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Alarm on DND: Will It Go Off? Your Comprehensive Guide


Written by Jack Lin

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Will My Alarm Go Off On Dnd

In today’s world of constant connectivity, we’re bombarded with notifications from our phones all the time.

The Do Not Disturb (DND) mode is a godsend for those who want some peace and quiet during important meetings, or while they sleep.

However, amidst this tranquility, one crucial question arises – will my alarm go off on DND?

In this article, we’ll explore the relationship between alarms and DND mode and offer some tips for ensuring your alarm works as expected.

Understanding Do Not Disturb Mode

Do Not Disturb Mode

Purpose of DND mode

DND mode is designed to help you minimize distractions by silencing notifications, calls, and other alerts. It can be particularly helpful when you need to concentrate or get some rest.

How DND Mode Works

When DND mode is activated, your device will suppress most sounds and vibrations. It will also hide visual notifications from the lock screen, ensuring that you aren’t disturbed by incoming messages or notifications.

Customizing DND Settings

DND mode can be customized to fit your needs. You can choose to allow calls and messages from specific contacts or allow repeat calls from the same number. You can also schedule DND mode to activate automatically during specific time frames.

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Alarms and Do Not Disturb Mode

Will My Alarm Go Off on DND?

The short answer is yes – your alarm will go off even when your phone is in DND mode. Alarms are treated differently from other notifications, as they’re considered essential and should not be silenced by DND mode.

How Alarms Bypass DND Mode

When you set the alarm, your device recognizes it as a high-priority notification. As a result, alarms are allowed to bypass DND mode, ensuring that you don’t miss important wake-up calls or reminders.

Different Alarm Apps and Their Compatibility with DND Mode

While the built-in alarm app on most devices works seamlessly with DND mode, third-party alarm apps may not always be compatible. It’s essential to check the app’s settings and ensure it’s configured to bypass DND mode.

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How to Enable Alarm Sound from 3rd Party App While Using DND Mode?

Enabling alarm sound from a third-party app while using Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on iPhone and Android devices may require slightly different steps, as the operating systems and settings differ.

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide for both platforms:

1. iPhone (iOS):

Step 1: Update Your iOS and Third-party App

Ensure your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS and the third-party alarm app is up to date. To update iOS, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Download the iOS Software Update
iOS Software Update

To update the third-party app, visit the App Store, search for the app, and tap “Update” if available.

Step 2: Enable Critical Alerts

Some third-party alarm apps may support Critical Alerts, which can bypass the DND mode. To enable Critical Alerts for your alarm app:

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications.
  2. Scroll down and find the alarm app from the list.
  3. Tap on the app name to access its notification settings.
  4. Enable “Allow Notifications” if it’s not already enabled.
  5. Toggle on the “Critical Alerts” option.
Enable Critical Alerts

If the alarm app doesn’t support Critical Alerts, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Schedule Do Not Disturb

You can schedule the DND mode to automatically turn off before your alarm goes off:

  1. Go to Settings > Focus > Do Not Disturb.
  2. Toggle on “Scheduled” and set the “From” and “To” times, ensuring the alarm time is not within the DND scheduled period.
Schedule Do Not Disturb

2. Android:

Step 1: Update Your Android OS and Third-party App

Ensure your Android device is running the latest version of its operating system and that the third-party alarm app is up to date. To update Android OS, go to Settings > System > Software Update.


To update the third-party app, visit the Google Play Store, search for the app, and tap “Update” if available.

Step 2: Enable App to Override for DND Mode

To allow the third-party alarm app to bypass DND mode, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps.
  2. Find the alarm app from the list and tap on it.
  3. Tap on “App notifications” or “Notifications“.
  4. Ensure the “Override Do Not Disturb” or “Treat as priority” option is toggled on.
Override Do Not Disturb

Step 3: Customize DND Mode Settings

You can further customize DND settings to ensure the alarm app’s notifications are not muted:

  1. Go to Settings > Sound > Do Not Disturb or search for “Do Not Disturb” in the Settings search bar.
  2. Tap on “Allow exceptions” or “Customize” (the wording may differ based on your Android version and device manufacturer).
  3. Ensure that “Alarms” or the third-party alarm app is allowed to bypass the DND mode.
Customize DND Mode Settings

How to Configure Your Alarm Setting Appropriately?

Follow these simple steps to configure your alarm settings on Android and iOS devices for the perfect wake-up experience.

  1. Open the Clock app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the “Alarm” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. To create a new alarm, tap the “+” icon, or select an existing alarm to edit.
  4. Set the desired time for the alarm.
  5. Choose the alarm’s repeat frequency (e.g., daily, weekdays, weekends, or custom).
  6. Select a suitable alarm tone or sound.
  7. Adjust the volume and vibration settings according to your preference.
  8. Name your alarm for easy identification.
  9. Tap “Save” to store your alarm settings.

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Tips for Ensuring Your Alarm Works with DND Mode

Keep Your Phone Updated

Ensure your phone’s operating system is up-to-date, as updates often include bug fixes and improvements that ensure DND mode and alarms work together correctly.

Choose a Reliable Alarm App

If you’re using a third-party alarm app, make sure it’s reliable and compatible with DND mode. Read user reviews and test the app thoroughly to ensure it works as expected.

Test Your Alarm and DND Settings

Before relying on your alarm and DND mode, it’s a good idea to test them together. Set the alarm a few minutes ahead, enable DND mode, and ensure the alarm goes off as planned.

Using DND Mode for Better Sleep

Benefits of Using DND Mode for Sleep

Activating DND mode before going to bed can help you achieve better sleep quality by reducing disturbances from notifications, calls, and messages. This can lead to a more restful night and improved overall well-being.

Balancing Alarm Functionality and DND Mode

While it’s crucial to minimize disruptions during your sleep, it’s equally important not to miss important alarms. By customizing DND mode settings and ensuring your alarm app is compatible, you can strike the right balance between a peaceful night’s sleep and wake up on time.


Does DND mode affect alarm volume?

No, DND mode does not affect the volume of your alarm. Your alarm will still ring at the volume you’ve set, regardless of whether DND mode is active or not.

Can I set specific alarms to bypass DND mode?

Typically, all alarms will bypass DND mode by default. However, some third-party alarm apps may allow you to customize which alarms can bypass DND mode.

Will other reminders, like calendar events, work during DND mode?

Calendar events and other reminders are generally treated as notifications and may be silenced during DND mode. Check your device’s DND settings to see if you can allow specific apps or notifications to bypass DND mode.

Is there a way to disable all sounds, including alarms, when in DND mode?

If you want to disable all sounds, including alarms, you may need to turn on your device’s silent mode or mute all sounds instead of using DND mode.

Can I set exceptions for specific contacts to bypass DND mode?

Yes, most devices allow you to set exceptions for specific contacts, allowing their calls or messages to bypass DND mode.

Will my alarm go off on DND if my phone is on silent?

Yes, your alarm will still sound even if your phone is on silent and DND mode is activated.


In conclusion, your alarm will go off even when your device is in DND mode, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of both features. To ensure a seamless experience, keep your phone updated, choose a reliable alarm app, and test your alarm and DND settings. With these tips, you can enjoy a disturbance-free sleep without worrying about missing important alarms.


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