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What Happens When You Mute Someone on WhatsApp
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Do you wonder what happens when you mute someone on WhatsApp? If you do, here’s a must-read article for you. We will discuss pretty much everything about this action to the benefit of our readers. So, continue reading.

In fact, WhatsApp can be considered to be the most stable, reliable, and trustworthy VoIP and messaging app. It allows you to communicate with anyone regardless of their location.

If you have a good internet connection, WhatsApp can keep you connected. This awesome app allows you to make voice and video calls, send messages (read it if you are facing the Free msg: unable to send message – message blocking is active issue), and share other files.

Despite its usefulness, WhatsApp is often misused by many users. For instance, some users often send irrelevant, annoying messages to other users. If you face such a situation, you are left with the option of muting those annoying contacts.

But what happens when you mute someone on WhatsApp? How can you do that and avoid those obvious annoyances? Let’s find it out.

Part 1: What Happens When You Mute Someone on WhatsApp?

Let’s get to the main point straightaway. In other words, what happens when you mute someone on WhatsApp? Well, in simplest terms, muting is a term that describes the practice of stopping someone from bothering you.

In other words, it is a way of “partially blocking” a particular contact. Once a given contact is muted, he or she will still be able to have trouble sending messages. However, you will never get push notifications from those muted contacts anymore.

As a result of muting, your phone will not show notifications when it receives messages from muted contacts. The best thing is that the messages they send are visible on your device.

Also, you can even reply to those conversations. So, it is a method that allows you to block the push notifications and choose what to reply for.

When those connections are muted, they are not completely cut off. Instead, you will block those annoying notifications and focus on your important work.

Let’s Learn What the Respective Contact Can See After They Are Muted.

For instance, does he or she get a notification once you mute them? Well, the answer is NO.

The respective contact can still send you texts as they usually do. You only mute their push notifications. As a result, they won’t notice anything strange, even after being muted.

So, muting is an option that allows you to experience peace of mind without being bothered by notifications. You can focus on your important work and pay attention to those messages later on.

So, that’s all about the consequences of muting. Now that you know what happens when you mute someone on WhatsApp, let’s learn how to do it.

Part 2: How Can You Mute Another User on WhatsApp?

The above paragraph clearly describes what happens when you mute someone on WhatsApp.

Now, it is time to figure out how to mute a given content on your device. The process is not difficult at all. Follow up on the steps listed below and mute the contact you need.

Without Further Ado, Let’s Move into the Steps and Mute a Contact That Frequently Disturbs You.

First, you should launch WhatsApp on your phone. Then, tap on a conversation initiated by the respective contact, which you intend to mute.

The respective content will be opened now. Then, click on the icon reserved for Menu, located at the screen’s top-right corner.

How can you mute another user on WhatsApp?

After that, you will see a list of options. Just tap on the option labeled “Mute Notifications.”

How can you mute another user on WhatsApp?

You will see another popup on the screen. It will ask you to choose how long the respective contact should be muted.

Just choose the duration you need from the list of options. For instance, you can mute that contact for 8 hours.

Also, it lets you mute the contact for longer durations, such as one week or even one year. Also, be sure to uncheck the “Show Notifications” option. Then, apply the changes you made by clicking on “OK.”

How can you mute another user on WhatsApp?

That’s it. After all the above steps, the respective contact is muted. That means you will never get any notifications from the respective contact, no matter how many texts they send. Once the chosen duration is exceeded, the contact will be unmuted automatically.

For instance, if you have muted a contact for 8 hours, it will become unmuted automatically after 8 hours. If you need to keep it muted further, just follow the same steps above and apply the mute option.

In addition to muting a single contact on your WhatsApp contact list, you can also mute multiple contacts. It becomes handy if you want to stop receiving notifications from several annoying contacts for a specific period.

With That Said, You Can Mute Several Different Contacts by Following the Steps Mentioned Below.

Just like the previous process, this method is very simple.

First, please open WhatsApp on your device. Then, you should press on a contact and hold it for a while. Once you have done that, it will direct you to a situation where you can select multiple contacts.

Now, it is your turn to choose the annoying or troublesome contacts that should be muted. Select all those contacts and tap the icon representing the “Mute” function to mute them.

How can you mute another user on WhatsApp?

After that, please choose a duration to keep those contacts muted. Like in the previous session, you can choose 8 hours, one week, or even one year. Then, click on “OK,’ and the selected contacts will be muted.

How can you mute another user on WhatsApp?

What is the Difference Between Muting and Blocking Contact on WhatsApp?

As a WhatsApp user, you should know that “Muting” and “Blocking” are two different features. In other words, muting doesn’t mean blocking contact on WhatsApp.

If you block a particular contact, the respective contact cannot necessarily send a message to you. Also, they cannot even check your activities on WhatsApp. Also, blocked contacts cannot see story updates, profile pictures, or even status updates.

The blocked contacts can send messages, but those messages will not be delivered to your account. So, blocking can be considered the last resort to get rid of annoying contact.

After blocking a contact, the respective user will realize that you have blocked them. Therefore, this is not the most appropriate option for friends and closer ones.

Blocking should be used to prevent an annoying WhatsApp user from permanently reaching you.

As we explained earlier, muting is a pretty gentle approach. It is a temporary method that allows you to mute the push notifications and still receive messages.

So, you should weigh the impacts of “Muting” and “Blocking” a contact and choose what’s ideal for you.

Also, let’s learn more about how to back up WhatsApp contacts.


FAQ 1: Can the muted person see my online status?

No, muting someone on WhatsApp does not affect your online status visibility. The muted person can still see if you are online or when you were last active on the app.

FAQ 2: Will I receive the muted person’s messages?

Yes, even when you mute someone, you will still receive their messages. However, you won’t receive any audible or vibration notifications for those messages.

FAQ 3: Can I mute someone indefinitely?

WhatsApp offers three options for muting: 8 hours, 1 week, or 1 year. Unfortunately, there is no option for muting someone indefinitely. You will need to choose one of the available durations.

FAQ 4: Can I mute multiple contacts or groups at the same time?

Yes, you can mute multiple contacts or groups simultaneously on WhatsApp. Simply follow the steps mentioned earlier for each contact or group you want to mute.

FAQ 5: Will the muted person know if I’ve read their messages?

No, muting someone doesn’t affect the read receipts feature on WhatsApp. If you have read receipts enabled, the muted person will still see the blue ticks when you read their messages.


Muting someone on WhatsApp can be a useful feature to manage your notifications and maintain a peaceful messaging experience. It allows you to silence alerts, hide status updates, disable message previews, and avoid interruptions from group conversations.

Remember that muting someone doesn’t block them or remove them from your contact list. It simply provides you with more control over your WhatsApp interactions.


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