How to Unlock Cricket Phone to Use It with Other Networks

Do you want to learn how to unlock your Cricket phone without an account for free and use it on a different network?

This blog explains how to unlock a Cricket phone and enjoy your Cricket phone on other networks.

If truth be told, carrier locks are not new to the world of cell phones. However, users have become more aware of that character over the past few years.

In other words, modern-day users know exactly what a carrier-locked phone is.

The main issue associated with a carrier-locked phone is that it cannot be used with any other carrier. In simplest terms, you can use a carrier-locked phone only with the intended carrier.

Carrier locks become problematic, specifically after purchasing a preowned device. Or, it can become an issue if you intend to use the same device once the contract is terminated.

Moreover, you will find it an issue if you want to switch carriers to get better deals. Regardless of the reason, the requirement is the same – all you need is to unlock your phone.

Part 1: Frequently Asked Questions About Unlocking Cricket Phone

First, let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions related to unlocking Cricket phones.

PS: let’s learn more about how to unlock the locked SIM cards.

Q1: How to Identify a Locked Cricket Phone?

Identifying if your phone is locked before trying any solutions is essential. It will take only a couple of minutes to do this.

You should only proceed with the unlocking methods if the device is locked to the Cricket network.

Otherwise, it is a matter of inserting a different SIM card from another carrier and using the device. Below is how to check if your device is locked to a carrier.

● By Checking the Settings

  • Launch your device’s “Settings” app and select “Mobile Data.”
  • Tap on the option called “Mobile Data Options” as well.

If you notice that setting, your device has an active carrier lock.

● By Using a Different Sim Card

This is another surefire method to check whether your device is carrier-locked. In this case, use a different SIM card on the same device and check if it works.

You must make sure that the SIM is from a different carrier. You can send texts and make calls with the new SIM if it works.

Q2: What are the Reasons for unlocking Cricket Phones?

Many users wonder why they need to unlock the Cricket phone without using it as it is. Do you have the same question?

Several benefits are associated with unlocking your mobile phone for different carriers. We list those benefits below for your reference.

● It Allows You to Connect with Any Carrier

If you unlock your Cricket phone, you can use it on any other carrier. You can use any SIM on your phone instead of restricting yourself.

● It Gives a Better Value to Your Phone

You cannot expect the best price if you plan to sell a carrier-locked phone. The buyers will condemn your device if it is restricted to a particular network.

However, you can increase the value of your phone by disabling its carrier lock. The buyer of the unlocked device can freely use any SIM card.

● You Can Use the Device in Another Country As Well

Generally, carriers apply costly rates if you use their SIM from a different country. However, you can eliminate that burden simply by unlocking the device and using a different SIM.

The above is just three of the reasons for you to think about unlocking a carrier-locked device. However, there can be plenty of other reasons behind this approach. Having a device unlocked is better than using a device with restricted features.

Q3: Is It Possible to Use an Unlocked

Well, there is no straightforward answer to this question. In other words, we cannot say yes or no to this question. In general, carrier networks work based on GSM or CDMA technology.

SIM cards that work on GSM technology will not be compatible with CDMA technology. Also, the SIM cards based on CDMA don’t work on GSM technology.

So, you cannot use a GSM SIM on a CDMA network or vice versa just because it is unlocked.

But it will work if you have unlocked a GSM SIM card and used it on a GSM network. The same theory applies to CDMA networks as well.

Q4: Is There an Unlock Code to Unlock Cricket iPhone?

There is no universal unlock code for Cricket phones. Instead, each Cricket phone will have a unique unlock code. Also, you should note that Cricket DOES NOT have an unlock code for iPhones.

Q5: Are Cricket Phone Unlock Code Generators Available?

Of course, there are free unlock code generators for Cricket phones without accounts.

These codes can be generated through the carrier without costing anything. However, for some reason, some users may not be eligible to acquire codes from the carrier.

In that case, the user may seek the assistance of a third-party tool that is not free. Also, pretty much all of those tools are nothing but scams. So, we strongly advise our readers to avoid those unlock code generators.

Q6: How Long Will It Generally Take?

The truth is that there is no exact duration to unlock the Cricket phone. In other words, the time it takes might depend on several aspects.

For instance, acquiring an unlock code through the myCricket App won’t take more than an hour. But if you get the assistance of an unlocking service, you will have to wait about 24 hours.

Q7: Will Cricket unlock my Phone Automatically?

The simplest answer is “NO”! Contrary to other networks, such as Verizon, Cricket doesn’t unlock the device.

Regardless of how long the device has been active, the device will remain locked to Cricket. If you want to unlock it, you should send an unlock request.

Part 2: Unlock Cricket Phone without Paying?

This section explains how to unlock Cricket phones without an account for free. It is free if you want to unlock it through the carrier service.

However, unlocking the device through the carrier is also associated with some downsides.

2.1. Unlock Policy of Cricket Phone

Before you request Cricket to unlock your phone, be sure that you fulfill the following requirements.

  • Your phone is carrier-locked (for Cricket)
  • There is no fraudulent activity reported to the respective Cricket account.
  • No one has reported your device to be a lost or stolen phone.
  • The device must have been connected with the Cricket for at least 06 months.

However, you can disregard this 6-month requirement if employed in the military sector.

2.2. How to Unlock Cricket Phone for Free

If you meet the requirements mentioned above, you can use the following methods to unlock the Cricket phone.

2.2.1. Apply for Your Cricket Phone Unlock Code using the “My Accounts” Feature

The first attempt can be made through your Cricket account, and you can request the unlock code for free. Please find below a simple guide to doing it.

  • First, launch the official website of Cricket and sign in with your credentials.
  • After that, go to Account Settings and tap on the option “Get Code.”
  • Now, you should select the number that should be unlocked. Then, click on “Request Unlock” as well.
  • After receiving your unique unlock code, you can insert the new SIM from a different network. It should work without any issues.

2.2.2. Unlock Cricket Phone Using MyCricket App

You can unlock your device based on the type of device you unlock. Well, the best thing about this method is that it doesn’t require an unlock code.

Instead, the app does the job for you. Please follow up on a simple guide to get it done.

  • First, you should install the myCricket app through the App Store if you haven’t installed it yet.
  • Now, you should launch the app to proceed.
  • On the app’s main menu, you should tap on the option called Unlock Device. Then, hit “Unlock” as well.
  • Now, your device will be unlocked. Just restart the device so you can use any SIM on it.

Part 3: What if You Cannot Unlock a Cricket Phone Through Official Ways?

In some cases, Cricket users cannot necessarily unlock their phones through official methods. Well, what if you are one of those users who aren’t eligible to use the official methods?

For instance, what if you bought a preowned device and now need to unlock it? In this case, the best method is a tool called DirectUnlocks.


DirectUnlocks is a powerful tool that can unlock your carrier-locked phone with ease.

Mentioned below are the Most Significant Features Associated with DirectUnlocks.

  • It can disable carrier locks in both Android and iPhones smoothly.
  • DirectUnlocks can unlock your device from hundreds of leading carriers in the industry.
  • You can remove the carrier locks remotely with the assistance of this tool.
  • It takes less than 24 hours to remove the carrier lock from the device.
  • DirectUnlocks comes at a very affordable price.
  • They also offer a money-back guarantee if the tool cannot unlock your device.

How to Unlock Cricket Phone Using Directunlocks

You can follow the instructions below to unlock the Cricket phone using DirectUnlocks.

  • First, you should visit the official website of DirectUnlocks.
  • After that, you should enter the IMEI number of the device that should be unlocked. If you don’t know the IMEI number, just dial *#06#. After that, click on the button labeled “Unlock your Cricket Phone.”
  • Now, you should see some fields where you have to enter some personal information. Fill in those fields along with your payment details. The unlocking process will start soon after submitting the details.
  • You will get it unlocked within 24 hours if it is an iPhone. However, for Android devices, the process will take only 06 hours.

That’s basically it.

Cricket iPhone unlock with DirectUnlocks

As you can notice, it is incredibly easier to unlock Cricket phones using DirectUnlocks. It is affordable, convenient, and fast.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all about unlocking a carrier-locked phone. You can use any of the above methods as long as they match your situation.

If you want to unlock the Cricket phone without your account free faster without trouble, DirectUnlocks is the best solution.

Please keep us posted if you have any other issues related to this matter. Our team will get back to you at their earliest.



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