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What is VLC & Why need VLC Alternative?

VLC, which is well-known among people as VLC Media Player, is one of the best options available for you to enjoy watching media content on your personal computer. 

Whether you got a Mac or a Windows PC, you can download VLC and open a variety of media files. They include both Audio as well as Video media files.

VLC is a portable, cross-platform, and open-source media player. That’s why it has received lots of attention among people who live out there in the world.

Even if VLC is a great option available for you to enjoy media content, there are instances where you will come across the need to locate an alternative for it. This is where you need to start looking for the best VLC alternative.

We will provide you with a list of some of the ideal VLC alternative options available in the market. You are encouraged to go through these options and figure out the next best option available for you to proceed.

Then you can download it and start watching media content in the comfort of your home.

Use Wondershare Uniconverter if You Are Looking for a VLC Alternative Due to File Type Issues

VLC Media Player is undoubtedly one of the best media players available for you to consider. However, file type incompatibility issues would force you to look for an alternative for it.

In such a situation, we would encourage you to convert the file type and still enjoy that with the help of VLC. Then you will be able to get the best possible experience of watching it on VLC, which you are really comfortable with.

On the other hand, you will not come across the need to download any extra software applications to your computer.

Now you must consider how you will be able to convert the media files that you have. That’s where Wondershare UniConverter will be able to assist you.

Wondershare UniConverter is the most popular and effective file conversion tool available. In fact, you will be able to use this converter tool to convert your video and audio files into 1000 different formats.

No matter what kind of file type you have, you can think about using Wondershare UniConverter to get that converted into a common file type, such as MP4, which you will be able to play on your VLC Media Player.

Getting a VLC alternative doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to open the file. There are some odds of not being able to open it as well. In such a situation, you shouldn’t worry about anything.

You need to do is to get Wondershare UniConverter and convert that file. Wondershare UniConverter will be compatible with that file format, and you shouldn’t keep any doubts or second thoughts in mind when moving forward with this process.

Besides, if you would like to find out how to cast VLC to Chromecast, click to read more.


Try UniConverter

What Are The Features Of Wondershare Uniconverter?

It is better to get a quick overview of the features that come along with Wondershare UniConverter before you get your hands on it. Following are the prominent features that you can receive with this tool.

You can go through these features and better understand what you will receive at the end of the day.

While keeping that in mind, you can download Wondershare UniConverter and get the most out of it as well.

  • UniConverter will be able to assist you in converting files into thousands of other media formats. It is compatible with some of the most popular file formats, including MP4, MKV, MOV, and even some of the rare media file types. There’s no file type on the planet that you cannot open and convert with UniConverter. That’s the main reason why it has been able to become the most popular file converter as well.
  • You can play the files through the built-in Player that comes with UniConverter. No matter the file type, you can simply view it through the in0built Player.
  • Before you convert the file, UniConverter will also provide you with the chance to make some edits to the video. In other words, you will be able to enhance and personalize the video files per your needs.
  • You will also be able to use UniConverter and directly burn the videos into a DVD. A variety of DVD menu templates are also offered to make life easy for you at the time of getting this job done.
  • You can directly import the file you need to convert from the internet. As of now, Wondershare UniConverter can import video files from over 10,000 different video-sharing and streaming platforms on the internet.
  • UniConverter has got a versatile toolbox. This toolbox can deliver a variety of extra functionalities to the users, such as the ability to record screens, convert VR, and cast a video on the television. In addition, this toolbox can also be used to combine and fix video metadata.
  • The functionality offered by UniConverter is powered up with APEXTRANS Technology. It is one of the best video compression technologies available out there. Due to the presence of this technology, you can get your files converted without losing their quality.
  • UniConverter is compatible with both Windows as well as MacOS. Now you know how to convert your files with UniConverter and open them on the VLC media player. You can try out this method.

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Other VLC Alternatives on Windows

If you don’t want to go through this method but want to try a VLC alternative, you can keep reading.

We will introduce some of the best VLC alternative options available out there to try as well. You can go through the list of VLC alternatives and make sure that you are getting your hands on the best one of them.

#1 – GOM Player

We can see how many people who are looking for a VLC alternative prefer to go ahead with GOM Player. Similar to VLC, you can also consider the GOM Player as a free tool for you.

It provides the portability and flexibility you can get from VLC to a great extent. GOM Player was once a popular option because it came along with Windows.

However, now you cannot get GOM Player like that. But you don’t need to worry about anything because you can download GOM Player and experience the same functionality.

GOM Player comes to you for free, and you don’t need to make a payment to get ahold of the functionality offered by this tool. You will also be able to get dedicated iOS and Android mobile apps of GOM Player.

However, you need to be mindful when getting GOM Player because some other products are bundled along with it. If you opt only for GOM Player, you can get that installed on your computer for free.

GOM Player is compatible with a variety of video and audio file formats. Hence, most people assume that GOM Player is the best VLC alternative available.

Like the VLC media player, you will even be able to stream media content directly with the assistance of the GOM Player. That is another great feature available for you to consider at the time of getting it.

VLC Alternative - GOMPlayer

Also, let’s figure out how to fix the VLC that cannot open the MRL issue.

#2 – DivX

DivX is another popular media player that we could have come across in the past. People looking for a VLC alternative are strongly encouraged to take a look at DivX.

This media player can also provide great assistance to you with playing a variety of file formats. On the other hand, you will be able to use DivX and stream videos effectively.

When you install and start using DivX, you will notice that it supports some of the most common audio and video file formats. Hence, watching content will not bring any pain or frustration to you.

One of the most outstanding and unique features you can get with DivX is that it comes with a dedicated file converter. You will be able to use this file converter and convert the files you have into other formats.

It can also provide much-needed assistance for you to create new content and take backups of content with ease. Therefore, you will also love the overall functionality delivered by DivX.

VLC Alternative - Divx

#3 – KMPlayer

Suppose you are looking for a portable and lightweight player that you can use as an alternative to the VLC media player. In that case, KM Player is the next best alternative option.

Most people install KM Player as well. After installing KM Player, you will ensure that it does not over-consuming your system resources. Hence, you can get an enhanced experience out of KM Player.

Even though KM Player is a portable and lightweight player, the functionality delivered by the tool is never compromised. In other words, it provides support to a large number of video and audio file formats.

Due to the same reason, you can have KM Player as the only media player on your computer. It can greatly assist you with your day-to-day media playing requirements.

Once you get hold of KM Player, you will notice that you have the freedom to customize this tool according to your specific preferences. This can deliver a personalized experience to you at the end of the day.

For example, if you want to increase the playback speed or slow down the playback speed, you are given the freedom to go ahead and get the job done. You will also be able to select a part of a video and put that on repeat mode.

Due to the availability of this feature, you will be able to see how some people tend to use KM Player for promotional campaigns and video displays. You can also receive a personalized experience with it by picking your favorite color scheme and skin.

VLC Alternative - KMPlayer

#4 – Real Player

‎Real Player is one of the most popular media players you can discover over the internet. You will be able to receive support for playing a variety of file types with the help of ‎Real Player as well. In other words, you can play 3GP, MP4, MP2, FLV, and AVI files with ‎Real Player.

‎Real Player is not just a media player. In addition to being a media player, it can provide you with the chance to convert your media files into other formats as well.

In other words, you can also think about using ‎Real Player as a comprehensive media converter. Even if you come across the need to download and stream media content over the internet, you can seek the support of ‎Real Player.

If you have video clips, which you need to share with your friends on social media, ‎Real Player can provide that feature to you.

However, you must remember that ‎Real Player is not a free player. You will need to pay $49.99 to get your hands on the latest version of ‎Real Player. It is a great option to consider and proceed with if you can afford it.


#5 – XBMC Media Center

XBMC Media Center is another free media player which is available for people who are looking for a VLC alternative. It combines a large number of media formats as well.

Most people in today’s world tend to use XBMC Media Center to watch content on DVDs. That’s because you don’t have to download any codecs to watch content on XBMC Media Center.

XBMC Media Center can also provide support to you with streaming media content on a large number of operating systems. In fact, XBMC Media Center is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. If you are looking for a social media platform, XBMC Media Center is a good option to go ahead with.


#6 – Media Player Classic Home Cinema

We all loved the classic Windows Media Player. If you want to get a media player such as Windows Media Player for a VLC alternative, Media Player Classic Home Cinema is the best option available to consider.

However, Media Player Classic Home Cinema will be able to provide you with many advanced features compared to the classic Windows Media Player. Therefore, you will fall in love with the functionality offered by it.

You will even be able to find the ability to download subtitles for the videos that you watch and play them on the Media Player Classic Home Cinema.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema


1. Can these VLC alternatives play DVDs? Yes, most of the mentioned alternatives have DVD playback capabilities. However, make sure to check the specific features and requirements of each media player to ensure DVD compatibility.

2. Are these VLC alternatives available for multiple operating systems? Yes, many of the VLC alternatives mentioned in this article are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. However, it’s always recommended to check the official websites of the respective media players for the latest information on supported operating systems.

3. Can these VLC alternatives handle 4K and HDR videos? Yes, several of the mentioned alternatives support 4K and HDR video playback. However, it’s important to consider your system’s hardware capabilities to ensure smooth playback of high-resolution content.

4. Are these VLC alternatives completely free? Most of the mentioned media players are free to use, but some may offer premium versions or additional features through paid options. Always check the specific pricing models of the media players for a comprehensive understanding of their offerings.

5. Can I use these VLC alternatives to stream online content? Yes, many of the VLC alternatives mentioned in this article offer streaming capabilities. Some even provide integration with popular streaming platforms and services, allowing you to enjoy online content seamlessly.


Go ahead and pick the best VLC alternative out of these to start using. You will love what you are getting from them.


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