How to Create a Private Story on Snapchat: A Step-by-Step Guide


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Snapchat Private Story

Looking to create a Snapchat private story but don’t know how? You have come to the right place. Keep reading to learn how to limit your stories on Snapchat to only your closest friends and family.

Snapchat is a rapidly expanding social networking application. It is appreciated among individuals of different ages throughout the globe.

Snapchat allows you to post snaps in picture or clip form with your contacts on Snapchat. You may also share your pictures in Snapchat stories, giving your contacts a window into your day.

Since some people choose not to broadcast everything that they do on Snapchat with their whole contact list, the app provides the opportunity to make a separate Snapchat private story.

The feature of making a private story is one of the many wonderful functions offered by Snapchat- it allows you to send out a story to only a selected number of people so that you can choose to maintain your privacy while using the app.

Additionally, the application lets you customize your private story and share it with a selected few. You have much more influence over who views your content when you use such a function.

The only distinction between a private story and a public story on Snapchat is how you choose to share the clip or pictures with the individuals you select.

The feature of creating a private story on Snapchat can be availed through both an Android and an Apple device.

This blog discusses how you can make a private story that you can share only with your trusted friends!

What is a Snapchat Private Story?

Before we go into the process of creating a Private Story on Snapchat, it is vital to distinguish between Private Stories versus ordinary Snapchat Stories.

Snapchat Story is a commonly used phrase for broadcasting photographs and videos from the previous 24 hours. Both photographs and videos can be included in a story. You can share stories on your feed, and both you and your friends may see that.

These display to your pals your various actions from the previous day. These are available for the following 24 hours and can be replayed as many times as you want.

‘My Stories’ and ‘Private Stories’ are not the same thing. When you capture and upload a clip or perhaps a picture to your Snapchat profile, it is visible to all of your friends. You must, however, make a customized story if you want to share a private story.

After you have created a customized story, you may share it as a private one. You can choose who will see the story at this stage.

Before posting the story, you can select the friends who will see it. Another feature is that nobody else will be able to add anything to the private Snapchat stories you upload.

Furthermore, Private Stories on Snapchat will feature a lock symbol at the base of the purple circle, whilst ordinary Stories will only have the purple circle. Aside from these key distinctions, both functionalities work similarly behind the scenes.

How to Make a Private Story on Snapchat?

Private Stories may be created using two methods: from the primary Snap tab and your profile. Both strategies are described in-depth further down.

Method 1: From the Snap Tab

The Snap tab is the application section where you may use your phone’s camera to shoot photos or record videos.

1: Take a picture or record any video in the Snap tab.

2: Click on the Send To option in the lower right corner.

Snapchat Send To

3: Then, choose New Story and click on Private Story.

Click on Private Story
click on Private Story

4: Choose the users you want to show your Private Story to from the selection of Recents, Best Friends, Groups, and Friends.

New Private Story

5: When you are through adding users, hit the checkmark in the lower right corner.

How to Make a Private Story in Snapchat from Snap Tab

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Method 2: From Your Profile Tab

1: Launch the Snapchat application.

2: Go to your Snapchat profile and click on New Story. 

3: Select Private Story.

+Private Story

4: Choose the users you would want to show your Private Story to from the selection of Recents, Best Friends, Groups, and Friends.

New Private Story

5: When you are through adding users, hit the checkmark in the lower right corner.

6: You can do the following things from here:

  • Click on Private Story Name near the top to give your Private Story a name.
  • If you wish to add somebody you may have missed, click View this Story.
  • Disable or activate the Auto-Save to Memories checkbox to avoid saving Private Story to Snapchat Memories.

7: Click on the bluish Create Story option to post Private Story. The title of your freshly generated Private Story may be found in your Profile’s Stories section.

How to Make a Private Story in Snapchat from Profile Tab

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How to Delete a Private Story

Followers can watch our stories whenever they want and always get the greatest content. What occurs after 24 hours? Of course, the snaps vanish. Nevertheless, there are occasions when we desire a snap would vanish sooner.

Fortunately, Snapchat allows you to erase snaps from your story anytime. Follow the instructions below to delete a Snapchat private story:

1: To remove a Snap from the Private Story you posted, tap it and click on the three dots selection icon in the upper right corner of the interface.

click on the three dots selection icon

2: Next, a pop-up menu appears under which you have to select “Delete,” then validate your decision by pressing “Delete” again on display prompt.

3: If you no longer wish to publish a Snapchat Private Story, you may select to delete that particular story. This is how it is done: Click on the three-dot option adjacent to the title of the Private Story you posted and choose “Delete Story” from that menu.

How to Delete a Private Story

4: Tap “Delete” once prompted to remove the Private Story you uploaded. According to the corporation, you cannot contribute to any Private Story once you remove it until you start afresh Private Story. Additionally, when you execute this step, current Snaps will be erased.

Cofirm to Delete a Private Story

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Are You Allowed to Leave Some Other User’s Private Story?

You certainly are allowed. If you are sick of seeing similar Snaps again and again, there is a solution to get rid of them. It is always possible to leave a user’s private story.

When you quit a user’s private story, you would not only be unable to access their private updates, but you would also be unsure whether they have uploaded a private story on Snapchat or not.

1: To leave a private story, you must first identify the user’s story in the application’s Story tab. Swipe left after opening the Snapchat application.

2: All the easier if you could somehow simply discover the individual whose story you wish to leave. If that does not work, type the user’s name into the search box at the top.

3: When you are in somebody’s private story, you will notice a lock sign on the bottom of their story. Simply hold your finger on the story until a prompt appears.

Choose ‘Leave story,’ and acknowledge that you want to leave the story. The private story will vanish in an instant.

Leave Some Other User's Private Story

Although Snapchat will not alert the user who left the Story, they will most likely notice when the user will not see your profile in the viewer list.

If the individual includes you in their list again, you can stop this from repeating hereafter by pressing the “Block Story” option.

How Can You Protect Your Private Content?

You must be cognizant of the content of the stories you post. If you use Snapchat irresponsibly, you can get snaps from random people, invites from odd people, unusual chat requests, and spam.

To escape such scenarios, avoid posting sensitive data or vulnerable images, even while posting ‘Private stories.’

Being a Snapchat member, you should spend some time reading the Snapchat privacy advice available on the internet.

Before posting anything, you must also know how to make a Snapchat Private story and use other features effectively.

Private Snapchat Stories: More Details

When you give someone access to your Snapchat private story, they will not receive any notifications; it will seem to them like any other Snapchat story.

As a result, you cannot effectively use this function as a business strategy unless you make it clear that they are the only people who have access to the content you post.

If you wish to use it in that way, declare that you will be posting an entirely separate story to which only a handful of people will have access.

Whether private or public, all Snapchat stories expire after 24 hours. Not just that, but group stories made for events or excursions are also only valid for one day.

Therefore, when you are making a new private story, make sure not to forget to check the save button to avoid losing your shots.


1. Can I change the recipients of my private story after creating it? Yes, you can edit the recipients of your private story at any time. Simply access the private story settings and make the necessary changes.

2. Can people I excluded from the private story see that it exists? No, the private story will not be visible to anyone you haven’t included as a recipient. It remains completely private and hidden from others.

3. Can I add more snaps to a private story after sharing it? Yes, you can continue adding snaps to your private story even after sharing it with your selected recipients. The story will update for them, and they will be able to view the new content.

4. How many private stories can I create on Snapchat? Snapchat allows you to create multiple private stories, each with its own set of recipients. This gives you the flexibility to share different types of content with different groups of people.

5. Can I delete a private story? Yes, you can delete a private story at any time. Simply access the story settings and choose the delete option.

Final Thoughts

Private Stories on Snapchat is a useful option for those users who wish to maintain confidentiality and share live updates with their closest loved ones and friends.

Private Stories allows you to express minor victories and life events with individuals most important to you.

However, if a rising influencer is trying to cultivate an audience, you may always start a public account on Snapchat.

In this article, we have explained how to make a private story on Snapchat so that you can share your life’s details with your trusted ones.


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