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Quick Solutions to When My iPhone Won’t Ring


Written by Jason Lin

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Quick Solutions to When My iPhone Won't Ring

iPhone is a phone device that enjoys huge popularity around the world. It has varied and multiple features and is used by people of all ages.

The iPhone is currently the most expensive phone and is still in high demand. iPhone users have posted plenty of queries and doubts regarding some features of the phone device, especially under the category “iPhone doesn’t ring” and “my iPhone won’t ring.”

Such instances where iPhone users tend to miss their phone calls due to a lack of ringtone on their phones is quite an invigorating and frustrating affair.

In some instances, a few Apple users have had the experience of ringtone absence on their phones, even in instances where their phone’s sound notifications are kept activated consciously.

More often than not, some users instantly panic and consider the possibility of virus influx and system damage on their phones.

Personally, when my iPhone doesn’t ring, it becomes a terrible nightmare. Apart from missing out on professional calls, a number of personal notifications are also missed from time to time.

As a result of such a phenomenon, I have regularly missed out on many get-togethers with friends and family, leading to black social outs and the like! Due to this, a number of investigation calls were made to me, which included consulting with some advanced iPhone users and technical experts.

This article is thus an attempt to talk about and understand the contributing reasons to the issue, along with some useful solutions to fix such a situation where iPhone doesn’t ring.

The column has been divided into six distinct parts for your convenience of reading. Scroll on to learn how to solve your iPhone crisis:

Part 1: Things You May Pay No Heed to when iPhone Doesn’t Ring (My iPhone Won’t Ring)

Below are a few pointers you must look at before proceeding to the additional tips and tricks. Read these carefully to check the symptoms on your phone device.

Ensure Whether Your iPhone Number is Blocked

Blocking a contact could be a reason why your iPhone doesn’t ring when such a contact tries to call. But there will also be no reminder that you have missed someone’s phone call.

To unblock a contact, go to the contact’s details, scroll down, and tap “Unblock this caller.”

Verify Whether You Have Switched on the Do-Not-Disturb Mode

The DND or Do-Not-Disturb mode is a remarkable attribute of your iPhone device, which tends to turn off the entire sound notifications.

This is a clear cause for the “iPhone doesn’t ring” phenomenon when the user stops getting any kind of sound notification on their phones.

When a crescent moon icon comes into view at the left spot on the status bar, you will know that the iPhone’s feature is set in motion.

Turn off Do Not Disturb

From here, you may choose to switch it off through the Control Center category. You have to click on the crescent icon on the screen or go to Settings and switch off the ‘Scheduled’ and ‘Manual’ switches, which might have been unintentionally turned on.

Test Out the Mute Button

Your iPhone comes set by way of a mute switch. More often than not, users tend to switch on the mute buttons accidentally by oversight.

When your device is on mute mode, you will notice an orange mark right beside the mute button. You can toggle the mark to the opposite side and test out your iPhone ringtone by calling from a different device.

Test Mute Button

Try to See if Your iPhone Ringtone Plays with Maximum Volume

This is another easy measure to counter your “my iPhone won’t ring” question. The ploy is to increase the ringtone sound to the utmost intensity. Next, ensure to see if your iPhone can start ringing on incoming calls.

You may accomplish this in the ‘Settings’ category or by merely opening your iPhone device and raising the phone volume using the Volume Up switch.

These pointers given above will assist you in making out the causes of such an issue. You must take care to verify them regularly. In case the iPhone device still produces a nil ringtone, do not immediately start to worry. Here are some other ways to make your problem right.

We also provide practical solutions for iMessage doesn’t say delivered and the like.

Part 2: Ensure to See if the Bluetooth Tool is Switched on

Generally, the iPhone doesn’t ring when the Bluetooth mode is kept on. This is because the device may already be linked to some output media or a set of speakers.

You would need to switch off the Bluetooth mode through iPhone’s Control Center panel and then check to see if the iPhone device produces a ringtone normally.

Turn on Bluetooth

Part 3: Test Out Whether Your iPhone Device is Kept in Headphone Feature

The Headphone Mode on an iPhone means that a set of headphones are plugged into the device even when the case is the opposite.

This phenomenon generally occurs on phone devices when the dust is inside your headphone jack, or you might have plugged off the headphones roughly in the previous use.

When the iPhone device is kept in headphone mode, the device stops ringing. In such a case, one can only view the received calls on the phone display and listen to the phone ringtone only through the use of headphones or earphones.

You may choose to pull out the headphones from your jackhole multiple times slowly or when your earphones are inserted into the device.

To solve this dilemma, you can go to the ‘Settings’ category and opt to switch off the Headphone mode so that you can carry on operating your iPhone device in the handset mode.

Part 4: Using Factory Reset when “My iPhone Won’t Ring”

Using the Factory Reset option on your iPhone device can erase your entire files and phone settings saved on it. Using this would also rid your device of some bugs in the settings and applications.

Although it may sound risky, one could always opt for backing up the files on an iCloud account or an external drive before choosing factory reset on the iPhone device.

Factory Reset to Fix my iPhone won't ring

To activate Factory Reset, you must choose ‘Reset‘ from the ‘General‘ category in the ‘Settings‘ menu to click on ‘Erase all Contents and Settings.’ Your iPhone will soon reset itself and solve all issues on your phone.

Part 5: Fixing ‘My iPhone Won’t Ring’ Issue Devoid of Data Loss: Software Problems

The above steps are some quickest and easiest tips for solving an issue where iPhone doesn’t ring. Nevertheless, if the issue continues, you can narrow it down to a software-associated concern on the iPhone device.

An issue like this can come up at random and is capable of being fixed through some useful third-party tool. One such prominent tool is Foneazy TinyFix.

Foneazy TinyFix

The Foneazy TinyFix tool is exclusively intended to beat all your general issues or system errors. It presents a collection of traits making the software very dependable for times when my iPhone won’t ring.

Prime Characteristics:

  • The Foneazy TinyFix tool offers a hundred percent security system that does not compromise your privacy.
  • It solves multiple iOS issues you may face on the iPhone device.
  • The program fixes your system problems with nil loss of data.
  • It is friendly with all iOS model types, like the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
Fix my iPhone won't ring Using Foneazy TinyFix


Experiencing a silent iPhone can be inconvenient, but with the quick solutions outlined in this article, you can troubleshoot the issue effectively. Remember to check the silent mode, adjust the volume, disable call forwarding, and ensure the Do Not Disturb mode is turned off. Additionally, restarting your iPhone, updating the iOS, and resetting settings can often resolve the problem. If all else fails, contact Apple Support for expert guidance.


  1. Q: Why is my iPhone not ringing? A: There could be various reasons, such as silent mode, low volume, call forwarding, or Do Not Disturb mode being enabled.
  2. Q: How do I disable the Do Not Disturb mode on my iPhone? A: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the Control Center and tap on the crescent moon icon to disable Do Not Disturb mode.
  3. Q: Will resetting all settings erase my data? A: No, resetting all settings will only revert your device settings to their default values and will not delete your data.
  4. Q: Can outdated apps affect the ring functionality of my iPhone? A: Yes, outdated apps can sometimes cause conflicts and prevent your iPhone from ringing. Updating your apps can help resolve this issue.
  5. Q: What should I do if none of the solutions work? A: If none of the solutions mentioned in this article work, it’s advisable to contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Part 6: Advice to Examine Hardware Issues on iPhone

In case the pointers mentioned above do not serve your purpose, you will have to examine a hardware issue possibility. To do this, you would need to perform an easy “Charging Trick” experiment.

In this, you need to plug in your iPhone device to a power source for charging. Then, call on your number through a different phone to check if your iPhone rings. Repeat this process without unplugging your iPhone from the power source.

In case your iPhone starts to ring when plugged in and stops ringing when removed from the plug, it will indicate some hardware issue on the device.

These pointers that are elucidated above would help you understand why your iPhone doesn’t ring, along with solutions to such issues. Unless it is a hardware problem, the issue is easily solvable without technical support.


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