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The first question that popped into your head must have been, “What does a proxy website do?” Proxy websites are web pages where you can access your favorite sites that were otherwise blocked by a content filter.

A lot of the time, websites like YouTube get blocked in certain locations like schools or the office. If this is the case, you just need a proxy-free YouTube website to watch all the content you want.

How Do Proxy Websites Work?

Proxy websites can bypass their internet provider so that you can use the proxy websites to browse around.

All that you have to do is simply type in the website that you want to visit. Once you begin using that form, your identity and the IP address are protected as they are not logged.

Proxy YouTube and Facebook Websites

It is not an easy job to find a proxy website that is safe to use for social networking. Finding the right website would help you avoid third-party apps’ advertisements.

Many schools, colleges, and other institutions set up firewalls to block people from using websites like Facebook. The main aim of the firewall is to protect the system against crashes and viruses. Firewalls also protect the IP address as well as the location.

You would not be able to access random websites once the firewalls are put in place and are up and running. If you use a Facebook or a proxy-free YouTube website, you would be able to access the said websites without any problem as they would be unblocked.

Part 1. Top Websites for Proxy YouTube and Facebook

Here is a list of proxy-free YouTube and Facebook websites we have shortlisted.

1. Zend2

This is a pretty good option. One of the best features of this website is that it provides you with a brand new IP address so that you can access websites like Facebook and even proxy YouTube while you are at it without leaving any trace behind.

proxy YouTube with Zend2

You would also witness a minimal amount of advertisements. You could connect with friends and do the things you would normally do, except all the information would be safe, and you wouldn’t have to worry about any kind of personal information being leaked.

2. 4ever proxy

This is a website that you could use free of cost. You could use this website to access any website that might have been blocked.

This is a good option if websites such as Facebook have been blocked. You could use this to proxy YouTube as well. All it takes for you to become anonymous with this website.

proxy YouTube with 4ever Proxy

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Part 2. Proxy Free YouTube or Other Office Websites or Workplace

1. NordVPN

This VPN offers its services at a very low price and allows you to unblock any video proxy websites securely and anonymously. This robust virtual private network has a lot of excellent and effective collection of features.

These features include hiding your IP address, dedicated physical servers, privacy, etc. It supports operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

proxy YouTube with NordVPN

2. Hidemyass

This website, in particular, has many features, like two options for being anonymous, one of which is premium while the other is free.

The premium version would work flawlessly on apps, smartphones, games, etc. You would also get protection against phishing threats and even malware.


3. Anonymouse

It is free, fast, and quite easy to use. You could find a number of websites through which you would be able to access the blocked sites, such as proxy-free YouTube but not all of them are safe. This website can make sure that all of your tracks are covered properly.


4. Proxify

You can use this website to visit any blocked website you want without worrying about leaving any personal information or trace behind that people could misuse.

Encryption takes place when you use this website, so all your traces are fully covered. It is compatible with Apple, Linux, Windows, etc.

proxy YouTube with Proxify

Part 3. Proxy-free YouTube and other social media websites for Schools and Colleges

1. Megaproxy

It is a website that offers an anonymous proxy service for blocked websites such as proxy YouTube among others.

Your identity and IP address would be safe and secure. You will not have to download any software or follow any complicated set of instructions.


2. Spysurfing

It is a website you could use free of cost to access different websites while maintaining anonymity through access filters and firewalls.

It does not matter whether you are at work, school, or someplace else; you would be able to use it without any problem.

proxy YouTube with Spysurfing

3. Proxysite

It is one of the more popular websites you could use to unblock and access the websites that may have been blocked through the firewalls.

You would not have to face any problems while accessing any website that you would want to. It claims to provide you with top internet speed while maintaining your anonymity.

proxy YouTube with Proxysite


  1. Is it legal to use Proxy YouTube websites?
    • Yes, using Proxy YouTube websites is legal in most cases as long as you are not using them for illegal activities. However, it’s always recommended to abide by the terms of service of the websites you visit.
  2. Can I use Proxy YouTube on my mobile device?
    • Yes, most proxy websites are compatible with mobile devices and can be accessed through mobile browsers.
  3. Are proxy websites the only way to access blocked YouTube content?
    • No, there are other methods like VPN services and YouTube downloader apps that can also help you access blocked YouTube content.
  4. Do proxy websites affect video quality?
    • Proxy websites themselves do not directly affect video quality. However, slower proxy servers may result in buffering and lower video playback quality.
  5. Are there any risks associated with using Proxy YouTube?
    • While using Proxy YouTube, there is a small risk of encountering malicious proxy websites or potential data breaches. It’s important to use reputable and secure proxy websites to minimize these risks.


Proxy YouTube offers a convenient solution for accessing YouTube content that may be blocked or restricted. By utilizing proxy websites, you can enjoy a vast array of videos and channels regardless of your geographical location. Remember to choose reliable proxy websites, prioritize your online safety, and explore alternative methods when necessary.


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