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How to Get iCloud Security Code Effortlessly?


Written by Jason Lin

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iCloud Security Code

Do you forget your iCloud security code? If yes, then you are not alone in this. It keeps on happening with most iPhone users.

So in this article, we will show you how to quickly fix this issue.


If you have entered the wrong iCloud security code several times, you can no longer access the iCloud system. This even happens when you keep mistakenly entering the security code of other iPhones on your device.

In all these cases, your device gets locked out of the system, and unfortunately, iCloud gets disabled.

Besides, this act will even delete the complete keychain because of security issues. Once locked out of the system, you will see a message asking to reset your iCloud security code. In another situation, a message will be displayed to enter the security code from another device.

On the other hand, you can resolve this problem with the help of the following methods. In the first case, you can access your iCloud through approved devices of your iCloud keychain.

In the next section, you will learn how to reset the security code of the iCloud keychain in another way.

PS: Learn knows how to show the Wi-Fi password on your iPhone.

Part 1: Access iCloud from Other Approved Devices

It is one of the easiest ways to get one’s hands back on the iCloud system. You can create a new iCloud keychain security code from any approved device by your iCloud keychain.

It is the best solution to fix the problem if you have forgotten the iCloud security code.

Steps to Access the iCloud Security Code on iPhones/iPads:

To access your iCloud Keychain, you need to follow the instructions listed below:

Step 1: Navigate “Settings”

Initially, you have to navigate “Settings” on your device. Tap on the name.

Step 2: Navigate “iCloud”

You need to opt for “Keychain” after selecting the option “iCloud.” After that, choose the tab “Advanced.” In the case of previous versions than iOS 10.2, visit “Settings” and then “iCloud.”

Step 3: Tap “Change Security Code”

Select the option “Change Security Code.”

Change Security Code

Step 4: Enter Your Apple ID

You will be asked to enter your Apple ID. It is really important to put in your Apple ID while carrying out this method. This will not work for you if you do not enter your Apple ID.

Step 5: Create a New Code

Now, you are set to create a new iCloud security code for yourself.

Steps to Access the iCloud Security Code on Mac:

You can access your iCloud keychain on Mac running on OS X Yosemite or later versions than that. Follow the instructions listed below to perform this very task on Mac.

Step 1: Select “iCloud”

In the first place, you need to visit the Apple menu. Choose the option “System Preferences” and then select “iCloud.”

Step 2: Choose “Options”

Next, click on the “Options” button beside the tab “Keychain.”

Step 3: Tap “Change Security Code”

You must tap the “Change Security Code” option to change the iCloud code. You are all set to create a new code for the iCloud keychain.

How to Get iCloud Security Code on Mac

Creating a new iCloud security code is not just enough. Now, go back to the device from where you were locked out. In the case of iOS devices, follow the steps given below:

How to Get iCloud Security Code on iOS
  • Visit “Settings” and click against the Name.
  • Tap on “iCloud” and look for the option “Keychain.”
  • From there, turn ON the iCloud keychain.

In the case of Mac, you need to follow the instructions listed below:

Choose "iCloud" and then tap on "Keychain."
  • Visit the Apple Menu and select the option “System Preferences.”
  • Choose “iCloud” and then tap on “Keychain.”
  • You will be asked to enter the new security code. Just put in that iCloud security code, and you are done!

Also, what to do when you receive the message saying ‘uploading to iCloud paused. Plug in your device and conect to Wi-Fi’; here are the best fixes for you to try.

Part 2: Another Solution to Get the iCloud Security Code

There is another solution to access the iCloud keychain on your iPhone. You do not have to worry if you have no access to any approved device of your iCloud keychain. Users can still reset their iCloud security code in the following way.

Steps to Reset the iCloud Security Code on iPhones/iPads:

You can reset the iCloud security code with the help of the following instructions. So, move on to these simple steps to enjoy the iCloud keychain service.

Step 1: Visit “Settings”

Initially, you have to visit “Settings” on your iOS device. Next, click against the Name.

Step 2: Enter Your Apple ID

From the tab “iCloud,” choose “Keychain” and turn it ON. In the previous versions than 10.2, navigate to “iCloud” after visiting settings on iOS devices. Enter your Apple ID on being asked for the same.

Step 3: Opt for “Restore with Security Code”

Now, look for the option “Restore with Security Code” or “Approve with Security Code” if you want to opt for two-factor authentication.

Step 4: Tap “Forgot Code”

You have to click on the option “Forgot Code.”

Step 5: Choose “Reset iCloud Keychain”

Choose the button “Reset iCloud Keychain” and tap “Reset” to confirm the iCloud security code.

Reset iCloud Keychain

Steps to Reset the iCloud Security Code on Mac:

To reset the security code of iCloud Keychain, get along the following simple steps on Mac systems running on OS X Yosemite or later versions than that.

Step 1: Tap “System Preferences”

Visit the Apple Menu and tap on “System Preferences.”

Step 2: Select “Keychain”

After that, choose “iCloud” and “Keychain.” You need to put in your Apple ID if asked.

Step 3: Opt for “Forgot Code”

In the next step, you have to click “Use Code.” On asking about the iCloud security code, you have to ensure that you opt for “Forgot Code” from the Prompt tab.

Step 4: Choose “Reset Keychain”

Lastly, you must choose “Reset Keychain” and then click “Reset iCloud Keychain” to reset the iCloud keychain code.

Reset Keychain

After that, you have to go through notifications showing on the screen. You can set up a new iCloud security code in this way.

Additional Tips for iCloud Security

In addition to obtaining and resetting your iCloud security code, here are some essential tips to enhance the security of your iCloud account:

  1. Enable Two-Factor Authentication: Activate two-factor authentication for your iCloud account to provide an extra layer of security. This feature ensures that only trusted devices and authorized users can access your account.
  2. Use a Strong Apple ID Password: Choose a strong and unique password for your Apple ID. Avoid using common passwords or personal information that can be easily guessed.
  3. Regularly Update Your Devices: Keep your Apple devices up to date with the latest software updates and security patches. These updates often include important security enhancements to protect against potential vulnerabilities.
  4. Be Cautious with Suspicious Emails and Links: Exercise caution when receiving emails or messages claiming to be from Apple or iCloud. Avoid clicking on suspicious links or providing personal information unless you can verify the authenticity of the source.
  5. Monitor Your iCloud Account Activity: Regularly review your iCloud account activity to identify any unusual or unauthorized access. If you notice any suspicious activity, take immediate action by changing your password and contacting Apple Support.


1. Can I retrieve my iCloud security code without accessing the Apple ID account page?

No, accessing the Apple ID account page is necessary to retrieve your iCloud security code. It ensures that the code is generated securely and associated with your account.

2. Can I use the same security code for multiple iCloud accounts?

No, each iCloud account requires a unique security code. Using the same code for multiple accounts would compromise the security of each account.

3. What should I do if I suspect unauthorized access to my iCloud account?

If you suspect unauthorized access to your iCloud account, it is essential to reset your security code immediately. Follow the steps outlined in this article to regain control of your account.

4. Can I disable two-factor authentication for my iCloud account?

While it is not recommended, you can disable two-factor authentication for your iCloud account. However, keep in mind that doing so will significantly reduce the security of your account.

5. How frequently should I change my iCloud security code?

It is advisable to change your iCloud security code periodically for enhanced security. Consider changing it every few months or whenever you suspect a security breach.


Setting up a new iCloud code will not solve any problem, but one more thing is left.

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Now, you know what you have to do not to remember the iCloud security code. Your iCloud account will be displayed on entering the security code wrong several times.

If your account got disabled, you could take the help of the methods mentioned above to reset the security code of the iCloud keychain. Users of iOS devices such as iPads, iPhones, or Mac computers can opt for any of the mentioned methods in this article.

On the other hand, you can take the help of a professional tool Tenorshare UltData to restore your data on the device from the iCloud backup. What else do you need now? Download Tenorshare UltData for a great recovery of data from iCloud!


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