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Snapchat Quick Add
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With this specific article, we will explain what Snapchat Quick Add is and how to use it. So, if you are one of those novice users who wondered what it is, keep reading.


On Snapchat, a fast-paced social media network, you can find options to share your own tales. It also allows you to organize your friends into cliques. On top of that, you can add friends as well.

Even more exciting is that they’re a variety of ways to add somebody as a buddy in this layout. It only demonstrates how committed the Snapchat team is to grow its user base!

We’ll focus on one method of adding friends in particular: the option called Snapchat Quick Add. 

In other words, we explain what Snapchat Quick Add is and how to use it.

Snapchat Quick Add

Adding Friends on Snapchat

In addition to the methods that are discussed before, Snapchat offers a variety of options to connect with users.

Without a doubt, such features keep this platform running and gaining enormous popularity over time.

There are a number of ways you can locate and add friends on Snapchat using any of these techniques.

01. Add Friends Through Contact Book on Snapchat

  • To begin, you can import contacts from your phone’s contact list.
  • Go to Settings and select ‘Profile Icon’ on the top right of your screen.
  • After that, click on the option called ‘All Contacts,’ then select ‘Add friends.’
Snapchat All Contacts
  • When prompted, if you want to sync your contacts, choose ‘Continue.’
  • Your contact information will then be scanned by Snapchat. This process is done to locate buddies.
Snapchat Friends on Snapchat
  • Adding your pals on Snapchat is completely up to you.
Add Friends Through Contact Book on Snapchat

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02. Snapcode

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Snapchat platform is the concept of a Snapcode. This is a personal passcode that can only be used by the owner of the account.


Assume that a buddy gives you their Snapcode. In that case, you may scan it using your camera to add them as a friend. You can do it by scanning their visual code. To accomplish this, two methods are available to you.

Share Snapcode

The first step is for your friend to share one’s Snapcode with you by taking a photo of it. To save a given Snapcode to your camera roll, open Snapchat app.

After that, tap and long-press the shared Snapcode. Then select ‘Save to Camera Roll’ from the popup menu.

Save Snapcode  to Camera Roll

Click the “Add Friends” button on your profile symbol. Right-click on the Snapcode symbol on the upper-right edge of the screen and select the option to copy.

You’ll be prompted to pick your friend’s Snapcode from the photos on the camera roll.

pick your friend's Snapcode from the photos

You’ll be asked to confirm the friend invitation by Snapchat after scanning the Snapcode image you’ve uploaded.

Scan Snapcode

Simply launch the Snapchat app and hold your friend’s Snapcode up to the camera to send them a photo. Use your finger to tap and hold the screen.

Snapchat scans the code and asks if you want to add your buddy to your list. Once you’ve clicked “Add Friend,” you’re all set.

Add Friend with Snapcode

03. Username

Now that you have a username, you should go to the profile. After that, touch “Add Friends.”

Snapchat Add Friends

Enter the person’s username within the given search field instead of searching your ‘Contacts.’

Search User Name

Simply press ‘Add’ to add the individual to the friends list after you’ve done this.

Add Friends via User Name

04. Snapchat Quick Add

Now, let’s learn about the topic of this article; what is Snapchat Quick Add? Well, Snapchat Quick Add is another handy option provided by developers.

Just like the name suggests, Snapchat Quick Add shows some quick suggestions. The suggestions are chosen automatically based on a very smart algorithm.

If you wonder what Snapchat Quick Add is, it is more of an automated friend suggestion option. The algorithm of Snapchat Quick Add considers the number of friends you have in common with those suggestions. Also, it considers other similar metrics you might share.

Snapchat Quick Add

If you agree with a specific algorithm on Snapchat Quick Add, just tap on “Add.” As a result, a new friend request is sent to the respective Snapchat profile. That answers the question, “what is Snapchat Quick Add.”

The Pros and Cons of Quick Add

Like any other feature, Quick Add has its advantages and potential downsides.

The Advantages of Quick Add

Expanding Your Social Circle

Quick Add allows for easy expansion of your social circle, letting you connect with users who share common friends, interests, or connections.

The Disadvantages of Quick Add

Privacy Concerns

However, Quick Add may lead to privacy concerns for some users as they may appear in suggestions to people they’d rather not connect with.

More About Snapchat Emojis

Snapchat’s “Best Friend” list had always seemed a little strange. So, the company has decided to do away with it in favor of a more private approach.

They use it to identify who you’re most closely associated with. Only you can view these newer Friend Emojis when you get incoming snaps on your phone.

The following are the meanings of the Snapchat Friend Emojis:

● Gold Heart

Gold Heart

The person who receives the most snaps from you also receives the most snaps from them.

● Grimace


Both of you have one mutual friend. You and your friend send most of your snaps to this user.

● Smile


The smile emoji represents one of my best friends. This is a special person that receives the most photos from you.

● Sunglasses


You and him/her have a Best Friend in Common. Think about the persons to whom you send the most snaps. He or she will be a user to whom this person sends the most snaps.

● Smirk


You are that user’s best friend, but they’re not your best friend. You’re one of the individuals who receive the most snaps from them. However, they’re not even one of those users who receives the most snaps from you.

● Fire


You, as well as this special Person, Are In that special situation called A Snapstreak. You and that person have exchanged snaps for the number of straight days shown.

Besides, let’s figure out how to get your snap score up with ease.

Newer Features on Snapchat

Previously, anybody with your phone number in their contact list could see to whom you sent most Snapchats.

Also, there wasn’t any way to disable this feature. Those who didn’t appear on best friends lists may have questioned their connection with someone.

And, it could have exposed love partners who’d been SnapCheating—sending snaps to another person.

Snaptag Clean

Snapchat does not publish blogs on the subject. Instead, Snapchat placed a short guide on using Friend Emojis under the feature Snap Channel in the app’s Discover area.

“Needs Love” and a Low-Light Camera

In addition, there are two new features. The camera’s low-light mode may be toggled on and off using the “Moon” icon at the camera’s top.

Until recently, Snapchat’s low-light camera was abysmal compared to the default camera on most smartphones.

This new feature allows you to brighten your view when using Snapchat at night immediately.

Also, it becomes useful at events such as concerts or parties. You can do it by tapping the moon icon that will appear.

"Needs Love" and a Low-Light Camera

Snapchat wants you to send a snap to everyone who hasn’t sent you one in a while. When you go to choose pals to send a Snap to, you’ll notice a section of “Needs Love.”

They are the folks you used to snap with but haven’t sent one to in a while. You can find them under your list of Recents whom you’ve recently snapped with.

Snapchat has become more of a game with the addition of “Needs Love” and “Friend Emojis.” Assume that someone needs to obtain a Snapchat streak or become best friends with someone.

In that case, these features might encourage individuals to snap more frequently. Also, it will shame them into not snapping with specific people anymore.

It’s intentional for these, and other Snapchat features to be perplexing. The app’s creators hope that users will share their knowledge of its features and ask questions about them.

They encourage you to do it on social media, which will help spread the word about the app. That’s a pretty sneaky approach.


  1. Is Quick Add on Snapchat automatic? No, users have to manually enable it in their settings.
  2. Can I decline Quick Add requests on Snapchat? Yes, you have the option to ignore or accept any friend requests you receive.
  3. Can I find out who added me through Quick Add on Snapchat? Snapchat doesn’t specify how someone added you. They simply appear as a friend request.
  4. Do I have to add back people who added me through Quick Add on Snapchat? No, adding back is entirely your choice.
  5. Can I disable Quick Add on Snapchat once I’ve enabled it? Yes, you can disable it at any time in your settings.


So, if you wondered what Snapchat Quick Add is, the above content provides you with the answers.

The Quick Add function is similar to Facebook’s “People You May Know” function. This specific feature suggests persons based on several different parameters and metrics.

As per Snapchat Quick Add, you will be matched based on mutual friends, the same hobbies, and other criteria. We consider Snapchat Quick Add as Snapchat’s “People You May Know.”

Do you have any other questions related to Snapchat Quick Add? Please let us know. We will try to answer your questions at our earliest.


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