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Unlocking Stardew Valley Sewer: A Guide for Enthusiasts


Written by Jack Lin

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Sewer Stardew Valley

This article is written explaining the best ways in unlocking Stardew valley sewer for true enthusiasts.

So, if you are interested in playing this game as a novice, knowing these tips might be handy. So, go ahead and learn everything about Stardew sewer.

What Exactly Is Stardew Valley

In this game, you’ve acquired your grandpa’s old agricultural land. Set off on your new existence, armed only with the tools you’d inherited and a little cash.

Is it possible to live off of the property and make a flourishing house out of these unmanaged fields? The road ahead will not be smooth.

A lot had changed in town when Joja Corporation first arrived. Their community center, which was once a busy place in the village, is now in ruins.

However, it seems as if the valley is teeming with business opportunities. You might be the person to bring Stardew Valley back to its former glory with some hard work!

To succeed, however, you are supposed to know a couple of important points. You can acquire such information by visiting communities and help forums related to Stardew Valley.

On the other hand, Stardew valley sewers are an integral part of this game. The purpose of this article is to explain how to unlock those Stardew sewer aspects to proceed with it.

PS: here is the comprehensive Stardew valley chicken coop guide for reference.

Stardew Valley Sewer 

Sewer Stardew Valley

There is no shortage of interesting locations to discover in Stardew Valley. After you first begin the game, many of them will be unlocked immediately.

However, on the other hand, others may take a bit of time to unlock. Well, these Stardew sewer options are among the unlocked places you will come across on your journey.

This green-tinted region runs beneath Pelican Town and has an NPC that offers new items. On top of that, it has a fishery and a location that is essential for completing a post-game mission.

This article will walk you through the process of unlocking the Sewers. On top of that, it will show just about anything else you have to learn about this specific feature.

Besides, here are the best farming games for your reference.

Stardew Sewer Unlocking

Stardew sewer unlocking

Donating at least sixty artifacts to its museum will be required in order to get access to these Sewers. The museum is located on the extreme right side of town, directly beneath the blacksmith shop. In fact, that is exactly where you may meet Clint and his friends.

You will then be able to make donations of various artifacts along with minerals at this location.

With that said, these objects may be discovered via mining, breaking open geodes as well. If not, you can accomplish the same by looking for artifact marks on the surface of the earth.

This may seem to be a considerable amount of work. However, as you make your way to the ground of those mines, you will come across some resources. That means you will be able to find a diverse collection of relics and minerals. Make sure that you take note of every crystal you come across.

So, you are supposed to save them so that Clint may break them open as well. Of course, those are excellent resources for donating things to that museum. Take that into consideration when it comes to learning about unlocking sewer Stardew valley.

Its Rusty Key will be given to you once you have contributed 60 things to the cause. It is possible to access the Sewers as soon as you have this key in your possession.

Also, let’s figure out how to catch Stardew Valley Red Snapper and the Sunfish Stardew Valley with ease.

Where Are the Sewers of Pelican Town Located?

Where are the sewers of Pelican Town located?

It is now necessary to locate the Sewers so you can proceed with the process. You will be able to find two distinct entrances to this location to accommodate various needs. The very first entrance lies in the heart of town, on the left side of the cemetery.

In addition to that, the Mansion that belongs to the mayor is the most accessible. On your right, there will be a little fenced-in space with that square cover.

It is located over the Stardew valley sewer on your left. It is always possible to access those Sewers by walking up towards the covering and through it.

The Cindersnap Forest’s Sewers may also be accessed from the southern end of that forest’s main road. Starting at Marnie’s Ranch, make your way south. After a short distance, you will reach the river’s bank and notice a bridge on the right. Continue over the bridge, through a little island, then around to the opposite bank of that river.

You are supposed to continue so you will be able to reach the Stardew sewer gate. It is located at the end of the road. Taking those stairs down will provide you with the ability to access those Sewers from this location.

Each of these gates is located inside the Sewers region and links to one another. The Sewers bypass may be used to go reach the southern end of Cindersnap Forest. That happens pretty fast when you’re in the city and are already in the woods.

How to Fish in Stardew Sewer 

How to fish in Stardew sewer 

Despite the fact that the water inside the Sewers is very foul, you may fish here. You may check out the list below for some ideas below. These ideas might be handy when it comes to fishing inside the Stardew valley sewer.

Despite the fact that the water inside the Sewers is very foul, you may fish here. You may check out the list below for some ideas on what you could catch. These ideas are very handy when fishing inside the sewers.

  • Green Algae 
  • White Algae
  • Mutant Carp
  • Carp
  • Trash
Mutant Carp

Inside the Stardew sewer, fishing may not be the most thrilling activity. With that said, that’s the only place where you may locate the Mutated Carp.

Well, it is a unique legendary Fish (there are five of them) that can be found throughout the game. So, go ahead and check out the below-mentioned fishing manual for additional information on the sport.



Krobus may be found here on the right-hand side of those Sewers Stardew Valley, next to the bridge. Despite his intimidating appearance, he is a nice creature that spends the whole of his life in those Sewers. Krobus is more of a shadow creature, in the same vein as some other shadow individuals.

That means the creatures that have been discovered in the mines. Nevertheless, Krobus may sometimes allude to these creatures as his pals.

On top of that, he is now the sole shadow creature with whom you will be allowed to communicate. That is, at least for the time being. Krobus is a little on the reserved side, yet he has a wide range of merchandise.

See the Following Page for a Comprehensive List of All That Krobus Creature Offers.

VarietyWhats the price
Void Eggs5,000
Void Essences100
Solar Essences80
Signs of the Vessels350
Monsters Fireplace20,000
Crystals Floor Recipes500
Wicked Statues Recipes1,000
Return Scepters2,000,000

On top of that, Krobus comes with a stock that usually changes every single day of the week. If you are interested in learning about that weekly selection, you can read the table below.

What day is it?Name of the itemIts price
On MondaysSlime50
On TuesdaysOmni Geode300
On WednesdaysFish or even as a Magnet
● Albacores
● A Bullhead
● A Chub
● Dorados
● Halibuts
● Lingcods
● Shads
● Sturgeons
● A Tiger Trout
● Tilapias
● Magnets
On ThursdaysMixed variety of Seeds30
On FridaysIridium Sprinklers10,000
On SaturdaysWide range of dishes that are cooked50-500
On SundaysBat Wings30

It is always possible to share your room with Krobus. That can be done if you like. So, compared to falling in love with another gamer, you’ll also be able to share a room with Krobus.

That can be done if you so want. Rather than falling in love with another gamer or NPC, it is possible to develop a relationship with Krobus.

After that, you can ultimately invite him to join your family as well. This necessitates the use of the Void Ghosts Pendant. You can do more research if you want to learn more about becoming friends with Krobus. 

Mutant Bug Lair

Mutant Bug Lair

This can be found in the Sewers’ top left corner, just beyond the entrance to the Tunnel. A little trickle of green water marks the entry. If you haven’t started the quest of Dark Talisman yet, you can’t go to this location.

This quest is located in the aforementioned creature; therefore, you’ll need to go there to complete this task. This will start the quest called Goblin Problem.

This creature doesn’t have much more to offer except for this one. Swarms of insects will drop food, which players can use to make homemade lures. Slimejack may also be found in this region. This is the only place you’ll find the Slimejack. All year round, it’s accessible at any time of day or night.

It’s tough to catch these fish since the bugs inside the region will assault you while you’re fishing. So, don’t forget to keep that in mind when you look to unlock Stardew Valley sewer.

The Statue of Uncertainty

The Statue of Uncertainty

We’ll leave you with this stature. With this statute, you may switch careers at will.

As you progress in the various talents of Stardew Valley, you’ll be free to choose from a variety of occupations. You may, however, have second thoughts about your career path from time to time. The good news is that this statute allows you to change the profession for a value of 10,000.

The next day, you’ll lose any career-related bonuses you’ve accrued. Changing professions once shipping goods with a reward will not prevent you from receiving the bonus. If you’re dissatisfied with your options, you can always change jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I access the Sewers without repairing the Community Center or purchasing a Joja Membership? No, unlocking the Sewers requires completing either the Community Center bundles or obtaining a Joja Membership.
  2. Are there any time restrictions for entering the Sewers? No, you can enter the Sewers at any time during the game. It’s accessible year-round.
  3. Can I farm or build structures in the Sewers? No, the Sewers are primarily an exploration area. You cannot farm or build any structures within its confines.
  4. Do I need to defeat specific enemies in the Sewers to progress further? While there may be enemies guarding certain areas, defeating them is not necessary to explore the Sewers. However, it’s recommended to defeat them for resources and rewards.
  5. Are there any hidden secrets or easter eggs in the Sewers? Yes, the Sewers hold some hidden secrets and easter eggs. Explore thoroughly to uncover them.


So, that’s all about sewer Stardew valley unlocking. There are many other aspects related to this game but unlocking a Stardew sewer is a pretty important part. Therefore, we hope that this guide provided you with some assistance.

If you have further doubts related to this matter, you can go ahead and ask our experts. We will get back to you at our earliest. Happy playing!


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