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Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday
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Does Amazon deliver on Sunday?

Or will you have to wait till Monday to receive your order?

Many individuals have the same question. If you are one of them, keep reading to find the truth.

About Amazon

Amazon is unquestionably the biggest retailer in the world. Moreover, their website makes purchasing a wide selection of products online as simple as clicking a few links. Customers of the enormous online retailer Amazon want to know if the company delivers goods on Sundays.

In other words, they want to know if Amazon delivers on Sunday. In general, Amazon is recognized for its lightning-fast shipping times. And the solution to this question will be presented in its entirety in the following paragraphs.

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Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?

Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday

That’s right, Sunday delivery is available from Amazon. There are several cities and areas where only Prime members can get their packages delivered on Sundays. When calculating the total delivery time, each city is treated individually.

Pretty much all international package orders placed with Amazon are now delivered on Sundays. You must be a member of Amazon Prime to use this function. Saturday and Sunday delivery options are clearly displayed at checkout.

Or it might be displayed on the respective product page. The reality is that most individuals find Sunday to be the most convenient day for package delivery.

However, whether or not your order is delivered on a Sunday largely depends on your membership type.

However, this service may only be feasible for specific Sunday products and locations. Read on to find out how Amazon handles delivery on Sundays.

Amazon Carries Out Delivers on Sundays

In case you missed the preceding paragraph’s answer, Amazon does not make deliveries on Sundays.

In the United States, Sunday deliveries are handled by the USPS, with whom Amazon has a partnership. The Postal Regulatory Commission authorized a negotiated service agreement between Amazon and USPS in November 2013.

Since then, Amazon’s goods have been arriving at consumers’ doorsteps on Sundays thanks to the service called “Parcel Select.” Understandably, this service is offered by the United States Postal Service.

Although it all started in NYC, Sunday delivery has since spread to virtually every major city throughout the country. Amazon now offers Sunday shipping to many countries than just the US. The product is also sold internationally.

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Does That Mean That Amazon Prime Delivers on Sunday?

Only members of Amazon Prime may get Sunday delivery through Amazon. Don’t count on package delivery on Sundays if you aren’t necessarily a Prime member.

As I mentioned before, the majority of Sunday deliveries by Amazon are handled by USPS. Sunday Amazon deliveries are also handled by a handful of private couriers.

Amazon Prime members only get Sunday deliveries under special conditions. But there just isn’t enough data to know what those conditions are. It is logical that some individuals would attribute this to the package size and ordering timing considerations.

Also, customers have even reported placing orders as early as Sunday morning and receiving their shipments the same day.

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There Are Perks for Members of Amazon Prime

There Are Perks for Members of Amazon Prime

Assume that you are a member of Amazon Prime. So, your product may arrive on a Sunday because of the same-day shipping option. That’s why the members of Amazon Prime are the only ones who can get Sunday deliveries.

Sunday delivery for Prime users may also be free, especially for frequently purchased items or Amazon’s own label goods.

When Amazon predicts a surge in business, the company will hire more drivers for a shorter period of time. Amazon drivers have a reputation for making Sunday deliveries.

However, the specifics of their schedules and routes are unknown. If you live near an Amazon fulfillment center, the delivery drivers may deliver your shipment on a Sunday.

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Things You Should Know About Amazon Deliver on Sunday 

  • All Amazon users can take advantage of our Sunday delivery service.
  • Sunday delivery is included at no extra cost.
  • Amazon Prime members may still expect their packages on Sunday even if they place the orders on Friday. This service is called Sunday delivery with Amazon Prime.
  • The option to have your purchase delivered on a Sunday may not be available for all products. Books, toys, infant necessities, and other often purchased items are among the millions that can be delivered on Sunday.
  • Even if you need your goods delivered on a Sunday, Amazon won’t let you know in advance.

It’s typical for “non-career staff” to put in some time on Sundays. On Sundays, the United States Postal Service often requests and rewards temporary help.

Staples has signed an arrangement with USPS to sell certain of its services in its retail locations.

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Delivery Times of Sunday Delivery

Delivery Times of Sunday Delivery

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you know that there’s a chance Amazon will deliver the package. Consequently, most customers are interested in learning when Amazon makes Sunday deliveries.

If truth be told, there is no estimated time of arrival for the shipment. When your domestic Amazon package reaches, you will be determined by the shipping company or Amazon’s logistics team.

Your package’s arrival time can be affected by things like traffic as well as the weather. Your package should arrive between 9.00 AM and 8.00 PM because that is the time frame for all deliveries.

The fundamental idea is that if you’re a Prime member, you can get free delivery on anything under $35. Also, you can have your Amazon delivered on Sunday. A package shipped to a Prime member can therefore be expected on Sundays as well.

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Is There Any Specific Method to Choose Sunday Delivery on Amazon Prime?

Assume that you are shopping on Amazon using your Prime account. So, remember that the option for Sunday delivery will display for any items that are qualified for it.

You have the option of selecting the delivery date that works best for you. There are options ranging from 1-2 days or expedited shipment.

Assume that you cannot see any delivery alternatives on Sundays or other days. In that case, this indicates that your location does not have access to this service.

In that scenario, you’ll be required to select an alternative date and time for the delivery of your package.

Amazon Prime deliveries on weekends aren’t just for business or home. There is a chance that your box will be available for pickup on Sunday. This is true if you choose the Amazon Locker self-service option.

Though it isn’t a guarantee, checking the order information and following through with the available tracking information is good. In fact, that’s the best method to find out whether or not it has been shipped.

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Does Amazon Prime Charge Anything to Deliver on Sundays?

Does Amazon Prime Charge Anything to Deliver on Sundays?

It is possible for Amazon Prime users to receive free Sunday delivery. Nevertheless, the cutoff time for this benefit is dependent on when the order is placed.

Imagine that you are a member of Amazon Prime and place orders on a Thursday or Friday. If so, you’re eligible to receive free delivery within two business days.

You also have the option of selecting one-day shipping wherever it’s offered. If not, just pay an additional fee to receive guaranteed Saturday delivery (which starts at 7.99 USD per item).

It’s possible that customers who aren’t Prime members will be required to pay additional fees for deliveries on weekends. That is based on the item as well as the seller.

The Best Approach is to Order As Early As Possible

However, there’s one reliable method to ensure that a purchase will be delivered by Sunday. As per that method, you should place the order with plenty of lead time.

On the respective product page, you will be presented with all of the pertinent pricing and options for delivery. That will allow you to make an informed decision that is compatible with your agenda.

Amazon is considered to be the most trustworthy of all the big retailers for reasonably priced Sunday deliveries. In addition to that, in the next years, Sunday deliveries will extend through both UPS and USPS.


1. Does Amazon deliver on Sundays for all products?

Sunday delivery is available for eligible products in select areas. It’s recommended to check the availability during the checkout process.

2. Can I expect faster delivery if I have an Amazon Prime membership?

Yes, Amazon Prime members have access to faster shipping options, including Sunday deliveries in eligible areas.

3. What should I do if Sunday delivery is not available in my area?

If Sunday delivery is not available, you can explore alternative delivery options provided by Amazon or consider weekday delivery.

4. Are there any additional charges for Sunday deliveries?

No, Sunday deliveries do not typically incur additional charges. However, it’s advisable to review the final order details for any potential fees.

5. Does Amazon guarantee the delivery of packages on Sundays?

While Amazon strives to deliver packages on Sundays, certain factors like weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances may affect the delivery schedule. It’s advisable to track your order for the latest updates.


The vast majority of items sold by Amazon come with a number of delivery options. However, if you have a membership of Amazon Prime, you can obtain free and speedier shipping.

Amazon Prime customers and those who are not users of the service do get items delivered on Sundays. However, for that to happen, the destination location should have access to delivery services.

The benefit of having an Amazon Prime account is that it lets you experience fast delivery. Even if you place orders on Fridays, you will get them on Sunday at no additional cost.

This information will be displayed on the respective product page and during the checkout process. Through that, you can check if shipping on Sundays and Saturdays is available in the location.

You can choose your preferred delivery method, and Amazon will promptly fulfill your order. So, that’s all about Amazon delivery on Sunday.


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