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What is VulkanRT

So, what is VulkanRT? Have you come across the VulkanRT program on your computer? Most people found this program on the application list or in the folder ‘Program Files (x86)‘.

If you see this program, you must be wondering whether it is some kind of malware or virus.VulkanRT sounds a bit virus-like. But, what is VulkanRT actually?

When you open the ‘VulkanRT‘ folder, you will come across various subfolders having numbers as the labels. Furthermore, when you dwell deeper into every folder, you will see a file collection, including word documents, text files, and other executables.

Most people tempt to uninstall these files but cannot do so due to repercussions they can face as they do not know what VulkanRT is.

Here, we will discuss what Vulkan Runtime is and why this program is beneficial to your system, especially for gamers. So, let’s get started without further ado!

Is the VulkanRT Program a Virus?

Just like most unknown computer programs that show up out of nowhere, the one thing that comes to our minds is, “is that program a virus“? No, this program is not a virus.

VulkanRT is an essential API, which is designed for helping gamers and other professionals who work with 3D graphics and utilize the hardware for helping the performance in those applications.

Is the VulkanRT program a virus

Neither the Vulkan Runtime Libraries nor Vulkan API is a virus. Also, it is not possible to make a virus with the API unless someone embeds it into an application or game. So, you do not have to ponder many thoughts on this. It gets installed along with the graphics card drivers or games that you install. Now, it’s time to know, ‘What is VulkanRT?

What is VulkanRT?

VulkanRT or Vulkan Run Time refers to a cross-platform graphics API. This program aims to enhance performance in various 3D applications (usually interactive media or games) and also to offer balance usage between the GPU and CPU. For understanding what VulkanRT is, you need to understand the Vulkan API too. Most people think both of these things are the same, but actually, they are not.

The project ‘Vulkan‘ was created in 2014 by a consortium known as the Khronos Group, whose focus is to build usual open APIs. In 2015, the Khronos Group declared this program at the Game Developer’s Conference.

Apart from reducing CPU usage in 3D apps, VulkanRT keeps its focus on spreading workloads evenly over multi-core CPUs. This program is the descendant of OpenGL but not a full replacement. This is because there are lots of multiple use-case settings, where OpenGL seems to be less complex to use.

Vulkan Runtime Libraries serve the same purpose as Direct3D12. Unlike Direct3D12, VulkanRT works with multiple OS, which includes Linux, Android, and Windows. This program even offers third-party support for macOS and iOS. Now, you do not have to ask ‘what is VulkanRT’ anymore.

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Why was the Vulkan Program Created?

Vulkan was created as the OpenGL successor. While OpenGL is more about rendering and creating 3D and 2D objects, the Vulkan program was built for rendering high-performance 3D graphics. At the same time, Vulkan seems to be system resource friendly. It could also render 2D objects.

Vulkan is a young project designed by the Khronos Group, which is known for its open-source APIs. It emerged into the market after 24 years of the release of OpenGL. One can compare this program to DirectX to other fully-fledged programs out there.

However, there’s a huge difference between these two programs. The Direct3D or DirectX works only for Windows, while the VulkanRT functions as a cross-platform API.

This lower-level program supports various operating systems and devices, from MacOS to Android. However, lower level does not mean that this program is good just for making Indie, cheap, or other casual games.

For instance, Doom Eternal also features Vulkan support. There are lots of popular games that feature Vulkan rendering support. You will get to know about some of these games further down in this article.

So, what you need to understand is that your computer requires the VulkanRT program.

It offers an environment or sandbox that assists your system process and translating the objects of Vulkan API. This program is very simple to install, just like C++ redistributable programs. For installing this program, you can refer to the next section.

However, we do not recommend installing this program as it might cripple other treasured games on your computer. Hoping that you got the answer for ‘what is VulkanRT’ and now, you should know why you need this program. So, you actually need this program if you like to play the latest games out there.

How to Install Vulkan Runtime Libraries on Your Computer?

If you have recently installed new graphic drivers for your AMD or NVIDIA graphics card and started noticing the VulkanRT program, this program is likely installed when you have updated the drivers.

Also, if gamers have upgraded to a new graphics card, it is likely that they installed Vulkan when they installed the new GPU drivers. Moreover, if you have downloaded a game, the VulkanRT program might have been installed at that time. There are various games that employ Vulkan, whereas there are certain games that need this program for proper functioning.

So, if you are coming across Vulkan Runtime Libraries on your system, then it is more likely because of something new that recently you have installed on your computer.

What Games Employ Vulkan?

Here, we are going to tell you about some noteworthy games that feature Vulkan API support. If you have installed a game from this list on your computer, then it is the reason what Vulkan is doing on your system.

So, these are some games that feature Vulkan API support. Now, if you are playing any of these popular games on your system, that’s where VulkanRT got installed on your computer and left you with ‘what is VulkanRT!

VulkanRT Exceptions

VulkanRT comes with certain exceptions. This program will not work if users are employing an Nvidia graphics card having 2GB RAM or less on their Windows 7 system. To make it work, either you should update your graphics card or the operating system. Additionally, the VulkanRT program is not supported by the GTX 690 graphics card from Nvidia.

In case, if you are wondering if the Xbox One or PS4 supports this program, then the answer is yes. Both the Xbox-One and PS4 support Vulkan as they both employ AMD GPUs.

How to Uninstall the VulkanRT Program?

After acknowledging ‘what is VulkanRT’, if you no longer need Vulkan or feel like getting rid of this program for some reason, then you can uninstall it simply in the following manner.

Steps to Uninstall the VulkanRT Program:

  • 1: Firstly, open the Power User Menu on your Windows PC by pressing Win + X
  • 2: Select the ‘Apps and Features‘ option
  • 3: Now, scroll down until you come across the ‘Vulkan‘ program from the app list
  • 4: Next, select ‘Vulkan‘ and tap on the ‘Uninstall‘ option

After that, your system will uninstall this program. Lastly, you have to reboot your system to make all the changes.

Do You Need to Uninstall the VulkanRT Program?

As stated above, VulkanRT comes with software, drivers, or gamers. Thus, it is necessary to run certain applications on your system. So, if you are worried about why this program is showing up all of a sudden, you can relax as this program is not a harmful one.

Also, if your anti-virus is saying that this program looks suspicious, it is best to ignore this warning. The program is completely safe, and you need to keep this program on your system.

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1. Is VulkanRT compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS?

Yes, VulkanRT is designed to be cross-platform compatible and works seamlessly on Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems.

2. How does VulkanRT improve performance compared to other graphics APIs?

VulkanRT offers low-level access to the GPU and provides multithreading support, allowing developers to optimize performance and reduce CPU overhead. This results in better utilization of modern GPUs and improved rendering performance.

3. Can VulkanRT be used for game development?

Absolutely! VulkanRT has gained popularity in the gaming industry due to its performance advantages. Game developers often choose VulkanRT for graphics-intensive projects to leverage its low-level access, multithreading support, and cross-platform compatibility.

4. What are the key benefits of using VulkanRT?

Using VulkanRT offers benefits such as enhanced performance, cross-platform flexibility, efficient resource management, reduced driver overhead, and future-proofing capabilities. It empowers developers to create high-quality applications that run seamlessly across multiple platforms.

5. Is VulkanRT secure to use in applications?

VulkanRT undergoes rigorous testing and validation to ensure security standards are met. However, developers should follow best practices and be mindful of potential vulnerabilities to protect their applications and users from security risks. Regular updates and patches from the Khronos Group and hardware/software vendors help address any identified security concerns.


In the end, VulkanRT is not a threat to the well-being of your computer. This program is very light on resources and causes no crashes as such. So, there’s actually no need to uninstall this program. Now, you know, ‘what is VulkanRT?’ So, have a wonderful gaming experience without worrying about this program!


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