses against fraudsters.

● Using Too Many Locations to Log in

Many individuals use different strategies to log into their accounts from different locations. This is done to enjoy discounts or price differences on a product.

However, Amazon’s mechanism may identify that as a violation of terms. That is for your own security.

Amazon assumes that your account is being hacked by someone when you use different locations frequently. As a result, your account will be locked.

Users who wish to continue using Amazon’s services must comply with a tight set of rules and restrictions.

Some people are not aware that Amazon checks copyrights & patents and notifies suppliers of any complaints. They do it based on category-specific criteria, which they may then respond to.

If you ever make a mistake, your account will be banned. If that’s the case, you are supposed to figure out how to get access back again.

If your Amazon account is on hold, you can follow the introductions below to overcome it.

How to Reduce The Risk of Amazon Account on Hold Issue

● Identifying Potential Phishing Attacks

You can consider some precautions before something bad happens to your Amazon account.

In other words, there are handy ways to prevent Amazon accounts on hold risk. So, let’s go ahead and learn them.

  • Now, you should double-check that you are using the correct email address & password combination.
  • Check to see that your password does not contain any more blank spaces. This can happen if you copy & paste the password into a web browser.
  • Make sure you provide the most recent 2-Step Confirmation code you got if one is necessary. You should note that older codes will not be accepted. 
  • Try checking in with a new device or a browser. If not, you can even erase the cookies and cache from your current browser.
  • Verify that the email ID you’re using is the same one that Amazon is saved on file. You can do that by going to its Amazon password help page and entering your email address.
  • Log in and provide credentials to your Seller Central with your newer email ID and password to get started.

How Do I Take My Amazon Account Off Hold?

● Contacting Amazon if Your Amazon Account is Temporarily on Hold 

  • First, you should sign in to an Amazon account that is already active. 
  • After logging in, use the chat feature to contact customer service.
Contacting Amazon if Your Amazon Account is Temporarily on Hold 
  • If you are asked for verification information, provide it.
  • Now, you should request the assistance of a customer service representative and describe the circumstance.
  • A customer service representative will come and assist you with restoring your account.

There are several requirements to fulfill if your Amazon account is on hold. So, let’s go ahead and learn what those requirements are.

  • You can upload scanned copies of your original documents directly
  • You can contact Amazon’s services using the phone
  • Contact Amazon’s services through an email
  • You can use public forums such as social media platforms to contact Amazon’s customer care.

● You Can Upload Scanned Copies of Your Original Documents Directly

  • A consumer’s apparent strategy is to reveal all necessary information so you can dispel any misconceptions. That means the misconceptions regarding the respective Amazon account.
  • For starters, go through your inbox and search for recent order confirmations.
You Can Upload Scanned Copies of Your Original Documents Directly
  • Locate the respective link of the Amazon order and click on it to gain access to your account.
  • Pretty much all the information available on the “Buy now” page will be described in a detailed manner.
  • A message stating that the respective Amazon account is locked will be displayed. Also, the message will say that the orders are put on hold. 
  • Navigate the website until you see the button labeled “Add Documents.”
  • Completely upload all the required documents. After that, you should wait for Amazon’s customer service team to evaluate them completely.
upload all the required documents to amazon

● You Can Contact Amazon’s Services Using the Phone

Here is how to contact Amazon via phone if your account is on hold.  

You Can Contact Amazon's Services Using the Phone
  • A better method for unblocking an Amazon account is to contact Amazon by phone. You can learn why the account has been locked. Also, it works well if you want to overcome the problem.
  • If calling from the United States, dial +1 (206)-266-2992.
  • Select option two from the menu when the automatic answering machine takes up your call.
  • When the team requests your information, please provide them with as much detail as possible.
  • Explain your situation and how the account was mistakenly suspended in your email.
  • If they can’t explain how to repair the problem, they shouldn’t be there to get it fixed.

● Contact Amazon’s Services Through an Email

Sending emails to Amazon’s Customer Service is another option for contacting and reinstating your account.

  • It is important to remember that this approach gets many emails daily. It can even take many weeks to resolve your issue.
  • Go to the Amazon homepage and select the menu option.
  • At the base of the list, click on the option for customer support assistance.
  • The link to log in can be found in the My Account section of the website.
  • Send an email detailing your problem correctly and clearly.
  • After that, send your application to the official email account associated with your organization.
  • A representative from the company will contact you using the email address used to submit your application.

● Use Public Social Media Platforms

You Can Use Public Forums Such As Social Media Platforms to Contact Amazon’s Customer Care

If your Amazon account is temporarily on hold, you can try to contact them through social media.

  • Use public venues, like the social media pages of Amazon, to communicate with customers. This is the last and most effective method of connecting with Amazon to address an Amazon account restriction situation.
  • Now, go to a post and write a comment outlining your problem. You should also provide an email address that they may use to hunt you down later.

This can only be utilized as a last option if they have taken too long to address your problem because there is nothing further that can be done if this method doesn’t work.

All you can do is create a new account.

In addition, if you wonder, does Amazon deliver on Sunday? Will you have to wait till Monday to receive your order? Don’t worry; Sunday delivery is available from Amazon.

Your Amazon Account is Temporarily on Hold – FAQ

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about those who have their Amazon account on hold.

How long does an Amazon account stay on hold?

For 90 days, Amazon claims the right to hold the funds for 90 days once the account is suspended.

But with the strategies we recommend above, it will take about 1-2 weeks to unlock your account. Just try it.

What is the exact meaning of a locked Amazon account?

Assume that orders are currently placed in the account from a number of different IP addresses. Amazon may think that the account is stolen or hacked.

Also, your account might be frozen until you can prove it is yours. In that case, you will have to use the above solutions to overcome that situation.

What will happen if Amazon freezes my account?

Assume that the account has been stopped because it’s linked to a different seller account. That means an account that’s no longer actively trading on Amazon.

It does signify that Amazon has determined that the storefront is exchanging information along with a suspended storefront. That’s according to the rules and regulations of Amazon.

Will a specific charge incur if an Amazon account is locked?

Of course. If the account is locked, the respective premier account will remain. So, the charges will continue to incur.


Dealing with a temporary hold on your Amazon account can be frustrating, but by understanding the reasons behind it and taking proactive measures, you can resolve the issue and prevent it from happening in the future. Complying with Amazon’s policies, maintaining excellent customer service, and promptly addressing any concerns or issues are key to maintaining a healthy and successful Amazon selling account.


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