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Snapchat Photo Recovery Tool – Recover Deleted Photos and Videos?


Written by Janice

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Recover Snapchat Photos

Do you ever come up with a situation when your friend sends you an interesting picture or video, and you want to save that? Or are you not able to see that media, as it expires after its time? Then you are in the right place.

Because in this article, we will discuss the best Snapchat recovery tool, which will help you recover Snapchat photos that are lost or expired.

Why is Snapchat Photo Recovery Possible?

Snapchat has been the favorite social app for teenagers since 2011. It is a mobile app that allows capturing pictures and small videos. Snapchat names those arrested as a story.

The user who sends this story sets up how long the account will be open. The user can choose between 1 to 10 seconds. After that period, that story will be history. Snapchat provides no option that the user can save the sent picture or video.

But by using your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone, you can take a screenshot of the story. The drawback of taking the screenshot is that Snapchat sends notifications to the sender about the screenshot taken. The screenshot is then saved in the storage of your phone.

But where the data goes after it expires doesn’t mean it’s gone. Just like your PC, when you delete the file, it goes to the recycle bin and is in the memory.

Similarly, the pictures that vanish from Snapchat are not deleted completely; you can recover that photos and videos using a professional Snapchat Photo Recovery tool.

One way is to take a snapshot, and if it gets deleted from the mobile, you can recover it using recovery tools. But if you want to recover photos from Snapchat directly, you should switch to a professional Snapchat Recovery tool – FoneLab.

What is FoneLab – The Best Snapchat Recovery Tool?

FoneLab is a professional Snapchat photo recovery tool that helps Snapchat users to recover the media files that Snapchat servers automatically delete after a few seconds.

You can use FoneLab for any mobile platform. Android and iPhone users can use this Snapchat Recovery tool for recovery purposes. The usage of this recovery tool is very simple and easy to learn.

Although it differs for Android and iOS users, we will discuss how Android and iPhone users can use this tool to recover Snapchat photos.

Recover Snapchat Photos with the Best Snapchat Recovery Tool for iPhone

There is a built-in feature in the operating system that allows users to see deleted messages, but there is no such option for Snapchat as it is a third-party app. You can rely on FoneLab in that case.

Connecting your iPhone to the FoneLab for iPhone via computer can help you recover those lost Snapchat photos. We will discuss the whole procedure in steps.

You need first to install the FoneLab on your PC. The installation on FoneLab is quite easy. Otherwise, you can take help from the Internet for the installation guide for FoneLab.

After installing the FoneLab on your computer, you need to provide your iPhone connectivity with the computer. You can use the USB cable to connect your iPhone to Mac or PC.

FoneLab for iOS
Recover data from iPhone

After connecting it to the Macbook, open FoneLab, which will automatically detect your phone without needing iTunes, then scan your iPhone for the lost data via “Recover from iOS Device” mode.

Scan iPhone to Recover Snapchat Photos

After the scan process is completed, it will provide you with a list of data.

Click on the option of only deleted data by “App Photos” ->”Only display the deleted items.” It will show you the photos that have been deleted from the iPhone. These deleted photos will be marked as red, making it easy for you to recognize them.

recover Snapchat photos from iPhone

In these red-marked deleted photos, there will be Snapchat’s old and deleted photos as well, even with the ones you send.

Select the required photos and click “Recover.” It will save those files onto your hard computer.

Recover Snapchat Photos with the best Snapchat Recovery tool for Android

Android users can also use this recovery tool to recover their Snapchat photos. Multiple platforms support FoneLab, so there is no need to worry about which operating system you are using.

Following are the steps that you can follow to recover your Snapchat photos.

Regardless of the mobile operating system, you must always install FoneLab for Android on your PC.

After installation of FoneLab provides your Android phone with connectivity to the computer that has FoneLab installed. You can use USB for Android phones as well.

Now your phone is connected. FoneLab will detect your phone and let you know about it.

Connecting with the USB cable, you are required to debug USB mode on your Android phone. This will allow your phone to trust the computer and connect successfully.

To debug USB mode, you can go to the settings of your Android phone, and from the developer’s options, you can select the USB debugging mode.

After connecting successfully, FoneLab will provide you with an interface with options such as contacts, messages, and many third-party apps installed on the Android device.

Select “Picture Library” from the media list and press the Scan button to start.

Snapchat Photos Recovery

Before scanning, a window will pop up, which will root your Android device automatically. Rooting the device means you will provide your device with the privilege to connect to third-party apps from unknown resources.

Use this process if you are satisfied with allowing the FoneLab to root your phone.

Root your Android Device

After rooting your device, it will scan for the photos that have been deleted. The photos deleted from the device will be marked as red.

In these deleted photos, there will be Snapchat photos as well. There will be not only the received photos on Snapchat. But there will also be the photos that you have sent through Snapchat.

Select from the list of photos that you want to recover.

Recover Snapchat Photos from Android

Click on the “Recover” button, and it will save photos on your computer or Mac memory.

Besides, if you wonder how to recover deleted Snapchat memories on your iPhone, here are the top solutions.


1. Can I recover photos and videos from Snapchat if I don’t have a backup?

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a backup of your photos and videos, the chances of recovering them diminish significantly. It’s always recommended to enable backups in Snapchat or save your media externally to increase the likelihood of recovery.

2. How long does Snapchat keep deleted photos and videos?

Snapchat retains deleted photos and videos in its servers for a limited period. While the exact duration is not disclosed by Snapchat, it’s believed to be approximately 30 days. After this timeframe, it becomes even more challenging to recover deleted media.

3. Will the other person know if I save their Snap without their permission?

No, when you save someone else’s snap without their permission, they won’t receive a notification or be notified in any way. However, it’s essential to respect others’ privacy and seek their consent before saving or sharing their snaps.

4. Is it legal to use third-party recovery tools for Snapchat?

The legality of using third-party recovery tools for Snapchat is a complex issue. While these tools are not officially supported by Snapchat and may violate their terms of service, their legality varies by jurisdiction. It’s advisable to consult the laws of your country or region before using such tools.

5. Can I prevent my photos and videos from being saved by others on Snapchat?

Snapchat allows users to control who can save their photos and videos. By adjusting your privacy settings, you can prevent others from saving your snaps. However, it’s important to remember that people can still take screenshots or use other devices to capture your media, so always be cautious about what you share.

The Bottom Line

This Snapchat photo recovery is probably the best app available online that can help you in restoring those Snapchat deleted photos.

This tool takes good care of the privacy of your private photos as it does not share them but simply recovers them on your personal computer’s hard disk.

The best thing is that multiple operating system platforms support it. Snapchat has a very strict policy regarding privacy.

For example, it never allows the user to save pictures and videos; even on taking a screenshot, it notifies the related user. This app is a handy app to have in such situations.


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