Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working: Solutions and Fixes


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Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working

It is pretty disappointing when you come across the issue of ‘Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working’ on your device.

This problem turns out to be troubling and very difficult to handle. However, various solutions are listed here, using which you can easily fix this annoying method on your device.

Needless to point out, Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is a great way to deal with this problem if the issue is occurring due to some software-related problems.

Before that, let’s find out why this frustrating issue could be.

Why Does ‘Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working’ Show Up

If you are confused about why the auto-rotate is not working on your device, know the reasons here. Well, this problem could happen for various reasons.

That’s why it is not possible to point out the exact reason why this problem happens. Here, we have listed some of the common reasons behind the issue ‘Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working,’ which are as follows:

  • When the auto-rotate feature has been disabled
  • If there’s a problem related to Touchwiz, screen rotation won’t work
  • There must be some software issue
  • Also, it could happen due to some hardware problem

So, if your Samsung screen rotation not working, then these could be the reasons behind it. However, knowledge about these issues is not enough; users need to resolve these issues.

For that, follow the fixes below to resolve the screen rotation problem.

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Fix Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working Issue Without Any Data Loss

For users wondering how to get their Samsung screen to rotate, this solution is what they must follow. First, discuss the best solution for the Samsung screen rotation not working issue.

To carry out this procedure, you require a professional repair tool to make your Samsung screen rotate after fixing all the glitches.

At first, you will come across various system repair tools online. However, we recommend users go with the best. After extensive research, Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is the most effective system repair software. This program is proficient in resolving over 50 Android-related problems without resulting in data loss.

With the help of Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android, users can enter or exit the Recovery Mode on their phones in just one click.

ReiBoot for Android is even compatible with recent smartphones and Android versions. The best thing about this tool is its simple operating procedure.

Steps to Resolve the Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working Problem:

To fix the screen rotation problem on your Samsung device, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Install ReiBoot for Android

Initially, you have to finish the ReiBoot installation on your system. After that, connect your Samsung device to the system.

Now, run this program and tap on the option ‘Repair Android System’ from the main interface.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android

Step 2: Provide Information

After this, you have to provide information related to your Samsung device, such as model number, device name, etc.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android

Step 3: Download Firmware

Now, you need to download the firmware needed for further procedure. Once you have downloaded the package, tap on ‘Repair Now’ to repair your Android system.

firmware package have downloaded

So, this method is the simplest and most effective way to resolve the “Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working” issue without losing data.

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Other Effective Ways of Fixing ‘Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working’

For effective results, you just have to follow the previous process for fixing the “Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working” issue effectively. However, there are various other common methods available online.

All of these common methods are effective in fixing this annoying problem. Have a look at the details of these methods below! Try out these procedures and resolve the screen rotation issue.

1. Start Samsung After Switching Off Auto-Rotate Again

If you encounter the “Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working” problem, start your device by switching off the feature auto-rotate and restarting your device.

Steps to Resolve “Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working”:

If you have not tried this way, try the following procedure.

Step 1: Access the notification bar

Firstly, pull your phone’s notification bar from the top screen. You will come across the ‘Portrait mode’ there.

Step 2: Switch off ‘Auto-rotate’

Next, you have to switch off the feature ‘auto-rotate.’

Step 3: Hold the following tabs

After this, hold the tabs ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Power’ simultaneously for about 10 seconds. Now, your device will start again automatically.

So, this is how you can fix the problem of “Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working” easiest. If this first method does not work, move on to the next method.

2. Alter Sensors

The feature of auto-rotation on smartphones simply works by comprehending the screen orientation. Ultimately, this function is dependent on the phone sensors completely. Although these sensors from Samsung have premium quality, they are not perfect.

It is quite possible that some sensors might encounter problems or glitches that could affect them. You would not find any repair tool, but third-party applications such as GPS Status & Toolbox could work and examine its condition for resolving “Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working.”

3. Keep Track on Safe Mode

When you come across the ‘Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working’ problem, try putting your device in Safe Mode. Upon entering Safe Mode, users can examine the device’s condition.

Also, examine if a third-party application might have caused this problem. To resolve this issue, try putting your device in Safe Mode.

Steps to Fix the “Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working” Problem:

Step 1: Hold the tab ‘Power’

First, you have to switch off your device and hold the ‘Power’ key.

Step 2: Hold the ‘Volume Down’ tab

When you see the logo ‘Samsung’ on your phone screen, release the Power key and hold the tab ‘Volume Down.’

Step 3: Release the tab

After that, keep holding the Volume Down tab until your phone restarts. Next, release this tab, and you will be able to see ‘Safe Mode’ on the screen.

Now, look for faulty applications or other issues due to which you might face the “Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working” issue.

4. Perform Soft Reset

If the formerly discussed fixes failed to resolve the auto-rotate issue, then it is best to reset all the settings on your device. For carrying out a soft reset on your settings, have a look at the following steps.

Steps to Resolve “Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working”:

The instructions are quite simple; try them out:

Step 1: Visit Settings

First, visit your Samsung device’s ‘Settings’ and click on the tab ‘General Management.’

Step 2: Select Reset All Settings

Now, look for the option ‘Reset’ and click on the ‘Reset All Settings’ tab.

Step 3: Confirm your action

Lastly, you must select Reset All Settings again to confirm your action.

Your Samsung smartphone will reset immediately. It will resolve the auto-rotate issue. This fix is effective when your screen does not rotate. So, give it a try & see if the feature auto-rotate starts working on your device.

5. Delete Data and Cache

Another effective way to resolve the “Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working” is to clear data and cache. Here, we are not talking about the application data but the system data. However, these system files are difficult to detect.

Thus, we recommend that users employ a professional tool to erase and detect such files. For this procedure, it is best to employ Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android again. You must use this incredible program’s feature, Clear System Cache.

Steps to Resolve the “Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working” Issue:

It is pretty easy to carry out this procedure. The steps for the same are listed as follows:

Step 1: Install the program

Initially, you have to download Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android on your system. After that, connect your Samsung device to your system.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android
Step 2: Active the USB debugging feature

Now, you need to activate the USB debugging feature. Once done, you have to tap on the option ‘One-Click to Clear System Cache’ from the home interface.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android
Step 3: Clear cache

Next, let Tenorshare ReiBoot clear your system cache. This procedure will take a while.

Fix Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working with Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android

So, if you like to resolve the auto-rotate issue on your Samsung device, then ReiBoot would help clear the system cache.

6. Perform Hard Reset

If the above-mentioned methods do not work, you must take drastic measures. The only option to fix the “Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working” issue is by hard resetting the device.

Remember that users can fix the screen rotation problem through a hard reset, but all their data will get deleted. So, it is better to back up your device.

Steps to Fix the Auto-rotate Issue on your Samsung Device:

Step 1: Select General Management

In the first place, remove the linked Google accounts. After that, visit your device’s Settings and click on the General Management tab.

Step 2: Choose ‘Factory Data Reset’

Now, click on the ‘Reset’ tab and choose ‘Factory Data Reset’ among the listed options.

Step 3: Select ‘Delete’

After that, you have to select ‘Reset’ and then click on the ‘Delete’ option to confirm your action.

So, this is how you can reset the settings of your Samsung device to defaults using ReiBoot for Android. However, there are various other methods to carry out the hard reset.

To perform this action, you can even go with Samsung Factory Reset.

7. Take Assistance from Samsung Help Center

Is your ‘Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working’ yet? Then, you need to consider taking your smartphone to a local Samsung help center.

After trying out all the methods mentioned above, this option seems to be the most effective if you cannot resolve this issue.

Indeed, most users could not fix this issue on their smartphones themselves.

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1. Why is my Samsung screen not rotating?

There are several possible reasons for your Samsung screen not rotating, including the screen rotation lock being enabled, software glitches, sensor calibration issues, or app-specific settings overriding system settings.

2. How do I enable screen rotation on my Samsung device?

To enable screen rotation on your Samsung device, go to the Settings menu, find the Display or Display & Brightness option, and toggle on the Screen Rotation or Auto Rotate Screen option.

3. How can I calibrate the gyroscope on my Samsung device?

To calibrate the gyroscope on your Samsung device, open the Phone app, dial *#0*# to access the Service Menu, tap on the Sensor or Sensor Test option, and locate the Gyroscope test. Follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate it.

4. What should I do if screen rotation troubleshooting steps don’t work?

If the screen rotation troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article don’t work, it is recommended to contact Samsung support for further assistance. They can provide personalized solutions based on your device model and software version.

5. Will performing a factory reset fix screen rotation issues?

Performing a factory reset may fix screen rotation issues, but it should be considered as a last resort. Keep in mind that a factory resetwill erase all data on your device, so make sure to back up your important files before proceeding.


So, these are some effective steps to resolve the “Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working” issue. Try these different ways to fix this annoying problem.

But Tenorshare ReiBoot is the best solution out of all. So, use this effective system repair tool to get your device repaired without losing any data.


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