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What Does Sent as SMS via Server Mean?


Written by Jack Lin

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What Does Sent as SMS Via Server Mean

If you ever wanted to know ‘what does sent as SMS via server mean‘, you’re on the right page. Here, let’s explain what it is & how does it relate to your messaging experience.

RCS has overtaken SMS as the most common texting method for Android phones. The new receipt for the text “sent as SMS via server” appears when users send RCS messages on Androids.

Thus, text receipts read, sent, or delivered cannot be retrieved by users. Some web users are baffled by the notification when receiving a text receipt following RCS communications.

The Nature of the “Sent as SMS via Server” Error

Some users claim that this specific text receipt shows in place of the usual read receipts. That means it appears instead of “Sent”, “Read”, and “Delivered”. 

Android users who get the notification “Sent as SMS Server” must wait to find out what it signifies.

Users say that this notice has started appearing instead of the typical text without any modifications to device settings. For the most part, this is a brand-new function for users.

This article will cover all you need to know about what it is and the methods to stop it. 

Sent as SMS via Server

Besides, if you face the T-Mobile not receiving texts, let’s figure out its causes and the practical solutions to fix this error.

So, What Does Sent as SMS via Server Mean?

Assume that a message is labeled ‘Sent as SMS Server’. It signifies that it was sent by the respective Android device’s default messaging app with a Rich Communication service.

It demonstrates that the recipient of the SMS had already received the message that was delivered to them.

The recipient’s device now shows the message as being present in the messaging app history. According to a recent complaint from many customers, “Sent as SMS through Server” shows in place of reading receipts.

So, it appears every time a message is sent instead of merely the usual read receipts. For the first time, Android users could see this new functionality in their main messaging app.

What Made RCS Appear?

As a result, the internet was inundated with inquiries. In 2020, Google debuted its RCS communications system, which resulted in a change in reading receipts. 

Let’s investigate further to understand better what “Sent as SMS via server” means. The issue related to RCS is frequently asked about by Android users. It was recently changed to read “Sent as SMS Server” instead.

As a result, those who use Android devices are keen to learn what this notification signifies. The Rich Communication Services (RCS) SMS protocols were changed in 2020. Since then, a difference in text receipt has been noticed by the users of the service.

What Technique Does It Use?

RCS is a unique messaging system that enables users to access features like image sharing and group chats. RCS is an acronym for Rich Internet Application Services.

RCS is now the most widely used messaging app on Android devices, surpassing SMS’s market share.

The new notification appears when Android users send RCS messages using the messaging app. The normal text receipt issued, delivered, or read will not be available to customers.

That will happen as a result of this policy change. According to reports, RCS text receipt may be triggered by a problem with the recipient’s phone.

Rich Communication Services

Well, users of Android devices can enjoy a more robust messaging experience using RCS. It is more of an upgrade to the standard SMS and MMS protocols.

RCS, unlike the conventional SMS, does not have a 160-character limit. It’s easy to share photographs and videos with others when this service is activated on your Android device.

Assume that you’re using an Android device. In that case, you can use the Messages app from either Samsung or Google to get this service. It functions similarly to WhatsApp or iMessage.

Customers can now use RCS (Rich Communication Services) to send and receive messages without issues. It is similar to what they do on a standard SMS app on their smartphones.

An SMS sent via server indicates that RCS functionality has been activated. Also, it says that the messenger application no longer displays standard dialogue like sent, forwarded, or received. 

Can I Stop the Server from Sending SMS?

After finding out what “sent as SMS via server” is, you may want to stop it. Is it possible in the first place? The answer is “yes.”

However, many users don’t know how to do that. Mentioned below is how to do that.

Method 01: Activate the Option Called “Show When Delivered”

Mentioned below is the first method to fix this issue.

  • First, you should open the messaging app on your device.
  • Now, you should select the option called “More Settings.”
  • After that, you should select the option called “Text Messages” to proceed.
  • Then, the option called “Show when delivered” will be found. This option is usually hidden as per the default settings.
  • Then, just enable it; just turn it on. That’s it, so you can send a message to see if the respective issue persists.
Activate the Option Called "Show When Delivered"

Method 02: Wipe Your Device’s Cache Partition

Many Android users don’t understand what SMS via server means. Also, they wonder how to stop getting text messages from the service.

The device’s cache holds temporary logs and residue of various other installed and uninstalled files.

Since the cache is not deleted, you don’t have to worry about losing anything. During a cache clean, those files you don’t want any longer will be deleted.

Turn off your phone or tablet. Press the volume up button and home button together simultaneously to proceed. After that, press the power button on the phone and hold it again. 

Hold down the power button, volume, and home buttons until you see the Android logo. The volume down key can be repeatedly pressed to access the menus.

Method 03: Switch to Safe Mode

Server-based SMS can be deciphered and blocked in a range of methods. For instance, it may include determining what is being sent and how.

This problem can be solved by trying to use your smartphone in safe mode. It’ll help you figure out if a third program is to blame.

Mentioned Below Are the Steps

  • First, you should turn off the device. After that, you should turn the device on, and the logo will be displayed on the screen. When you see the display, press the power key and hold it.
  • Once you have done that, you can press “volume down” and hold it.
  • After following the above two steps, you should see an option to boot the device in safe mode. You will be notified with a small labeled “Safe Mode” at the base of the screen.
Switch to Safe Mode
  • The device will start in safe mode after a reboot when the OK button is pressed.
  • That’s it. You can uninstall any apps that have been installed recently. Be sure that you uninstall one app at a time and see which one causes the error.

Method 04: Repair the OS Using ReiBoot if None of the Other Options Work

Problems with the system software could potentially be the root cause of many issues. Even the issue RCS can appear due so such an error.

So, fixing it manually can be difficult for any user. But the good news is that you can fix that issue quickly and easily with ReiBoot for Android.

ReiBoot for Android includes several functions. This specific tool will allow it to clear your Android device’s cache memory and fix any errors. It can fix issues like the black or blue death screen and solve many problems.

Moreover, it fixes Android app crashes, abrupt battery drains, or a phone stuck on the Android logo.

This special program has a smart algorithm to find and fix Android-related issues, even if you are a novice. It is user-friendly and fast. You can easily use this program and fix issues like a pro. That will help you avoid unwanted visits to Android service centers.

ReiBoot for Android

Let’s Wind Up

People expect to see the usual read receipts when they send a message. However, for some users, the notification can appear differently.

Instead of the usual stuff, they will see the term “Sent as SMS through Server”. This was brought to the attention of many users not too long ago in a complaint.

People noticed a new function in the program that was preinstalled on their Android handset for sending/receiving messages. There was a lot of talk about what people thought it was on the internet.

It has been determined that the protocol was successful. Users are becoming increasingly confused due to the constantly changing software and the multiple entry points.

It is Basically a New Feature

Assume that you were an Android smartphone user who wanted to use the SMS features. So, you were required to compose a message before the device would display its status. The status says that if it was required as having been sent, delivered, or received.

However, things have changed in the recent past. In their latest version, an interesting new box has been added. This specific box is labeled “send SMS via a server.”

That’s Basically It About Sent As SMS via the Server  

In this piece, we have discussed, in more detail, ‘what does send as SMS via server mean.’ In addition to that, we explained how to avoid doing so. It is a pretty common issue that many people who use Android experience.

The top four solutions to an Android system issue are mentioned in our article. According to our article, the following are the solutions.

  • enabling the “show when delivered” option
  • accessing safe mode
  • wiping the cache section on the device
  • deploying ReiBoot (Android)

All of these solutions may be found in the settings menu. I hope that you find these strategies to be helpful. Let us know if you have other questions about ‘sent as SMS via server.’


Q1: Can I send an SMS via a server to any mobile device? Yes, sending SMS via a server allows you to send messages to any mobile device, regardless of the network or operating system.

Q2: Are there any additional costs associated with sending SMS via a server? Depending on the service or platform you use, there may be additional costs associated with server-based SMS messaging, particularly for international messages. It’s advisable to check with your service provider for specific pricing details.

Q3: How secure is sending SMS via a server? The security of SMS via a server depends on the protocols and encryption methods employed. To ensure security, it’s crucial to use servers that prioritize data protection and employ robust security measures.

Q4: Can I send multimedia content via SMS using a server? Generally, SMS messages are limited to text content. However, some server-based messaging solutions offer multimedia messaging capabilities, allowing the transmission of images, videos, and audio files alongside text.

Q5: Will the popularity of messaging apps render SMS via server obsolete? While messaging apps gain popularity, SMS via server will likely remain relevant due to its wide compatibility and its integration with existing telecommunication infrastructure. It continues to serve as a reliable communication method for various purposes.


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