How to Set Chrome as Default Browser on Xiaomi?


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Set Chrome as Default Browser on Xiaomi
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Do you expect how to set Chrome as the default browser on Xiaomi? If that is the case, this article will serve as a comprehensive guide for you. With that said, go ahead and learn the easy and practical way of doing it.

Are you aware that Xiaomi began as a software development company? Initially, Xiaomi released a custom Android skin known as MIUI.

This skin was designed specifically for Xiaomi smartphones (Mi User Interface). Xiaomi phones are now equipped with MIUI as their user interface.

MIUI is the operating system that Xiaomi devices operate on. However, on that, you will receive a large number of advertisements on a regular basis.

The Mi Browser is pre-installed as the primary Browser on every Xiaomi device running MIUI. Also, it is also available as a free download.

However, there have lately been some privacy-related issues. Those issues have prompted some Xiaomi smartphone users to alter the default web browser app on the devices.

That is when you should know how to set Chrome as the Default Browser on Xiaomi as an alternative.

Steps to Set Chrome As the Default Browser on Xiaomi:

  • Open the Settings app on the Xiaomi smartphone and navigate to your Apps section.
  • Select Manage Apps from the drop-down menu.
  • On the following page, pick Default Apps from the dotted menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Select Chrome from the Browser drop-down menu (for ex.).
How to Set Chrome as Default Browser on Xiaomi

Furthermore, assume that you are running an earlier model of MIUI. So, the phone won’t support the method described above for changing the default browser. But don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for those who are still on an MIUI 8 or older

As a result, You Can Replace Your Primary Browser Application by Following the Steps Outlined Below:

  • Go to your Xiaomi device’s Settings App to proceed.
  • After that, you should click on the option called “Installed Apps“. Then, click on the icon that appears as gear, and it should say “Default“.
  • Then, you can proceed to select the option called “Browser” in the list. If you want to set Chrome as the default browser on Xiaomi, you should choose the Chrome option. Or, you can choose Firefox or any other browser as the default option to proceed.

Now that you know how to set Chrome as the default browser on Xiaomi. Let’s learn more about it.

PS: here are the best web browser for Android TV for your reference.

A Bit About MIUI

Google’s Android is the primary version of Android. It does not have bloatware and is smaller than MIUI, with better updates and better performance.

What Makes Native Android Better over Themes? 

It’s not just about taste. Using native Android has various real-time advantages. The native Android does eliminate bloatware (AKA pre-installed apps), giving you more control and performance.

Can I Revert MIUI to Android?

Users may also utilize the MIUI styles app to apply a theme that has a Pixel-like appearance. Below 

are some greatest MIUI Android themes. 

How to Set Chrome as Default Browser on Xiaomi MIUI 9?

Users of MIUI 9 are supposed to follow the below-mentioned instructions to set a new default browser.

  • Open the smartphone’s Settings app.
  • Pick Apps, and then choose Manage Apps from the drop-down menu that appears.
Manage Apps on MIUI
  • The three-dot icon may be found in the upper right-hand area and tapped.
Tap on three-dot icon
  • Select the option called Default Apps, and then select Browser.
How to Set Chrome as Default Browser on Xiaomi with MIUI 9
  • Make Chrome your default browser.
Make Chrome your default browser

And, that’s how to set Chrome as the default browser on Xiaomi.

Set Chrome As the Default Browser on Xiaomi MIUI 10 and Newer Versions

Have you recently bought a new smartphone and want to know how to set Chrome as the default browser on Xiaomi? If so, this section is just for you.

In fact, the process explained here is pretty similar to the one with MIUI 9. So, let’s go ahead with the steps.

  • First, you should launch a “Security App” on the device.
  • After that, you can choose “Manage Apps“.
Manage Apps
  • Then, in the top-right corner, you should see the three-dotted line. Then, tap on it so you can view more options.
three-dotted line on Manage Apps
  • After that, you can select the option called Default Apps.
  • Then, you should choose the option Browsers.
How to Set Chrome as Default Browser on Xiaomi with MIUI 10,11,12
  • After that, select Chrome and set it to be the default web browser on your device.
select Chrome and set it to be the default web browser

In addition to Chrome, you will be able to see more available browsers to choose from. There is Mi Browser, for instance, to choose from. The interface of MIUI is supportive of both Opera & Safari browsers.

All the Links in My Phone Are Opening in Mi Browser, How to Avoid That?

On your Xiaomi device, the links that should be open will use the default Mi Browser. This is true with any Xiaomi device that runs on MIUI.

Users are embarrassed by the fact that Mi’s Browser isn’t always up to par. And now, with a quick repair, you can put the problem to rest with no trouble.

To accomplish this, you should follow the steps below.

  • Press and hold the icon of the Mi browser for a long time.
  • App info will appear once you select more info.
  • Make sure that the Clear defaults option is turned off.

As a consequence, whenever you click on a link, a pop-up window will appear. And, it will display a list of all the possible URLs to open that link.

Clearing the Default Settings on Your Device’s MIUI

Another method exists for changing the default browser. These procedures may be used for a variety of other mobile apps as well. Assume that you intend to use a different app than the default one on your smartphone for pictures.

In that case, you can follow the steps below to do that. You will be done in a flash if you just follow these simple steps. This may or may not be dependent on the version of MIUI on your phone.

However, in general, it boils down to the following.

  • Open your Security app on the device.
  • Go to Manage apps and go to Browser.
  • Then, at the base of the newly opened window, you should see the option called “Clear Defaults“.
  • Then, you can clear all the default settings by tapping on that button.
Clearing the Default Settings on Your Device's MIUI

Is Using Mi Browser Worth It?

Many people believe that you should try the option called Mi Browser before making a decision.

After years of getting used to Chrome or similarly popular browsers, you might find it difficult to get acclimated to this one after a couple of years of using them. Despite this, it provides is outstanding.

According to reports, the navigation is superior to that of Chrome. Apart from that, the page’s load speed becomes comparable with this option.

This Browser, on the other hand, may raise some privacy problems for certain people. The same can be said about the Browser called Mint.

In fact, this specific app is also included as a pre-installed application on Xiaomi phones.

Remember to take this into consideration while selecting which Browser you can use from the available options. That’s something you should know if you want to set Chrome as the default browser on Xiaomi.

Set Chrome As Default Browser on Xiaomi? or Choose a Different Browser?

It is entirely up to you what you want to do. It may take some time to become used to a new web browser.

However, you might check that it is a better fit for your requirements once you have. Then, you can decide if you need to set Chrome as your default browser on the Xiaomi device.

Mi Browser provides superb navigation as well as a pleasant reading environment. It’s possible that privacy concerns will put you off from signing up.

Now, you might be waiting for the release of the improved and better edition of MIUI. That might provide a more secure surfing experience with smooth functionality.

Which web browser are you planning to use on your Xiaomi smartphone? Have you ever used Mi Browser? If not, what sort of browsers are you looking for? Why do you want to set Chrome as the default browser on Xiaomi in the first place? Please share your thoughts with our readers.


By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily set Google Chrome as the default browser on your Xiaomi device. Chrome offers a fast and reliable browsing experience with various features that enhance your online activities. Enjoy the benefits of synchronization, personalized recommendations, and access to Google services seamlessly across your devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I revert to the default browser after setting Chrome as the default?
    • Yes, you can always change the default browser settings and revert to the default browser if needed. Follow the same steps mentioned in this article, but choose your preferred default browser instead of Chrome.
  2. Will setting Chrome as the default browser affect other apps on my Xiaomi device?
    • No, setting Chrome as the default browser will only change the behavior of opening links. It won’t affect the functionality of other apps on your Xiaomi device.
  3. Can I use other browsers besides Chrome on Xiaomi?
    • Yes, Xiaomi devices support various web browsers. You can download and use browsers like Firefox, Opera, or Microsoft Edge from the Google Play Store.
  4. Does setting Chrome as the default browser consume more battery?
    • No, the choice of the default browser doesn’t significantly affect battery consumption. Chrome is optimized for performance and power efficiency, ensuring a balanced experience.
  5. Is it necessary to have a Google account to use Chrome as the default browser?
    • No, you can use Chrome as the default browser even without a Google account. However, having a Google account allows you to sync your browsing data and preferences across multiple devices.

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