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This Number is No Longer in Service Text – What’s the Meaning?


Written by Jack Lin

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This Number is No Longer in Service Text

Has it ever happened that upon calling someone, you got this number is no longer in service text? If yes, then do not worry. There can be any number of possible reasons why you received this message.

We will talk about the reasons in detail in this article. One frequent explanation can be that the receiver is stuck in a low-network zone. Because of that, they are not able to receive your calls or texts.

There also is a possibility of the number being blocked by the service provider. As a result, this number is no longer in service text shown to you. The service provider only blocks the number if the owner is irregular in paying their bills.

What Does This Number is No Longer in Service Text Means?

The text simply indicates the services to the number are temporarily stopped. The text itself is a temporary message. It does not indicate any permanent loss of services to the number.

So, do not assume anything negative from your side. There are still ways available for you to access that person.

If the reason behind this is the non-payment from the receiver’s side, it can be easily fixed. For them to ensure that they get all calls and texts on their number, they have to just pay their due.

Upon doing this, the calls and text services will be resumed. They can continue using their number like before.

Besides, let’s figure out how to hide your number on WhatsApp.

Meaning of This Number is No Longer in Service Text

This message is shown if you contact a person who doesn’t have an active calling service. This text will only appear on your phone, as you are the one trying to make contact.

This number may be no longer in service text pops up every time you contact a specific person.

In that case, it would be better to just get an alternate number to contact the person. This will ensure that the person is not pranking you.

Also, if you wonder how to check if iPhone is unlocked without SIM, you should check out this guide.

Why Does the Text Say That This Number is No Longer in Service?

The most usual causes behind this problem are given below. One of these could be why you constantly encounter this message.

#1 – The Person is Playing a Trick on You

There are numerous apps and settings which can be accessed through your phone. These apps can make such messages display on the caller’s screen.

This could be set to show up on a particular contact’s screen. However, this method is not ethical at all.

It may happen that contacting someone always leads you to this text message. In that case, you should try contacting them on an alternate number of theirs. Just to make sure that they are not tricking you.

#2 – The Person Hasn’t Cleared Their Phone Bills

Service providers usually limit their services if a person does not pay their dues. This could be one reason you received the ‘This number is no longer in service text’.

#3 – Network Problems

The location of the person also matters in this case. You might get that text if the person is in a poor network area.

The Voicemail


The voicemail feature comes in very handy in such situations. If you find the person is not answering your call, you may choose to drop a voicemail. All iOS users can easily try out this feature.

It may happen that the call does not connect, and you hear a voice saying, “This number is no longer in service”. This simply indicates an obvious thing.

The user does not have any active network plan on their number. This is why they cannot receive or send calls or texts.

By the way, are you not getting verification code texts and wondering how to troubleshoot? If yes, just dive into our comprehensive guide packed with solutions, explanations, and more.

The Number You’re Trying to Contact is Not in Service Anymore Recording.

When you cannot connect to the number, you will hear the “This number is no longer in service text” recording. This is because the number is out of service.

Many times, people intentionally use fake recordings like these. You can easily find these customized recordings out there.

They put people under the belief that the number is out of service.

Copy-Paste Fake Error Text Message

If the fake message doesn’t look automated, the receiver won’t fall for it. Using this method, we want to let the other user believe that our number is out of the service.

Because of that, we are not able to receive or make calls. We have given a few examples below:

  • Error. This number is not in service anymore.
  • Error. The number you are trying to connect to is not in the coverage area.
  • Error. The number isn’t able to receive text messages or calls.

What if You Text an Out-of-service Number?

As you try sending a text to an out-of-service number, only two things can happen:

  • The text is delivered
  • The text is unable to be delivered

However, there is no guarantee that your text will reach the receiver even if your phone says it’s delivered. One likely explanation is that the user may not be using this number anymore.

They might have migrated to a different network provider. Or they might have just changed their number.

Can I Text a Blocked Number?

There might be a case where someone has blocked you, and you are trying to reach that person by call or text.

In normal circumstances, the message will be delivered. And you will see the delivered status besides the text.

However, if the user has blocked you, you won’t find the tick marks. Hence, always look for the two tick marks to confirm if your message has been delivered. Both iOS & Android users can try out this method.

Why Does the Phone Get the “No Longer in Service” Message?

Your phone may show “No longer in service” instead of “This phone is no longer in service text“.

This means you are the one whose number is out of service. The possible causes for that might be as follows:

  • Poor Network
  • Your SIM Card is malfunctioning.
  • Your services have been restricted by the service provider because of unpaid bills.
  • There’s a technical issue with your handset.

What Will Happen if I Text a Person Who Has Blocked Me?

It is very easy to confirm the suspicion of blocking by texting them from your iOS device. If you text someone from your Apple Device, then you can see if the text has been delivered and read by them.

If no such tags appear near your message, they will likely have blocked you. Another possibility is that they have put their phone on DND mode.

Even Android devices have similar features to determine whether your suspicion is real.

How to Fake Your Number Being out of Service?

You can try a few methods that we’ve mentioned below:

#1 – Blocking

The primary reason why you may want to do this is if you’re being spammed by someone. In such cases, the best option is to simply block the user.

The user won’t be notified about this. If they call you after this, they will hear a voice note mentioning you’re disconnected from the network.

#2 – Call Forwarding to Google Voice Account

Forwarding your calls to your Google Voice account is very easy. The steps are given below:

Step 1: Open a Google Voice Account

You need an account on Google Voice. If you don’t have one, then create an account.

Step 2: Write Down Your Account Number

As you create the account successfully, Google will provide you with an account number. Note it somewhere for future reference.

Step 3: Set Shortcut Buttons to Forwarding Phone Calls

You can forward your calls to a different number by dialing certain keys on your device.

Now you need to dial those keys on your keypad and, right after that, your Google Voice Account Number.

This way, your calls will be forwarded to your Google Voice account. You can then check the call log in your Google Voice Account.

#3 – Stop Your Google Account from Answering the Calls

A few more steps are needed to ensure that your Google Voice account won’t answer your calls. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open Google Voice

Launch your web browser. Go to the Settings.

Step 2: Disable Screen Calls and Messages to Linked Numbers

Look for the Screen calls option at the bottom of the page. Disable this option.

Disable Screen Calls and Messages

Below that, you will also find a switch; press it to turn off the forwarding messages to the linked number you will turn off.

This way, all the calls and texts will be restricted from being displayed on your phone.

How to Find Out if a Number is No Longer Connected to the Network?

A few signs can let you know if the person disconnected their phone. Which are as follows:

#1 – Pay Attention to How Many Times the Phone Rings

Let’s say you call someone and hear the ring, but it cuts unexpectedly before going to voicemail.

Then there is a good chance that the receiver is disconnecting their phone. If the number is blocked, then there will be no ringing.

#2 – The Voicemail Saying the Caller is Busy

If someone cuts the call before picking up, you will hear a prerecorded message on your end. This message will inform you that the person is busy.

However, let’s say, upon connecting, you hear this message, implying they’re talking with someone else at that moment. You can choose to wait for some time and call again.

How to Know if a Number is Disconnected?

We’ll again emphasize that you will hear a voice message if the number is not connected to any network. This is a clear-cut sign that the person on the other end is disconnecting the call.

If you are an Android user, you will be greeted with a message saying,” Your caller is currently busy. Please try again later.”

However, you can be assured that the person has deliberately rejected the call if you receive the same message after first connecting.

How to Ensure a Number is Still in Service?

You can try doing the following methods if you want to check that.

  • Try Calling Someone
  • Checking SIM Status
  • Sending a Message
  • Using a Third-Party App

The internet has tons of apps that can check whether the number is still in service.

Does a Text Get Delivered Even if the Phone is Disconnected?

A message is still delivered to the individual. The only time the message won’t be delivered is when they have blocked you.

If they decline your call, you can still communicate the problem over text. But they need to be in a network coverage area for easy communication.


  1. What does “This number is no longer in service” mean?
    • It means that the phone number you’re trying to reach is not currently connected to a service.
  2. Can a “no longer in service” number be reactivated?
    • Yes, it can, but the process depends on the reason for deactivation and the policies of the service provider.
  3. If I keep getting a “no longer in service” message, should I keep trying to call?
    • It’s usually best to try other forms of contact, as continual calling is unlikely to change the situation.
  4. How can I avoid having my number become ‘no longer in service’?
    • Regularly pay your phone bills, maintain your device, and stay in contact with your service provider to avoid any unexpected disruptions.
  5. Can I get a new phone number if mine is ‘no longer in service’?
    • Yes, your service provider can typically assign you a new number if necessary.


This number is no longer in service text is usually received by callers when they’re in a poor network area.

This also occurs when the other person has blocked the caller. Another reason for ‘this number is no longer in service text‘ to appear is SIM card malfunctioning.

A software glitch from the server’s side can also be causing this. You can resolve it by getting in touch with the service provider.


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