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Stardew Valley Chicken Coop and other Chicken Coop Guide


Written by Jack Lin

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Looking for a comprehensive guide to Stardew valley chicken coop? Here’s what you should read.

In this guide, we include the most valuable and updated information every player is supposed to know. So, go ahead and learn more about Stardew chicken coop.

Farmers in Stardew Valley may also grow animals in addition to crops. It is true that animals aren’t kept for their flesh. However, they do provide you with valuable products like eggs and wool.

Construction of chicken coops, and subsequent expansion as your business grows, are prerequisites for keeping small livestock. That means livestock like chickens on the farm.

This specific guide contains all the information you need, even if you’ve just constructed the first-ever coop. Or, the same can be useful if there’s anything you’re overlooking.

Stardew Valley Chicken Coop – Building It And Upgrading

Stardew valley chicken coop - building it and upgrading

When you want to build a chicken coop Stardew, there are a couple of important things to remember.

  • Collecting the necessary materials
  • saving some money
  • paying a visit to Robin there at Carpenter’s Workshop located in those Mountains

The above are the main actions you should perform in order to build a Stardew chicken coop.

PS: let’s learn more about how to unlock Stardew valley sewer with ease.

Chicken Coop Stardew – Level  

Chicken Coop Stardew 
Chicken Big Coop Stardew
Big Coop
Chicken Deluxe Coop Stardew
Deluxe Coop
 CoopBig CoopDeluxe Coop
Details of the construction It is built as a brand-new coop. You can complete it in 3 days.You should use a current coop for this. It can be upgraded within 2 days. You should use an existing big coop for this. It can be upgraded within 2 days. 
What materials youll need? 4000g
300 Wood
100 Stones
400 Wood
150 Stones
500 Wood
200 Stones
For how many animals? 4812
Animals ● Chickens
● Ducks (only available since unlocking of Big Coop)
● Void Chickens (only available since unlocking of Big Coops)
● Dinosaurs (only available since unlocking of Big Coops)
● Golden Chickens (only available since unlocking of Big Coops)
● Rabbits (only available since unlocking of Deluxe Coop)
● Every animal except the Rabbit. In fact, the Rabbit is only available since the unlocking of Deluxe Coop.● Every animal.
What sort of animals are unlocked? ● Chicken – they are unlocked after building the coop of this size.● Duck
● Void Chicken
● Dinosaur
● Golden Chicken
(All of the above can be unlocked after incubating respective eggs in this coop
● Rabbit
What size it isLength 6 spaces, width 3 spacesLength 6 spaces, width 3 spacesLength 6 spaces, width 3 spaces
Other notable features● Hay Hoppers feature
● Feeding Bench
● Everything in coop plus
● Incubator
● Everything in big coop plus
● Autofeed System

Special Features of Stardew Chicken Coop – A Detailed View

Special Features Of Stardew Chicken Coop

If you look at the rear of the coop, there’s a long bench (wooden) called a Feeding Bench. The animals that live in that Coop will gobble up whatever hay you leave out on the bench.

When you improve your Coop, its bench will grow in size. As a result, it can accommodate the additional animals the respective structure can house.

However, the standard Coop comes with a few extras, one of which is a Hay Hopper. It gives you access to all of your farm’s silo-stored hay.

Assume that you transform Small Coops into Big Coops. In that case, you get access to the Incubator. This specific Incubator will produce the corresponding animal, particularly if you put some Eggs.

Type of the eggsHatching time (minutes)
White Eggs9K
Brown Eggs9K
Large White Eggs9K
Large Brown Eggs9K
Void Eggs9K
Golden Eggs9K
Duck Eggs9K
Dinosaur Eggs18K

Animals Found in Chicken Coop Stardew 

With that said, let’s go ahead and learn about animals found in the Stardew chicken coop.

Also, here is the full guide on Stardew Valley Sprinkler Layout for your reference.


Animals found in chicken coop Stardew 

Unlocking and Obtaining

  • You should build the first coop so you can purchase chicken from Marnie. That will cost eight hundred.
  • Produces daily. Even large eggs can be obtained if you reach happiness levels.
  • Associated Artisan: Mayonnaise that is made using Eggs with Mayonnaise Machines
  • They are sold at 1,040g.

Keep a flock of chickens on the property, and you won’t have to worry about them. They’re very low-cost, yet they have the potential to generate enormous profits.

Variety of eggsNormalSilverGoldIridium
Large brown95118142190
Mayonnaise egg190237285380

Other gamers have Blue ones, too! To acquire them, you’ll have to be a friend of Shane for eight hearts and witness his 8-heart activity. That’s before you can get them.

After then, there’s a twenty-five percent chance that your next Chicken will then be blue. The modification is entirely cosmetic; the Chicken will no longer lay blue eggs etc.


  • Build a big coop so you can buy them for 1200g from Marnie.
  • They produce duck eggs every two days.
  • They also produce duck mayonnaise.
  • At the state of full friendship, you can sell it for 1,560g.

Duck Eggs are more expensive per egg than Chicken Eggs. However, Duck Eggs are only laid every 2 days. Despite this, they’re always a worthwhile choice for the farm.

Variety NormalSilverGoldIridium
Duck mayonnaise375Not applicableNot applicableNot applicable


  • Build a deluxe Stardew valley chicken coop to obtain a duck so you can purchase it for 8000.
  • It produces wool every fourth day.
  • As associated with artisans, it produces wool cloth.
  • You can see it for 10400g when you are at the full friendship level.

Those who play Stardew Valley should avoid rabbits unless they’re well-versed in the game’s mechanics. Although they’re expensive, they’re fantastic for obtaining some additional wool!

Variety NormalSilverGoldIridium
Rabbits feet5657068471,130
Clothes470Not applicableNot applicableNot applicable

Void Chickens

Void Chickens
  • You can obtain void eggs using a random action or even buy them from Krobus. It can be incubated in a deluxe or big coop.
  • It produces a void egg every day
  • Void mayonnaise is the artisan it produces.
  • It sells for a price of 1040.

Generally, Void Chickens can be your first encounter with a weird animal. That in and of itself elevates them to exhilarating status. And they’re also selling their eggs at a higher price than the typical Chicken.

Variety NormalSilverGoldIridium
Void eggs658197130
Void mayonnaise 275Not applicableNot applicableNot applicable

Dinosaur in Stardew chicken coop 

Dinosaur in Stardew chicken coop 
  • You can obtain an egg of a dinosaur by performing various acts as well. Killing pepper rexes, digging, fishing, winning at a movie, etc., are those activities.
  • They produce eggs every seven days.
  • They have artisan goods like dinosaur mayonnaise.
  • They are sold for a price of 1300 at the full friendship level.  

There are numerous ways to obtain these dinosaur eggs, but each one has a low probability of success. Only one Egg is produced each week, so keeping them in the Coops hasn’t always been the most cost-effective choice.

Variety NormalSilverGoldIridium
Dinosaur eggs 350437525700
Mayonnaise (Dinosaur) 800Not applicableNot applicableNot applicable

Golden Chickens

Golden chickens
  • Get golden eggs with 100% perfect play and purchase it for 100000 from Marnie. You can also buy the same for hundred Qi gems from Qi. Then, you can incubate it either in a deluxe or big coop.
  • It produces eggs every single day.
  • It has an artisan good called Mayonnaise (gold star).
  • It can be sold at 1040g after achieving a full friendship level.

Having no Golden Chicken on the farm isn’t a big deal; just a small percentage of people have them. It necessitates 100 percent excellence on your part! That’s a major undertaking.

The eggs, however, have a hefty price tag for what you’re receiving every day. That eventually suggests that their worth is generated by the gamer instead of the objective inside the game.

Variety NormalSilverGoldIridium
Golden Eggs5006257501,000

How to Care for Your Animals

After obtaining your animals in Stardew valley chicken coop, follow the steps below to care for them.

Happiness & Friendship Aspect

Happiness & Friendship aspect

Depending on the animal’s level of Happiness & Friendship, the things’ quality will vary. The nicer the things you get, the happy they are. Also, they will make better friends.

When you engage with animals, friendship with this same is represented by a five hearts scale. It will range from 0 – 1000. Its hundred friendship points to a 1/2 heart.

Different actions that can create an impact on the friendship

  • Petting: +15
  • Milking/Shearing: 5
  • Consuming the grass outdoors: +8
  • Avoiding to feed: -20
  • Keeping it outside during the night: -20
  • Avoiding to pet: minus 5 – 10

Happiness is a number from 0 – 255 that may fluctuate widely depending on circumstances. Interacting with such an animal while looking at their menu will provide information on their Happiness, which is described in the small blurb.

  • Mood level 200 – 255: Very happy
  • Mood level 30 – 200: looks OK
  • Mood level 0 – 30: Sad

Their Food

Their Food

Here’s a guide about the animal food on Stardew valley chicken coop for your reference. All animals must be fed at least once each day. That day isn’t used to create their item when they’re not fed.

Here, you’ll feed livestock using Hay, so make sure that you look out for low supplies. Animals, on the other hand, may consume the grass you produce on the farm.

You’ll have to have the doors open at the entrance to let them wander outside. However, ensure the grasses are placed nearby their Coop so they can do this.

Also, there’s no guarantee that chickens will consume the grass outdoors because it’s available. This is particularly true if it’s distant from their Coop. They are happier if they can eat grass instead of hay, so give it to them!

There are several exceptions to the rule of feeding an animal.

  • On the very 1st day of their life.
  • Throughout the whole festival 

Leaving Them Outdoors

Leaving them outdoors

To keep your pet from returning home, close the door of the coop before you leave for work. The same should be done even when you leave for school each day as well. They’ll be upset the following day if this occurs.

A tiny possibility exists that they’ll be assaulted at nightfall, in which event they’ll be gone forever. So, remember this when you want to know about chicken coop Stardew properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many chickens can I keep in a standard-sized chicken coop?

You can comfortably keep around 4 to 6 chickens in a standard-sized chicken coop. However, it’s important to consider the space requirements and local regulations regarding poultry farming.

2. What should I feed my chickens?

A balanced diet for chickens typically consists of commercial chicken feed supplemented with kitchen scraps, grains, and fresh greens. It’s important to provide a varied and nutritious diet to ensure the health of your flock.

3. How often should I clean the chicken coop?

Regular cleaning is crucial to maintain a clean and healthy living environment for your chickens. Aim to clean the coop at least once a week, removing any soiled bedding, droppings, and uneaten food.

4. Do chickens require any vaccinations?

While backyard chickens generally do not require vaccinations, it’s essential to consult with a veterinarian to ensure the health and well-being of your flock. Vaccinations may be recommended based on the specific risks in your area.

5. Can I keep a rooster in a chicken coop?

Yes, you can keep a rooster in a chicken coop if you wish to breed chickens. However, it’s important to consider local regulations regarding noise restrictions and proximity to neighboring properties.


So, that’s all about Stardew chicken coop. Hopefully, this specific guide on Stardew valley chicken coop will give you a good idea about the game. If you have any other doubts, please let us know.


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