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Zombie Board Games

Have you ever played zombie board games? If not, then it’s the best time to give it a try. Board games are one of the best ways to enjoy being at home.

They’re intriguing and fun at the same time. Let us present you with the best zombie board games available. 

About Zombie Board Games

Zombies are one of the biggest icons that represent horror and action at the same time. Does that mean they’ve to be part of a novel or movie only? It’s not the case. There are tons of board games on the market.

However, the current scenario would have had you asking for more. This is exactly where you can try out a zombie board game. No matter how many board games you’ve played, they would not be like these. 

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Top 10 Zombie Board Games to Try Out Today

There’s a wide variety of zombie board games, which makes it confusing for you to choose the best ones. Making it easier for you and bringing back a little more morality to your game night, we’ve selected the best zombie board games for you.

1. Dead of Winter

Zombie Board Games - Dead of Winter

The Dead of Winter is a co-op zombie board game in which zombies are your only threat. Apart from that, you also have to deal with one of the traitors in your group. In the zombie world, it doesn’t matter if you work or betray the traitor. Survival is the main focus of the game, and you have to ace at that.

After all, it’s not easy to survive in the apocalyptic zombie world by only hiding during the winter season. Here, the game allows you to have co-players or friends helping you out. You would also have to save betrayal from any of the group members. Dead of Winter is a compelling game packed with heroism, cruelty, and a mixture of emotions.

There are numerous scenarios of the game, including one with the traitor. Every single survivor has to work to keep their colony alive. Like every member is important for the colony, losing a single one can cause drastic changes. 

Staying safe from zombies and identifying the traitor is not as easy as it looks. Along with the regular things, players have to make difficult decisions too. You will also have to make the decisions acceptable to all or lose co-players. 

2. Hit Z Road

Hit Z Road

Major zombie plays end up with survivors escaping from their present condition to seek a hopefully better future. Hit Z Road is much like playing along the same lines. Survivors take a wholly new road trip on route 66 to survive, which is filled with undead. 

Hit Z Road offers quite a different gameplay in comparison to other zombie board games. In every round, survivors bid on their choice of road. The main goal is to preserve their precious resources and not to run in any zombie horde. Guns are mostly deployed to kill the zombies, and adrenaline is required to escape from being killed. These power-ups can be used to prevent the survivor from being killed in a rampage.

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Survivors are needed to balance out their resources. The wasted and zombified land increases further west. The players are constantly put to a challenge of survival. It surely is a game full of twists and turns. These challenging scenarios made it one of the best zombie board games. 

3. Zombicide

Zombie Board Games - Zombicide

Zombicide lies in the list of one of the largest and the best zombie board games ever seen. It’s the closest one to an RPG zombie game. Along the journey, survivors gain tremendous experience, which later unlocks a new ability. Crossing tremendous scenarios always add up a bonus. These scenarios grant experience. The more scenarios you’ll cross, the more experience you’ll get.

On the other hand, the stronger your hero becomes, the higher the zombie attraction. To make your hero stronger, you need to earn more experience. While unlocking abilities can be useful, confronting strong zombies can change the whole scenario, especially when it’s a well-powered hero. 

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Just like any zombie board game, Zombicide is expandable and can unveil all hidden scenarios. Since its release, the game has made quite a few improvements and expansions. Currently, there are only 10 scenarios in the original game. They’re working on featuring 25 scenarios this year in the new second edition. With all the news of the new version of Zombicide, it gets more and more exciting.

4. Dawn of the Zeds

Dawn of the Zeds

The Town of Farmingdale has a very nasty zombie apocalypse crossover. Every survivor has to work for the safety of the town. There’s no time for heroes to rest due to the waves of stronger undead. Just like The Walking Dead show, more dice keep on rolling while unveiling new scenarios.

There are five rulebooks of the game with enhanced playtime and modulated zombies. Dawn of the Zeds acts in the same manner. It is a sole game. The original version of Dawn of the Zeds had the whole game modulated according to a single-player only. Its third edition allows up to five players in both cooperative and competitive gameplay modes.

Being a complex game, it’s highly customizable. With the increasing difficulty level, new mechanics get disclosed in the game. Dawn of the Zeds is one of the best zombie board games that add more to your plate.

5. Tiny Epic Zombies

Zombie Board Games - Tiny Epic Zombies

Tiny Epic is a mixture of mini themes filled with many scenarios, which are even new for zombie board games. The scenarios include different locations, customizable weapons, and meeples. All of this is squeezed into the tiny signature box of the series.

This is a zombie pack game with tons of modes and gameplay. The gameplay includes cooperative and competitive modes. This mode allows both the AI and modulated zombies to get involved. Primal heroic survivors are the only way to find the source of the plaque and get rid of it. The game includes heroes like the teacher, athlete, and photographer running around in search of help.

Even after being of small size, the game never lost its interesting component. It’s always fun to kill some zeds. The game keeps the little ones interested with its tiny classic themes and the adult ones. It is highly customizable, which makes it much more interesting.

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6. Zombie Dice 

Zombie Dice

The most common theme of most zombie board games is to fight the threat of Zeds. Well, Zombie Dice presents a unique take where you can play as a zombie and explore the area. 

Gameplay is the simplest in Zombie Dice, as you just have to deal with 13 dices and one cup. The players are supposed to roll the dice one by one through the cup. While doing so, they need to consume the largest number of brains possible and avoid getting blasted from shotguns.

You may roll the dices randomly, but a strategy has to be maintained. This involves smartly stopping the rolling dice and focusing on eating the brains. There are three danger levels associated with the dice. The red die can get your face blasted with a shotgun. You need to avoid getting blasted three times continuously, or you will be considered dead.

7. Zombie Kidz Evolution

Zombie Board Games - Zombie Kidz Evolution

Zombie board games are fun for kids too. The evolution of the game called Zombie Kidz has elevated the original game by many covers. The latest version reveals dozens of sealed adventures that are locked while playing.

This is a cooperative game where many kids try to defend their school as zombies are moving. Their adventure consists of moving into different rooms, killing the zombies. Every room has to be sealed to stop the zombies from pushing in. As you proceed, new stickers, power-ups, rules get unlocked for zombies and kids alike.

Zombie Kidz Evolution consists of continuous change into more advanced gameplay. An interesting system of achievement in the game unlocks an extra layer of content. This system of reward with every single content you unlock makes it more interesting. Thus, Zombie Kidz proves itself to be amongst the great zombie board games for families as well.

8. The Walking Dead: All Out War

The Walking Dead: All Out War

The Walking Dead is a miniature war game. Having the ongoing war in between good and evil makes it one of the most apocalyptic battlefields. The game provides an ideal backdrop for the ongoing war. 

This game has the major aspect of two players drafting their familiar characters and certain equipment with its survivor, just like the lucky hat of Rick. You’ve to apply expansions to earn them. After the expansions, survivors move around the land for resources and roll the dice to dispatch enemies as well.

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Zombies make the game much more thrilling simply by being present all the time. Being an All Out War game, the AI function runs across attacking both sides. The mayhem and noise caused by the firing can make survivors panic. Replicating the instances from the show, the terrain works as an advantage to both sides. 

9. City of Horror

Zombie Board Games - City of Horror

This game very well knows how important it is to retain and establish a society while fighting a zombie apocalypse. The storyline doesn’t involve passing any policies or dictator. Zeds aren’t repelled; instead, a person voted by the others is fed to them.

The game is all about survival, where the players have to debate while keeping their lives at stake. There aren’t any specially selected heroes; it’s just the normal people who are trying to stay alive. If the person fails to prove their importance of life, they are fed to the Zeds.

Each player is needed to debate or make deals to save their lives. The survivors are usually trading antidotes and items while gathering goodwill. There’s also a special feature named action card, which will completely destroy the armory. The blown armory sends off other survivors into the pit of zombies. 

City of Horror is listed in the best zombie board games, which four to six players can play. 

10. Last Night on Earth

Last Night on Earth

The Last Night on Earth is one of the cheesiest and goofiest games, like a B-rated zombie movie. Just like many horror movies, zombies are loved no matter how cheesy they’re.

This game has the card art of real actors ripped from your favorite zombie movie. It includes two to four survivors with an addition of two zombies. The modulator controls the zombie tactically in the battlefield that is like a town. 

To survive, the survivors have to work together and carve their way through various situations. The situations can be as bad as killing various undead to making a run in the truck.

There are tactical scenarios in the Last Night on Earth, which challenge the brain of every hero. While keeping it critical, the developers have maintained the uniqueness of cheesiness over brains.


  1. Q: Are zombie board games suitable for children? A: Most zombie board games are designed for mature audiences due to their horror themes and intense gameplay. It’s recommended to check the age rating and content of the game before involving children.
  2. Q: Can I play zombie board games solo? A: Yes, many zombie board games offer solo gameplay options. They often include dedicated rules or scenarios specifically designed for single-player experiences.
  3. Q: How long does a typical game of Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game last? A: The game duration can vary depending on the number of players and the chosen scenario. On average, a game of Dead of Winter can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.
  4. Q: Are expansions available for the zombie board games mentioned in the article? A: Yes, most of the popular zombie board games have expansions that introduce new scenarios, characters, and gameplay mechanics, providing additional content and replayability.
  5. Q: Are zombie board games only about killing zombies? A: While combating zombies is a common element in these games, many also focus on resource management, teamwork, and decision-making. The genre offers a diverse range of gameplay experiences beyond simple zombie slaying.


For a zombie lover, nothing can be better than being a survivor in one of the zombie board games. The fight for survival always churns up the mind of every player.

Above was a list of the ten best zombie horror games that we hope you would enjoy a lot. Let us know in the comment section about your experience or drop in more suggestions.


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