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[Solved] Snapchat Notifications Not Working on iPhone


Written by Jack Lin

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Snapchat Notifications Not Working on iPhone

When Snapchat notifications are not working on iPhones, users get frustrated, thinking they will miss their community’s latest updates.

If you are already experiencing the issue and looking for a solution, we offer several solutions below.


Snapchat has become an incredibly popular social media app, particularly among Apple users in the recent past. However, today, search engines are flooded with questions like “Snapchat Notifications Not Working on iPhone.”

That means many Apple users say that they don’t receive push notifications from Snapchat on their devices. If you are using Snapchat regularly and experience this issue, that can be a very annoying issue.

However, like with any other technical issue related to iPhones, this one has several solutions. So, you don’t have to worry about it because this article explains those solutions.

Fixes for Snapchat Notifications Not Working on iPhone

There are multiple solutions to address this issue, and you can go through them one by one first. Then, you can choose the most appropriate solution that matches your situation.

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Solution 01: Give Your iPhone a Restart

Although this solution might sound very simple and basic, it can be very effective at times. It can fix a variety of small glitches found on iOS devices.

Also, this method doesn’t want you to follow a complicated path. Instead, you can get it done just with a couple of steps.

So, if Snapchat Notifications are Not Working on your iPhone, you can try this basic fix.

  • If you are using a new iPhone (any device newer than iPhone 8), quick-press the Volume Up first, then do the same with the Volume Down button as well. After that, you should press and hold the side button.
  • If you are using an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, long-press the Volume Down and Side button and keep pressing the buttons until the device restarts.
  • The method is different if you are using an older device (iPhone 6S or older). In this case, you should press and hold the Home Button and Sleep Button so the device will restart.
Give your iPhone a restart to fix Snapchat Notifications Not Working on iPhone

After that, you should check if Snapchat notifications are appearing as usual.

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Solution 02: Check if You Have Put the Device in Silent Mode

Although this option sounds like a pretty senseless idea, many have gone through this situation. That means some individuals put their devices on silent mode and wonder why they don’t get any notifications.

So, even if you don’t hear any notification sounds, you may be getting them. As a result of not hearing any sound, you think there is something wrong with your Snapchat app.

So, you should check the device and see if you have put that in silent mode. If it is already in silent mode, just put it back to normal mode with a sound profile.

If you are lucky enough, that should solve the Snapchat Notifications Not Working on iPhone issue without going any far.

Check if you have put the device in silent mode

Solution 03: Give Your iOS an Update to Fix Snapchat Notifications Not Working on iPhone

Many of us don’t take iOS updates seriously. Instead, we want to ignore them and continue to use the device as we wish. However, various issues can occur when you use an iOS device without updating the device for a long.

Older iOS versions can often give minor glitches and prevent smooth functioning. Also, outdated iOS versions can lack security, as well. So, it is anyway good to update your iOS to the latest and use the device.

With that said, mentioned below are the steps you should follow to update your iOS device.

  • Go to “Settings” and choose the option called “General.” Then, tap on the option called “Software Update.”
  • If you see an update is available for your device, choose to download and install it. However, when you download the update, you must ensure that there is enough battery on the device.
Give your iOS an update to fix Snapchat Notifications Not Working on iPhone

Solution 04: See if You’ve Turned on the “Do Not Disturb” Feature

As you may already know, “Do Not Disturb” is a feature to disable all notifications. If you have enabled that feature, you will not get any calls, texts, or any other notifications. This feature is introduced to be used during meetings when you take a nap etc.

As a result of enabling this feature, you will not get any notifications from Snapchat as well. So, if you need to receive notifications, you should simply turn the feature off as usual.

To do that, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Reach out to the “Settings” app on your iOS device.
  • Navigate to the option “Do Not Disturb” and tap on it to toggle the switch off.
See if you've turned on the "Do Not Disturb" feature

Solution 05: Check for the Notifications on the App to Fix Snapchat Notifications Not Working on iPhone

Another possible reason for “Snapchat Notifications Not Working on iPhone” is disabled notifications. That means you don’t get Snapchat notifications if you have disabled its notifications for some reason.

So, you should check if you have disabled Snapchat notifications or not and enable them accordingly.

Mentioned below are the steps.

  • Go to the option called “Settings” and tap on “Notifications“.
  • Click on the option called “Snapchat.”
  • Check if you have enabled the option called “Allow Notifications.” If you haven’t, you should tap on it and enable the notifications.

You can now check if you are getting the notifications or not.

Solution 06: Fix the Snapchat Notifications Not Working Issue with Tenorshare Reiboot

If you still don’t get any notifications after all those attempts, ReiBoot can be your ultimate solution. Tenorshare ReiBoot is a convenient professional application that can find and resolve issues associated with iOS devices.

A notable benefit of this software is that it can fix issues with a couple of clicks. You don’t need to possess knowledge in programming to use Tenorshare ReiBoot and fix potential iOS problems.

Instead, you can fix the issues with the assistance of its amicable user interface. The other major benefit of this software is that it doesn’t cause any data loss when repairing the device. So, if you want to fix your iOS device without necessarily deleting the data, ReiBoot is the solution.

This special software can fix various issues like iPhone stuck on the Apple logo, restart loop, frozen iPhone, etc. This tool can resolve these issues quickly and get your device back to normal.

Moreover, ReiBoot can be used to perform a factory reset as well without using iCloud or iTunes.

With that said, let’s look at the steps to fix Snapchat Notifications Not Working on iPhone issues.

Before starting the process, you should download and install Tenorshare ReiBoot on your computer. You can download the software through their official page.

  • Connect the faulty iOS device to the computer on which you have installed ReiBoot. Then, launch the software to see the main screen. Once you see the option called “Start“, just tap on it.
Tenorshare ReiBoot
  • You should click on the “Download” button to get the latest firmware to the device. This is essential to repair your device’s iOS-related issues.
Tenorshare ReiBoot
  • At the completion of the download, you will be able to see an option called “Start Standard Repair.” Click on it to begin fixing the device.
Tenorshare ReiBoot
Tenorshare ReiBoot

That’s it. Your device must be up and running by now.

Solution 07: Restore Your iPhone to Factory Defaults

If you are yet to succeed, there is no other solution than restoring the device to its factory defaults. In this case, the data will be erased completely, and your device will start as a fresh one. You can use iTunes to perform this task.

The most important thing about this solution is that it erases all the data from the device. So, if you have valuable data on the device, it is highly recommended to create a backup before restoring it.

Below are the steps to restore your iOS device to its factory settings.

  • First, you should connect the device to your computer. Before that, you should update your iTunes to its latest version.
  • Launch iTunes and click on the option called “Restore iPhone.”
  • Now, all the data will be erased from the device, and you should configure it from scratch.
Restore your iPhone to factory defaults


1. Why are my Snapchat notifications not showing up? Check your notification settings both on your iPhone and Snapchat app to ensure they’re enabled.

2. Why do I get delayed notifications on Snapchat? This could be due to poor network conditions or an outdated Snapchat app.

3. How do I fix silent Snapchat notifications? Ensure your Snapchat notification sounds are enabled in both iPhone and Snapchat settings.

4. Will reinstalling Snapchat delete my data? No, your Snapchat data is tied to your account, not the app on your device.

5. What if none of the solutions work? If you’ve tried everything, it’s best to contact Snapchat support.

By the way, in this article, let’s explore what Focus Status is on iPhone – a powerful tool enhancing productivity and digital well-being by personalizing notification control.


If Snapchat notifications are not working even after trying all these fixes, take it to the nearest Apple store. They will fix it using their certified methods.

However, if you use Tenorshare ReiBoot, there is a huge possibility of getting the device fixed by yourself.


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