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Uploading to iCloud Paused Error – Top 9 Solutions!


Written by Jack Lin

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Uploading to iCloud Paused

You may easily get frustrated whenever uploading to iCloud is paused. You will assume that your content, like contacts, photos, etc., is lost when you cannot upload them to iCloud.

However, the good news is that this problem can be addressed easily with the solutions emphasized in this article.


iCloud is an excellent method that can be used to make backups of data stored in your iOS devices.

For instance, you can use it to create backups of contacts, photos, messages, and so on. With such a tool, you can restore that data even if those files are deleted from your device.

In general, iCloud works most of the time smoothly. However, in some cases, iCloud can experience some issues during uploads. So, you may come across a specific error message as well.

To be precise, you will see “uploading to iCloud paused.” Once this error is displayed, you will notice that the uploading process is halted.

If you have come across the same error and are looking for a solution, just keep reading. In this article, we explain the solutions you can use to overcome this error.

So, let’s go ahead and learn what to do if your uploading to iCloud is paused.

Reasons for the “Uploading to iCloud Paused” Error to Appear

There can be different reasons for the “uploading to iCloud paused” error to appear. However, we can identify two main reasons: 

  • Weak or unstable internet connection
  • Low battery

Besides, do you find it unable to share photos on your iPhone & looking for a reliable solution? This article with the top solutions is just for you.

Weak or Unstable Internet Connection

In most instances, you may experience the “uploading to iCloud paused” error due to a poor internet connection. You’re already aware that uploading content to iCloud demands a Wi-Fi connection.

If the respective connection isn’t as stable as it should be, iCloud may stop working. It will pause the uploading process.

Also, as iOS device users, we will need to seek the assistance of the iCloud removal service. We recommend you the best one in the market for you.

Law Battery

Law battery is another possible cause for this issue to appear. Let’s assume that your device’s battery drains out during an upload. In that case, the upload will be halted.

This is exactly why we recommend you recharge your device in full before uploading any videos. In addition to the above reasons, low storage on iCloud too can cause this error.

In addition, “sign out is not available due to restrictions” is an error message that appears on your iOS device. And here are the six simple solutions you can try to fix.

So, How to Fix This Error?

The above paragraphs explain the reasons why your iCloud uploads are paused. Now, it’s time to address the main issue; what are the solutions you can try to fix this error?

01. Restart the Device

Restarting your iPhone is the most basic solution you can consider to fix this error. In fact, restarting becomes helpful in fixing pretty much all the issues related to iOS devices.

Mentioned below are the steps you should follow so your iPhone will be restarted.

  • Let’s assume that your iPhone comes with a face ID. In this case, you should locate its side button and any of those volume buttons. This will bring up the slider for the power-off slider. Then, drag that slider accordingly, and the device will be shut down. After a couple of seconds, you should long press its side button so the device will be switched on.
  • If your iPhone doesn’t have the Face ID, go for a long press on its power button. Then, the slide button will appear. You should drag the slider, and the device will be switched off. Then, after a couple of seconds, you should long press the power button so the device will be restarted.
Restart the Device

02. Check if the Wi-Fi is Working Correctly

Earlier, we said that you’d need a reliable connection to the internet in order to transfer data to iCloud. You can only upload content to iCloud via Wi-Fi since iCloud does not function over a cellular connection.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to be in close proximity to the router for this to work. If another wireless network is accessible, you can try connecting to that as well.

Check if the Wi-Fi is Working Correctly

03. Charge the Faulty iPhone

Battery life can be a contributing factor to this issue. When backing up files to iCloud, Apple suggests always having the charger plugged in.

You should still charge the respective iPhone, even if it seems to have plenty of juice left.

In the opinion of some individuals, the issue disappears after the gadget is plugged in to charge.

Charge the Faulty iPhone

04. Update Your iOS

There are a number of problems that might arise from using an out-of-date iOS version. And “uploading to iCloud paused” can be one of those. You should update your iPhone’s operating system if it’s using an older version of iOS.

Go to your device’s “Settings,” then “General,” and finally, “Software Update” to accomplish this. Whenever an update becomes available, you should upgrade your iOS device.

Update Your iOS

05. Sign Out. Then, Sign in to Your iCloud Profile

In some cases, errors related to uploads can appear due to issues in iCloud itself. So, these minor glitches can go away if you simply sign out and sign in.

Below is how you can do it:

  • Go to the “Settings” option and select your iCloud profile.
  • Scroll the screen down and select the option called “Sign Out.”
  • After that, you should confirm your operation simply by typing the password in.
  • After that, you should select “Sign Out.”
Sign out your iCloud

Once you have done that, you are signed out properly. Then, you will be redirected to “Settings.” Tap “Sign in to your iPhone.” Select Apple credentials to proceed. You can then use the onscreen instructions and open your iCloud profile.

06. Check if the Storage is Running Out

The same error can incur if the respective iCloud account doesn’t come with enough space. The most suitable option is to remove unused files. To check the space, select “Settings” and select “iCloud.”

Check if the Storage is Running Out

07. Disable the Messages and Reenable Them

In addition to that, you can try turning off and then back on iCloud Messages. The steps are as follows. To access your iCloud account, tap the Settings icon. You should then select iCloud.

You can locate Messages in the list of “Apps Using iCloud.” Turn off the Messages toggle bar. Then turn it back on.

Disable the Messages and Reenable Them

08. Hard Reset the Device

If you are still experiencing the same error, hard resetting can be the next solution. To do it, please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Quick press your device’s Volume + and Volume – buttons.
  • Press its side button and hold it.
  • Keep holding it even after seeing the power slider so the screen will go black.
  • After seeing the logo, you can release the button.
Hard Reset the Device

09. Use a Professional Tool

If you are yet to find an appropriate solution, here’s the most effective solution you can try.

In this case, you can consider one of the two tools that are mentioned below.

Option 01: FoneGeek iOS System Recovery

It is called iOS System Recovery by FoneGeek. The good news is that this tool can fix more than 200 errors that may occur in your iPhone.

  • You can use this tool to fix the “uploading to iCloud paused” error effortlessly.
  • It works well with every iOS version and iPhone model.
  • Its standard mode can fix errors in your iOS without losing any data.
  • You can use it to downgrade the existing iOS with no jailbreak
How to Use FoneGeek iOS System Recovery
  • As the first step, you should visit the iOS system recovery tool through FoneGeek’s official website. Then, get it installed. Once the installation process is done, go to “Standard Mode.”
FoneGeek iOS System Recovery
  • Plug the faulty iPhone into the same computer. Make sure that you use an original lightning cable. Then, the device will be detected by the program. If it doesn’t, you should boot the respective iPhone to DFU or recovery mode.  
Connect iOS Device to FoneGeek
  • Choose an appropriate iOS version and select “Download.”
Download Firmware with FoneGeek
  • Wait until the downloading is completed. Select “Fix Now.” The device will be fixed in a couple of minutes.
Fix 'uploading to iCloud paused' error using FoneGeek

Option 02: iToolab FixGo

Here’s the second professional option that can be used to fix uploading to iCloud paused.

This tool is designed to identify and fix iOS-related issues quickly. It comes with “Standard” and “Deep” repair modes for your convenience.

  • It offers a free solution to enter or exit the recovery mode of the iPhone.
  • You can use it to fix all iOS-related errors.
  • FixGo can downgrade your iOS version.
  • It is compatible with many iOS versions and devices.   
How to Use FixGo?
  • Download and install FixGo on your PC. Then, connect the faulty iPhone to the same PC. Wait until your iPhone is recognized by the application.
  • Select “Start” and go to “Standard Repair.” Then, select “Standard Mode” after reading the instructions.
iToolab FixGo
  • Select “Download” and wait for a while.
iToolab FixGo - Standard Mode
  • Then, select “Start Standard Repair” and wait for the issue to be fixed.
Fix 'uploading to iCloud paused' error using iToolab FixGo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: Why does my iCloud upload keep pausing?

The upload process may pause due to an unstable internet connection, insufficient iCloud storage, outdated software, or misconfigured network settings.

FAQ 2: How do I check my iCloud storage?

To check your iCloud storage, go to the Settings app, tap on your name, select “iCloud,” and then choose “Manage Storage.”

FAQ 3: Can I fix the uploading error on my own?

Yes, you can try the solutions provided in this article to fix the “Uploading to iCloud Paused” error on your own.

FAQ 4: What happens if I sign out of iCloud?

When you sign out of iCloud, your device will stop syncing with iCloud, and certain features may be disabled until you sign back in.

FAQ 5: How long does it take to contact Apple Support?

The response time from Apple Support can vary depending on the volume of inquiries. It’s best to check their official support channels for estimated response times.


The “Uploading to iCloud Paused” error can be frustrating, but with the solutions provided in this article, you should be able to overcome it successfully. Remember to ensure a stable internet connection, check your iCloud storage, and try the troubleshooting steps mentioned.

If all else fails, reach out to Apple Support for expert assistance. By taking preventive measures, you can minimize the likelihood of facing this error in the future.


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