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Games Like Skyrim
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Skyrim-like games can be very popular among many gaming enthusiasts. However, for some individuals, finding the correct games similar to Skyrim has become an uphill task. They don’t have enough time to play all the games and check if they are similar to Skyrim.

To make things easier, we created this list of games like Skyrim for you. You don’t have to waste your time anymore; just read this list and pick some games similar to Skyrim.

Games Similar to Skyrim 

The game named Skyrim was released back in 2011, and it became a hot game among many gaming enthusiasts. It has plenty of beautiful elements and excellent gameplay.

So, if you have finished playing Skyrim, you might be looking for more Skyrim-like games. If you still love the gameplay, characteristics, game control, and graphics of Skyrim, this article presents alternatives.

01. BloodBorne


This game was released in 2015 & it is compatible with PS 4. BloodBorne is pretty similar to the first installment found in the Dishonored franchise. That means BloodBorne has more similarities to Dishonored compared to Skyrim.

However, the RPG elements found in this game are very interesting for any gaming enthusiast. That is exactly why we included this game in our list of games like Skyrim. As per the game, you are supposed to play in medieval times, which is chaos. You will see a deadly plague and various other citizens have died. Your goal is to survive somehow and find a cure before the city is completely ruined.

You will be able to achieve some points as you go ahead. These points can be used as a currency to upgrade the armor. You can buy more supplies and gear, and then there will be plenty of similarities to Skyrim. The best thing is that we have not heard any negative reviews about this game. So, we can put it as one of the best Skyrim-like games for our readers.

PS: here are the games like World of Warcraft for your reference.

02. Monster Hunter: World

Games Like Skyrim - Monster Hunter: World

This game is available for consoles like PS 4 and Xbox One apart from its Microsoft Windows version. The initial version of this game was released in December 2017. This game will definitely keep you happy, and its graphics are truly amazing for any user. The gameplay of World is so perfect, and it gives you the best RPG experience.

You will be able to advance through the levels, but this isn’t the easiest if you are a newbie. However, if you try to play this game after Skyrim, things will be familiar for you.

03. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

Released in 2012, Guild Wars 2 is compatible with both Windows and Classic macOS. If truth to be told, you can’t find plenty of perfectly crafted MMOs in the world. And Guild Wars 2 is considered to be one of those rare games you can try.

That is why we consider it one of the best Skyrim like games. The scenes in this game are perfect, and the details are amazing. You will be able to find excellent surroundings to add more value to the game.

The overall story of this game is perfectly written, and you can expect multi-ending characteristics. One of the best things about it is that it is free for you. So, if you love playing games like Skyrim, this would be a great option for you.

04. Conan Exiles

Games Like Skyrim - Conan Exiles

Here’s another impressive game for those who love games similar to Skyrim. It was released in 2017, and it is compatible with PS 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. If you are looking for something unique and exciting, this is a superb option to try.

It is true that this game doesn’t have any dragons or magical spells like Skyrim. If truth to be told, Conan Exiles has some considerable similarities to Assassin’s Creed Origins.

However, there are some specific features that are absolutely similar to Skyrim. Also, it may not be the most interesting or exciting game out there in the market. However, the chances are that you will enjoy it a lot, just like with Skyrim.

05. The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the wild

The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the wild

This game was released solely for consoles like Nintendo Switch and Wii U in 2017. If you are a fan of adventurous games, you will find this game to be amazing. It has some notable similarities to Skyrim when it comes to the gameplay and RPG elements. You can feel it as one of the best open-world games that exist today. The epic storyline and perfect gameplay make it one of the ideal games for you.

It is true that this game is available for Nintendo and Wii U consoles. However, if you own a Nintendo console, this game would be the most similar game to Skyrim. There are several other open-world games to find, but this one is a very special option.

06. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Games Like Skyrim - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

This is one of the oldest games on this list, as it was released back in 2006. It is developed to be compatible with PS 3, Xbox 360, and Windows, for those who want to know. The gameplay, as well as the mechanics, are very similar to Skyrim. However, this game is played in the form of first-person. The graphics of this game are impressive and ahead of their time (it was released back in 2006).

The story of this game is flawless, and you will gain some magical abilities. That can be used to craft various weapons and even use those spells to fight against the creatures. This is an ideal option for those who are looking for games similar to Skyrim with low configurations.

Well, if you wonder whether Oblivion is similar to Oblivion, the answer is yes. In fact, it has a perfectly crafted RPG, just like in Skyrim, so you can expect similar entertainment.

07. The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds

Released in October 2019, The Outer Worlds is a pretty exciting game that has some similarities to Skyrim. So, if you are looking for games like Skyrim, The Outer World is just for you.

It is developed to be compatible with PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, and that’s amazing. It is true that you don’t find plenty of similarities between these two games. However, in Outer Worlds, you can see a wider world where there is no shortage of possibilities. If you have already played Skyrim, you will definitely love this game.

08. Dishonored

Games Like Skyrim - Dishonored

This game is compatible with Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. We can rate Dishonored as one of the best games that come with action-packed characteristics. It has a successor, and even that doesn’t have such amazing features.

In other words, many gaming enthusiasts love Dishonored more than its successor. As per the gameplay, you will see the tale of Corvo. He is the one who is suspected to be the killer of the high empress.

Also, he is the one who has supposedly killed her daughter. But the reality is that Corvo is the victim of a setup. The respective legal authorities give him the death sentence. As per the game, a couple of rebels come and break Corvo out.

Then, the action is about finding the actual culprits who killed the empress and kidnapped her daughter. Well, we find this game to be one of the best Skyrim like games.

There is absolutely no shortage of RPG elements here. You will have a large range of special abilities, just like in the Skyrim game. That’s why we identify this game to be one of the best Skyrim like games. So, go ahead and check it out.

09. The Witches 3: Wild Hunt

The Witches 3: Wild Hunt

This is compatible with Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and X Box One. Although many RPG entries were released over the past period, only a few of those games are impressive. But when it comes to Wild Hunt, it is a totally different approach, and you will love it. If you are not a fan of the RPG genre, this game will be somewhat difficult.

However, you can expect plenty of fun with this game because there’s a lot to explore. Anyway, if you are looking for games similar to Skyrim, Wild Hunt is a very good option.

10. Mass Effect 2

Games Like Skyrim - Mass Effect 2

If Skyrim is your favorite game, Mass Effect 2 will be one of the best choices you can play. It is based on a sci-fi story. As per the gameplay, BioWare knows how to craft those memorable characters as well as the worlds.

The game comes with an improvement over the predecessor in many ways. Compared to the predecessor of this game, we notice a considerable improvement in various aspects. It is true that Skyrim has some dragons, monsters, and other mythical creatures along with magical powers.

However, in this game, you find aliens and other creatures. So, it is a new and exciting experience for those who love playing Skyrim like games.

11. Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows Of Amn

Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows Of Amn

There are plenty of similarities between this game and Skyrim when it comes to the content and setting. In fact, this is one of the most similar games to Skyrim in many ways. You will even find a couple of dragons in this game, just like in Skyrim. However, there are some differences as well. One of the most notable differences is that this game is played with an isometric perspective.

One of the main downsides associated with this game is the quality of the graphics. But the remainder of this game is truly awesome for those who love Skyrim like games.

12. Demon’s Souls

Games Like Skyrim - Demon's Souls

This game was originally published as an exclusive to Japan. Also, it did not have a massive welcome at the beginning. However, it experienced massive success when it was introduced to the west, and that’s interesting.

The overall gameplay is addictive, and it delivers plenty of excitement as well for any player. As per the gameplay, you are supposed to create a character and start playing in a land named Boletaria.

13. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

This is yet another superb alternative to Skyrim. Millions of players across the globe embrace this game. It can be rated as one of the most popular MMORPG entries ever made. This game was originally introduced back in 2004, and since then, it has experienced some expansions.

When it comes to the content, this game offers more than Skyrim. As a player, you can play this game for a very long time. Basically, this game offers the ultimate experience in terms of RPG.


  1. Are these games available on multiple platforms?
    • Yes, most of the games mentioned in this list are available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.
  2. Are these games suitable for beginners in the RPG genre?
    • While some of these games may have a steeper learning curve, they provide tutorials and gradual progression to accommodate players new to the RPG genre.
  3. Can I customize my character in these games?
    • Yes, many of the games mentioned offer extensive character customization options, allowing you to create a unique avatar to embark on your adventures.
  4. Are these games single-player or multiplayer?
    • The majority of the games listed here offer single-player experiences, but some, like Elder Scrolls Online, also have multiplayer elements.
  5. Can I play these games without having played Skyrim?
    • Absolutely! While these games offer similar experiences to Skyrim, they stand on their own and can be enjoyed independently without any prior knowledge of Skyrim.


Well, those are the best games like Skyrim we have found during our research. Do you like this list? Do you want to add more games similar to Skyrim? Please share your thoughts with us.


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