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Techniques to Solve ‘Phone Says No SIM Card on Android’ Error


Written by Jason

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Phone Says No SIM Card on Android

The ‘phone says no SIM card Android‘ error generally occurs when the SIM card is not placed in the slot properly.

This is a very common reason for this error. However, there are multiple reasons the phone says no SIM card Android error.

Understanding the “No SIM Card” Error

The “No SIM Card” error indicates that your Android device is unable to detect a valid SIM card.

Without a SIM card, you won’t be able to make calls, send text messages, or access mobile data. It’s crucial to resolve this issue promptly to restore the full functionality of your device.

Possible Causes of the Error

Several factors can lead to the “No SIM Card” error on your Android phone. Here are some common causes:

a) SIM Card Misalignment

Sometimes, the SIM card may not be properly aligned in its slot. This misalignment can prevent the device from establishing a connection with the SIM card.

b) Software Glitches

Software glitches or conflicts within the operating system can disrupt the communication between your Android device and the SIM card, resulting in the error message.

c) Outdated Device Software

Using outdated software on your device can lead to compatibility issues with the SIM card, causing the “No SIM Card” error to occur.

d) Network Issues

Temporary network disruptions or issues with your service provider’s network can also trigger the “No SIM Card” error on your Android phone.

e) Physical Damage

Physical damage to the SIM card or the SIM card slot can interfere with the proper functioning of the card, leading to the error message.

Part 1: Techniques to Solve ‘Phone Says No SIM Card on Android’

Here are the seven techniques to solve the error.

1: Restart the Device

fix no SIM card Android by reset android phone

We will start with the easiest technique to solve the no SIM card Android error. Restarting the phone refreshes much of the software, which helps fix the little issues.

So, restart the device and permit it to connect to the specific network again. Now, see if the device is able to read the SIM card.

If the problem is fixed, you don’t need to look for further solutions. But if the error still persists, move on to the next technique.

Besides, if you don’t know what to do with old SIM cards? Let’s figure out how to make sure that the data on your sim card is safe and isn’t being used by anyone dangerous.

2: Inspect the SIM Slot

Fix no SIM card Android by Inspect SIM slot

Switch off the device and remove your SIM card from the device. Possibly, some dust has been deposited in the SIM slot, creating an issue.

Just blow out the dust from that area and wipe the SIM card lightly without damaging the parts. Now, place the SIM card into the slot and switch on the device. Analyze if the issue has been resolved or not.

In case the issue persists, use a different SIM on the device if your Android phone is unlocked. By doing this, you can figure out if the SIM is causing the trouble or if the device needs to be fixed.

If the other different SIM cards work smoothly on the device, then it is understood that the problem is the SIM. It means that the device can detect SIM, but a broken SIM might be the issue.

If that’s the case, take the SIM to the carrier.

Here is the best fix for an issue with SIM not provisioned MM#2.

3: Insert the SIM Safely in the Slot

In case the SIM is not inserted properly, it can cause the no SIM card Android error. This happens because each time the phone attempts to link to the network, your SIM loses the connection with the device and results in an error.

To solve this issue, apply some pressure to the SIM card slot to enable the SIM to stay still. A few users use tape to keep the SIM card in its position. However, others have used a bit of paper to put pressure on the card to let it stick to its place.

Hopefully, this technique will fix the phone says no SIM card Android error. If you have tried this method and still the issue is not resolved, hop on to the next technique.

4: Toggle the Airplane Mode

Toogle the airplane mode

As soon as you are aware of the fact that the SIM is not causing an error, then try this method. You need to toggle airplane mode on the device.

Most people have found this technique to produce 100% successful results. To execute the technique, follow the steps.

  • 1. Drag the notifications pane on the device.
  • 2. Search for the Airplane mode by scrolling here and there.
  • 3. Click on the Airplane mode to enable it.
  • 4. Select the enable option of the warning message.
  • 5. Hang around for about thirty seconds and click on the Airplane to disable it.

As soon as you disable airplane mode, the device will begin to look for a network. If the device detects a network, then your issue will be solved. This technique is very easy and effective. So, if everything fails to work, use this technique.

5: Set the Network Mode to Auto

Set Network mode to auto

Sometimes, the network mode is accidentally set to an incorrect type. Usually, this leads to a lot of problems for the users.

Whenever the wrong network is selected, the device cannot pick the right one, which ultimately results in the ‘phone says no SIM card Android’ error.

To resolve this error, follow the steps written below.

  • 1. Launch the Settings application on an Android device.
  • 2. Search for the Connections tab and then click on More Networks.
  • 3. Click on the Mobile Networks option.
  • 4. Select the Network Mode option.
  • 5. You will witness a pop-up menu that has multiple options to choose from. Ensure that you pick the option that says LTE/WCDMA/GSM.

When you select this option, the device will connect automatically to the available network. In case you pick the wrong option, it will result in the phone saying no SIM card Android error.

So, we hope that this works for you and that your device becomes error-free.

6: Pick the Correct Network Operator

Pick the correct Networkoperator

In case the network operator that you have picked is not similar to the carrier, it will lead to the phone says no SIM card Android error.

To solve this issue, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • 1. Head to the Settings applications on the Android device.
  • 2. Click on the More Networks option and head to the Mobile Networks.
  • 3. Now, hit on the Network Operators option.
  • 4. Click on the option which says Search Networks.

Now, the device will begin to look for the networks that are available. As soon as the search process finishes, you will notice a record of all the network carriers. Ensure that you choose the carrier that you are presently with.

This process will make sure that the device connects properly and doesn’t cause the ‘phone says no SIM card Android’ error.

All these techniques can be used to solve the error on many Android devices, which include HTC, Samsung, and LG. We believe that this technique is quite easy to follow. You will not need some technical skills to execute the whole procedure.

7: Reset the Phone to Factory Settings

If all the above-mentioned techniques fail to work, then take the help of this technique. The process of resetting the phone to factory settings can solve maximum errors on the phone.

As soon as the phone is reset to factory settings, all the data will be lost, and every third-party application will be removed from the phone. Therefore, it is recommended to create a backup before resetting the device to factory settings.

And the dr.fone – Android Phone Backup & Restore must be the most professional tool to perform data backup and restore for you.

Reset the Phone to Factory Settings

To reset the device to factory settings, follow the steps.

  • 1. Go to the settings application.
  • 2. Find the ‘Backup and Restore’ option and click on it.
  • 3. Make sure to click on Backup to back up all the application settings before resetting the device. Other than this, ensure that you have checked the Automatic restore to restore every setting after resetting the device.
  • 4. Now, click on Reset phone.

After you reset the phone, your device will automatically be rebooted. As soon as the reboot process is over, inspect if the phone is working smoothly. Also, check if the phone says no SIM card Android has been fixed.

So, these were all the techniques to solve the error. Every technique is reliable and easy.

Part 2: Fix for Phone Shows No Sim Card on Android After Getting Wet

If you accidentally drop the phone into water, and the phone says no SIM card Android error, there is a high chance that one circuit is damaged due to water.

It is advisable to let the device dry entirely before using it. Get rid of the back cover of the phone if it is removable, and remove the SIM and battery. Now put all the parts into a big bowl of rice or a bag of rice.

Let the parts dry in a bowl of rice for approximately twenty-four hours. After soaking it in rice for twenty-four hours, assemble all the parts in the device to see if the issue is fixed. In case the error persists, take the phone to a professional to get it checked.

So, if you are in this situation, do everything mentioned in this section. Hopefully, your device will get back to normal with the help of the above-mentioned tricks. If it doesn’t, then seek expert help.

By the way, if you are experiencing the “phone not allowed for voice” issue, let’s figure out its possible reasons and several different methods to fix it easily.

Part 3: Fix for Phone Says No SIM Card Android on After the Update

Updating the software is essential to ensure that the device runs smoothly. An update on the device fixes the bugs and ensures that every application works properly.

But, sometimes, the update leads to certain problems. There is a high possibility that the old data is creating an issue.

To fix this problem, follow the steps written below.

  • 1. Restart the device once to see if the error is resolved.
  • 2. Remove the SIM from the SIM slot. Then, wipe it to clear away the SIM and its tray to eliminate the dust particles. Now, make sure that you place the SIM properly on the tray.
  • 3. Reset the phone to factory settings after creating a backup of all the data. Now, see if the error is resolved.

If the issue persists, carry the phone to a repair shop. In case the device is still under warranty, then visit the desired store to get it repaired.

Additional Tips to Avoid the Error

To prevent future occurrences of the “No SIM Card” error on your Android phone, consider the following tips:

  • Handle your SIM card with care and avoid exposing it to moisture or extreme temperatures.
  • Regularly update your device’s software to ensure compatibility with the SIM card.
  • Keep your SIM card slot clean and free from dust or debris by using a soft brush or compressed air.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Why does my Android phone say “No SIM Card”?

A1: The “No SIM Card” error message can occur due to various reasons, such as SIM card misalignment, software glitches, outdated device software, network issues, or physical damage to the SIM card or slot.

Q2: Can I fix the “No SIM Card” error myself?

A2: Yes, you can try troubleshooting the issue yourself by following the steps mentioned in this article. However, if the problem persists, it’s advisable to seek assistance from your service provider.

Q3: Do I need to buy a new SIM card if I encounter this error?

A3: Not necessarily. In some cases, simply reinserting the SIM card correctly or cleaning it can resolve the issue. However, if the SIM card is physically damaged, a replacement may be required.

Q4: Will resetting network settings delete my data?

A4: Resetting network settings will not delete any personal data stored on your Android device. However, it will remove saved Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth connections.

Q5: How can I prevent the “No SIM Card” error in the future?

A5: To avoid encountering the “No SIM Card” error, handle your SIM card with care, keep it clean, and regularly update your device’s software to maintain compatibility.


So, we hope you are no longer seeking answers to the phone saying any SIM card Android error. We tried to provide you with all the possible techniques that will guide you in solving the error.

However, as mentioned above, if your device shows the error even after performing all the techniques, you must try the professional tool – Tenorshare Reiboot Android Repair or visit a repair store or your device’s store.

Sometimes, due to an internal issue, this problem can arise too. In that case, you can’t solve the error on your own.

Also, if you want to ask us some questions, feel free to contact us. We will guide you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading this article.


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