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What is Wisptis.exe and Common Runtime Errors in Windows 10


Written by Jack Lin

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Wisptis.exe – What is it?

The full form of WISPTIS is the “Windows Ink Services Platform Tablet Input Subsystem.”

In Windows 10, wisptis.exe is the device tool that supports Office’s handwriting features, especially for Microsoft’s Tablet PC Platform.

It is supposed to stay active in the background even when the pen or touch-screen mode is inactive. It won’t do much if you decide to delete or rename this executable file.

This is chiefly because Windows File Protection ensures that the reinstallation of wisptis.exe is scheduled for the time after you restart or run Microsoft Office.

The main programs that bring wisptis.exe to your computer are Microsoft Office, Journal Viewer, or Adobe products.

Deleting wisptis.exe is only temporary, and it will not have any effect on Windows 10 stability. The applications that will be affected are only those that require this process and only in the short term.

If you have installed a program that requires the touch screen or handwriting feature, only those will stop performing.

What is a wisptis.exe Runtime Error?

As the name suggests, runtime errors are errors regarding Office that come up during “runtime.” It simply means that the EXE errors occur when wipstis.exe is attempting to load while Office is either booting or already running.

Mentioned below are the most common types of EXE errors that you will encounter when running the Office.

wisptis exe system error
  • 1. Wisptis.exe is corrupted.
  • 2. Cannot locate wisptis.exe.
  • 3. Wisptis.exe runtime error.
  • 4. Unable to load wisptis.exe. Module not found.
  • 5. Cannot load wisptis.exe.
  • 6. Wisptis.exe cannot be found.

Usually, whenever a wisptis.exe error occurs while the program is running, it will result in a termination of the program. Such error messages mean that Office cannot find the file on startup or the file is corrupt, resulting in premature termination of the startup process. Unless these errors are resolved, Office won’t be able to start.

It is important to find the source of this wisptis.exe error to correct the issue properly. Usually, you will encounter most of these errors during startup. This can happen for various reasons, such as programming issues, conflicts with third-party software or plug-ins, or outdated and damaged hardware.

Such wisptis.exe errors can also occur if files have been moved, deleted, or corrupted by a virus. It is critical to ensure that your anti-virus is updated and scanning files regularly.

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Some Common Causes of wisptis.exe Error Messages

  • 1. Malfunctioning or faulty hardware.
  • 2. Infection due to Trojan, adware, or spyware.
  • 3. The files associated with wisptis.exe are corrupted in the registry.
  • 4. Wisptis.exe files have accidentally been deleted.
  • 5. Wisptis.exe is not downloaded completely or installed correctly by the software.
  • 6. Another program conflicts with Windows and its shared files.

Fixing Wisptis.exe Errors

Problems related to wisptis.exe can be solved in several ways. Some of these solutions require a certain level of computer knowledge and are meant for advanced users only.

When fixing a wisptis.exe error, an approach with caution for mistakes can result in an unstable working system.

If wisptis.exe errors occur, follow the troubleshooting steps to prevent this issue from occurring again.

Restore Your PC

To begin restoring your system, go through the following steps in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10:

  • 1. Press the Windows Start Button.
  • 2. Type System Restore and press Enter.
  • 3. In the results, click on System Restore.
  • 4. Enter the password if required.
  • 5. Follow the steps in the System Restore Wizard.
  • 6. Choose a backup image and restore it.

Reinstall Office

If the aforementioned steps fail to take care of the wisptis.exe error, you might have to try another method. This is applicable if you have recently installed Microsoft Office.

In such a case, try Uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office as given below:

  • 1. Press the Windows Start Button.
  • 2. Type Uninstall and hit Enter.
  • 3. Find and click on Add or remove programs.
  • 4. Look for Office 2007 and click on Uninstall.
  • 5. Go through the prompts for Uninstallation.
Reinstall Office

Once uninstalled, restart your computer and reinstall Microsoft Office. If this step fails, you might have to update your Windows.

Update Your Windows

Wisptis.exe errors can be the result of an outdated Windows. To update your windows, go through the following steps:

  • 1. Click on the Start button.
  • 2. Type Update and press the Return key.
  • 3. Once the Windows dialogue box comes up, click Check for Updates.
  • 4. Click on Install Updates.
  • 5. Once the update is complete, restart your PC.
Update Your Windows

If, after updating Windows, the wisptis.exe error persists, proceed to the next method. Be advised that the next step is recommended only for advanced PC users.

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Download and Replace wisptis.exe

A more advanced approach might be necessary if the previous three steps did not resolve the issue.

As mentioned, this approach is not recommended to amateur windows users. This method requires you to download and replace wisptis.exe files on your computer.

Follow the steps below to download and replace the files:

1. Find your Windows Operating System version and download the appropriate wisptis.exe file.

2. Copy the file and put it in the Office folder, depending on your operating system’s version.

  • Windows 7/XP: C:\Windows\System 32\
  • Windows Vista (64bit): C:\Windows\SysWOW64\
  • Windows Vista: C:\Windows\System32\

3. Restart your PC

If this step also fails to solve the wisptis.exe problem, the only remaining option you have is to reinstall a clean version of Windows. It is important to note that installing a newer version of Windows can be very time-consuming and an advanced way of resolving the wisptis.exe runtime error problem.

To avoid loss of data, it is advised that you back up all your essential documents, software installers, pictures, and other personal data before you begin reinstallation. You must do it immediately if you haven’t yet backed up your data.

Additional Information About wisptis.exe Error

As an input component of the Microsoft Pen and Touch, wisptis.exe is a process that can be started even when the touch screen is not enabled on your PC. It could also be running even when there is no pen attached to it.

There is a possibility that wisptis.exe starts automatically every time your PC boots up. It becomes a problem when it returns even after you have disabled it from Task Manager.

If you go to the Processes tab of Task Manager, it will show that it is a pen-and-touch component and an unnecessary process you need to get rid of.

Turning off wisptis.exe

First, you need to determine whether or not a feature related to tablets is accidentally enabled on your computer. If this is the case, it could be because you have installed Tablet PC components on your system.

Follow the given steps to turn it off:

  • 1. Press the Windows button, and type Windows Features.
  • 2. From the results, select Turn Windows features on or off.
  • 3. Look for Tablet PC components and uncheck the box to remove them from your PC.
  • 4. Do so only if you do not require these components.
  • 5. Restart your computer.
Turning off wisptis.exe

If wisptis.exe persists, you should look at some of the following methods to get rid of it. To do so, you require a better tool to understand the reason for this error.

Open Process Explorer and look for wisptis.exe in the program. You will notice that it is a sub-process of AppVClient. You will have to deal with AppVClient first to terminate it effectively.

As a part of the Microsoft App-V Client service, AppVClient’s main purpose is to organize App-V users and their applications. You can disable the automatic start-up if you are not using this service.

Go through the following steps and learn how to disable it.

  • 1. Hit the Windows+R key, input services.msc, and press Enter.
  • 2. This will bring up the Services manager of the operating system.
  • 3. Look for and click on Microsoft App-V Client.
  • 4. Change the type of startup to Manual.
  • 5. Clicking on Stop should keep the service from running.
  • 6. This should stop AppVStreamingUX.exe and also terminate wisptis.exe.
  • 7. You can verify in Windows Task Manager.
Turning off wisptis.exe

Disable wisptis.exe from Command Prompt

If the aforementioned steps fail, then try out this method. This will involve the use of Command Prompt to remove wisptis.exe effectively. Note that the following solutions require a certain level of computer knowledge.

If you are uncomfortable with the processes below, take the assistance of someone who knows how to operate Windows Command Prompt fully.

Press the Windows button and type “cmd.” If prompted, choose “Run as Administrator.” Click on “Yes” if the User Account Control prompt pops up.

Now, type the following commands provided, and press Enter after each line of command.


cd %windir%\system32

takeown /f wisptis.exe

icacls wisptis.exe /deny “NT AUTHORITY\SYSTE<” : (RX)

Once this is done, restart your system. Once the computer reboots, you should see that the wisptis.exe has stopped occurring in Task Manager.

Disallow wisptis.exe from Group Policy Editor

Lastly, if all methods fail, you can try disallowing wisptis.exe from Group Policy Editor. This will keep the process of using any system resources.

First, open the “Run” dialog box by pressing the Windows button and R together. Type “gpedit.msc” in the field and press the Return key. This will give you access to the Local Group Policy Editor.

Navigate to “Computer Configuration > Windows Setting > Security Settings > Software Restriction Policies“.

Once you have successfully navigated to the “Software Restriction Policies,” go to “Action” on the toolbar and choose “New Software Registration Policies.”

Next, go ahead and right-click on “Additional Rules” and click on “New Path Rule.”

New Path Rule

Once the window opens, click on “Browse.” After this, go to the wisptis.exe location on your computer. This should be “C:\Windows\System32\wisptis.exe“.

Once you have successfully navigated, click on the Security level, and in the drop-down menu, select “Disallowed.” Click on Apply and then OK to save changes and close the window.

click on "Browse."
Set security level to Disallowed


Q1: What is wisptis.exe? Wisptis.exe is a process responsible for supporting pen input and tablet-related features on Windows operating systems. It enables functionalities such as handwriting recognition and touch input.

Q2: Can I safely block wisptis.exe? Blocking wisptis.exe can be done, but it may cause certain pen and touch functionalities to become unavailable. If you heavily rely on these input methods, it is recommended to proceed with caution.

Q3: Is it possible to re-enable wisptis.exe after blocking it? Yes, you can re-enable wisptis.exe by reversing the steps used to block it. However, keep in mind the potential impact on pen and touch functionalities.

Q4: Are there any alternatives to blocking wisptis.exe? If you don’t want to block wisptis.exe entirely, you can consider disabling specific tablet-related features or pen input options through the Windows settings.

Q5: Is it necessary to restart my computer after blocking wisptis.exe? In most cases, it isnecessary to restart your computer for the changes to take effect after blocking wisptis.exe. Restarting ensures that the modifications made to the system settings or registry are applied correctly.


There are many different solutions for the wisptis.exe error on the internet. Many suggest that you should delete the file.

Some may even suggest that you should take ownership of the file and block it by altering permissions.

However, it is best to analyze the issue first and determine what is causing the problem.

It is always possible that other services or processes may be spawning the process, but the general rule of thumb of analyzing the situation first remains.


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