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How to Send a Picture as a Snap? (100% WORKING)


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Send a Picture as a Snap

The following content explains how to send a picture as a Snap on Snapchat. If you haven’t done it yet and wonder how to do it, this content will be your guide.

So, let’s go ahead and learn this useful workaround.


Snaps are photos or movies that can be posted on social media but are destroyed after 24 hours. Snaps are an excellent way to transmit photographs or movies to someone you intend to share.

The best thing is that they cannot save those Snaps on their devices. You could share private snaps with other users while chatting on Snapchat. However, the content of those snaps must be unique.

You cannot send any pictures or videos you have currently stored in your photo gallery. It can transfer a photo from your camera roll in the form of a Snap directly.

However, doing so is not quite as simple as it may first appear for a user. The following is what you are supposed to know. As a result, you can share photographs from your device’s camera roll in the form of a Snapchat Snap. 

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Is It Possible to Send Snaps Directly from Your Device’s Camera Roll?

You can use the gallery to send a photo or video to a friend. However, the video or the image will appear in the chat window instead.

We have some unfortunate news for you if you intend to share a snap video. The app does not support that feature.

Nevertheless, some users have discovered ways to put that to work. To be precise, there are two approaches to choose from. You can consider third-party apps or filters to do it. 

Important: It is possible to upload photos from the gallery on your private Snapchat stores. Whenever you share a Snapchat private story, however, only selected friends will see it.

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How to Send a Picture As a Snap on Snapchat?

This section of our article will explain how to send a picture as a Snap. Before everything else, you should select a video or a photo from the gallery. Go through the photos and videos you have recently taken.

You can select one from the gallery and make it a regular snap. So, do you wonder how to send a picture as a Snap through the camera roll? If so, you can use the methods mentioned below.

Method 1: Use a Filter on Your Device’s Camera Screen

After deciding on a photo to be sent, you are supposed to upload the same to your Snapchat account. To do that, you should simply follow the steps mentioned below.

  • As the first step, you should launch “Snapchat” on your device.
Launch Snapchat
  • Then, please go to the search bar and enter the text “Camera Roll.”
go to the search bar and enter the text "Camera Roll"
  • After that, you can tap on any search result on filters.
  • Then, you should tap on filters (any of them). You can then go to the big button on the screen that appears as a camera.
tap on filters
  • Then, you will see the gallery, and it will horizontally display the results. Just select the picture you intend to share.
select the picture you intend to share
  • Now, you can send that camera roll picture in the form of a snap.
send that camera roll picture in the form of a snap

In addition, there is another option to find a filter using the search feature. Just tap on the button that appears as an emoji (smiley). This button is located next to your device’s camera button.

After that, you can just search for a filter to proceed. If you can do it correctly, you will be able to send a message as a “Snap.” But if you can find your Snapchat message tagged with the status “Pending,” that indicates an error. It can relate to the app itself or another aspect.

Method 2: Use a Third Party App

Here’s what to do if you wonder how to send a picture as a Snap using a third-party app. You can transform a conventional picture or video into a snap using certain third-party applications. LMK is currently the most widely used app.


Using LMK, you’ll be able to send recent photos or images on your device’s camera roll.

In addition to that, you can send Snapchat memories as well. So, it is an excellent option for those who wonder how to send a picture as a Snap.

How Does a Snap That is Taken from Your Camera Roll Count?

You shouldn’t worry about this case at all. You will not lose the current Snapchat streak when you use snaps from your camera roll. Your streak will be continued whenever you share content that has been saved in your phone’s gallery.

That means when the photo is shared as a snap message to a friend. When you share an image from your device’s gallery to Snapchat, the app treats it as a regular snap.

This is true even though it comes from the gallery. Before you upload, you should remove those black borders from the picture using the editing tools on Snapchat. This provides the impression that the photo was taken recently, as a snap or a post.  

Once the editing is done, you can simply open LMK and upload the respective photo. As the final step, you can publish the same through Snapchat in the form of a snap.

What Other Methods Can you Share Snaps Directly from Your Camera Roll?

Various forms of social media, such as Snap share, provide the same functions as LMK. However, except for LMK, we do not advocate posting using any of those other apps.

LMK is user-friendly and contains features that are optimized for use on mobile devices. Nevertheless, the most crucial part is that it is risk-free to use.

Reasons to Send Snaps Taken from the Camera Roll

People continue their streaks by sending images in this manner. In addition, sending snaps rather than sharing a conventional picture demonstrates a higher level of interest.

Another reason may be to ensure that the picture is erased once time has passed. So, it is not desirable for recipients of a Snapchat message to save it.

Tips and Tricks for Sending a Snap

Remember, Snapchat is all about fun and spontaneity. Don’t stress too much about getting the perfect shot. Experiment with different filters and stickers, and most importantly, enjoy the process!


  1. Can I send snaps to people who aren’t my friends on Snapchat? Yes, but you have to change your privacy settings to allow anyone to send you snaps.
  2. Can I delete a snap after sending it? Yes, Snapchat allows you to delete a sent snap, but the recipient will be notified.
  3. Can I send a picture as a snap to multiple people? Yes, you can select multiple recipients for your snap.
  4. How can I tell if my snap has been viewed? Snapchat will show an opened icon in your chat list when your snap has been viewed.
  5. Can I save a snap before sending it? Yes, you can save your snap by clicking the downward arrow icon before sending it.


So, that’s exactly how to send a picture as a Snap. As you can notice, there are several ways to send a snap with a picture. All those methods are very easy.

That said, do you have other questions about sending Snaps through Snapchat? Please let us know in the comments section. We will address your queries at our earliest convenience.


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