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Best Unblock Video Proxy Tools to Breach Restrictions


Written by Janice

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Unblock Video Proxy

Although online videos can excite us, many individuals misuse them at their workplaces and schools.

Therefore, organizations like schools, universities, offices, workplaces, etc., don’t allow individuals to watch videos on their networks.

However, what if you need to watch an online video once in a while through this blocked network? Is it even possible?

The simplest answer is YES. If you have the assistance of an unblock video proxy, you can access restricted videos pretty easily.

Also, after you unblock the YouTube site, you may need this best YouTube video downloader.

Unblocking a restricted video is not rocket science. If you have the correct unblock video proxy, you can unblock a video within a matter of seconds. The beauty of a proxy is that it can keep your true identity hidden apart from unblocking restricted content.

Basically, any proxy website work based on a similar concept though their efficiency and reliability may vary.

The Functionality of an Unblock Video Proxy

A proxy is a system (software or hardware) that runs on a remote computer. Such a system works as a medium to connect an endpoint device (your computer or smartphone) with a server. A proxy server can function through the same machine or on a separate server.

When installed on your device, the requests you make for an internet resource go through the respective proxy. The proxy server then takes over the role of the client on behalf of the user (you). It uses its own IP address to request the resource from the respective server on the internet.

When the page is returned, the proxy server will link it to the user who sent the original request. Then, the result will be forwarded to the users.

As the end result of this process, you can view restricted content. That is because the proxy server helps you by pretending that you are from a different geographical location.

We did extensive research on behalf of those who are looking for the best unblock video proxy tools.

We ended up with a large number of proxy tools on the internet, making it a challenging task. However, after putting in some substantial effort, we ended up creating this list. Well, here are the best video proxy tools we have found.

Important: As you may know, you can use proxy tools for legal and illegal purposes. We strongly encourage you to use the proxy tools in this list solely for legal and ethical purposes.

01. GenMirror Proxy

GenMirror Proxy

If you are looking for a faster proxy tool to unblock restricted videos, Gen Mirror is a good option. If you currently don’t have access to websites such as YouTube, Gen Mirror Proxy will definitely help you.

In addition to that, it can unblock other websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and anything else. The beauty of this product is that it is completely free. You don’t have to download any software. Instead, you can access the proxy server through a website.

Gen Mirror has a built-in feature to support video websites such as YouTube. You can simply click on the YouTube icon to unlock it and view videos. It supports all smart devices (both Android and iPhone).

This software is highly recommended, particularly to unblock YouTube. It is perfectly secured using SSL technology.


This is another web-based proxy tool that lets you view restricted videos effortlessly. It can be particularly useful when it comes to viewing restricted videos on YouTube and similar sites.

Just like the first option we mentioned, comes as a free service. In addition to that, it offers you a really convenient user interface. All you need is to enter the URL you need to visit in the given space. will take you to the desired website bypassing all the restrictions effortlessly. You don’t need to download any software to unblock video streaming websites if you use

You can decide whether or not to allow JavaScript and Cookies. Also, you can decide whether you need to encrypt the connection. Thus, we consider as a really impressive unblock video proxy.

03. Unblock Videos Web Proxy

Unblock Videos Web Proxy

Unblock Videos is yet another web-based proxy tool that can unblock any video website for you. It is renowned as a really safe tool that protects your privacy and sensitivity.

The speed it offers – despite the protective encryption – is impressive for a web-based unblock video proxy server. Its speed remains solid pretty much all the time.

Unblock Videos Web Proxy service becomes particularly handy when unlocking YouTube videos. Because of the SSL 256-bit encryption it offers, the security of your personal information is in good hands. On top of all those benefits, it comes as a free service.

04. Zalmos Web Proxy


Zalmos Web Proxy is a superb choice if you are looking for a proxy to unblock geo-restricted videos. In fact, Zalmos Web Proxy is a tool many internet users use to get various videos unlocked.

As to many internet users, it can arguably be the best proxy for viewing online videos. The main reason for this particular tool’s popularity is its safety.

The SSL encryption this proxy tool utilizes makes your data perfectly safe no matter which site you are browsing.

So, if your intention is to get an excellent web-based, free unblock video proxy, this can be the choice.



Our list of unblocking video proxy tools continues with another web-based option called This is a reliable, fast, and secure service. It lets you view videos regardless of the geo-restrictions applied by the authorities.

No matter whether the restrictions are applied by your institute or the government, can bypass them. This respective proxy tool comes with a really convenient user interface.

The responsive interface lets you take control of the cookies without any hassle. It is renowned as a really secure service.



One of the most notable features associated with is its amazing user interface.

This tool’s simplified and elegant user interface lets you use its homepage quite easily. You can enter the URL of the website (which is to be unblocked) in the given field.

Then, the functionality of will unblock it for you. You can either encrypt the connection or not. You can manage the history and cookies as well. However, you might notice that there are some ads on their website.

However, it is a free service, and you should be ready to compromise some of your comfort over cost.


atoz proxy comes as another web-based unblock video proxy with a really nice user interface. It is specifically effective when viewing YouTube videos and similar stuff on the internet. This respective tool offers SSL encryption like the other tools in this article.

Apart from that, this product perfectly supports mobile devices. That means you can use it on devices like smartphones and tabs to view restricted videos.

08. Proxy Youtube


Compared to the other proxy tools we have listed in this article, is a different option. lists different proxy servers found on the internet for your convenience. Its homepage doesn’t come with a field to enter URLs.

Instead, it comes with a list of proxy tools selected from various sources. Frankly, this is not the most convenient option to try.

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NordVPN (Our Best Pick)

Due to various obvious reasons, we consider NordVPN to be the best unblock video proxy. As you may already know, speed and reliability are crucial for an unblocked video proxy.

NordVPN, our best pick, possesses both of these characteristics, so we highly recommend it to our users. Even the free version of NordVPN comes with many benefits as opposed to other unblock video proxy tools.

Apart from hiding your IP from the respective video website and ISP, NordVPN provides a service without bothersome ads. It also provides a significant amount of security. NordVPN comes as a powerful product that lets you access content from any video streaming service across the globe.

With NordVPN, you can unblock any video by bypassing all geographic restrictions. In addition to that, NordVPN lets you experience secure browsing over public Wi-Fi networks. Uncompromised speed, superb security, and dependability are offered with NordVPN.

Most Notable Features Associated with NordVPN

  • You can use a single NordVPN account to connect up to 6 devices (including computers and smartphones).
  • It is a software-based solution that offers better stability and speed to unblock any video proxy.
  • Be compatible with all operating systems, excluding Windows phones.
  • It doesn’t consume an excessive amount of bandwidth.
  • It doesn’t compromise the speed of the connection, although the connection is highly encrypted.
  • NordVPN helps to block annoying advertisements while hiding the IP.
  • NordVPN can help to protect your personal and sensitive data from intruders
  • It doesn’t leave traces of any of your online activities
  • Apart from regular VPN, it offers VPN apps and a proxy browser to provide a better user experience

How to use NordVPN as an Effective Unblock Video Proxy

As the first step, you should visit the official NordVPN website and get the software downloaded. Then, you should install it on the computer. Both of these steps are exceptionally easy.

download nordvpn

When installing, you should select the checkbox called “Tap Virtual Ethernet Adapter.” Press next to get it installed.

install nordvpn

After the installation, you should launch the program and log in to your NordVPN account. You should press the “Quick Connect” button to establish a connection with the server. And once connected, the country related to the IP you are connected to will be displayed in green.

quick connect

We strongly believe that the above list includes an adequate number of unblocking video proxy tools.

Although the free tools listed in this article are decent options, they have some drawbacks. Some drawbacks are the lack of speed, less reliability, the disturbance caused by apps, etc.

On the other hand, NordVPN offers you a reliable, solid, secure, and speedier service. If you are looking for a professional option as an unblock video proxy tool, NordVPN is the best.


  1. Can I use a video proxy for free? Yes, there are both free and paid video proxy services available. Free services may have limitations in terms of speed and features.
  2. Are video proxies legal? Video proxies themselves are legal tools, but using them to access copyrighted content without permission may infringe on intellectual property rights.
  3. Can I use a video proxy on my mobile device? Yes, many video proxy services offer mobile apps or have mobile-friendly websites for convenient access on smartphones and tablets.
  4. Will using a video proxy slow down my internet connection? While there may be a slight decrease in connection speed due to routing through a proxy server, reputable video proxies often prioritize fast streaming speeds.
  5. Are there any risks associated with using a video proxy? Using a reputable video proxy service poses minimal risks. However, it’s essential to be cautious and avoid entering personal or sensitive information while using a proxy.


Video proxies are powerful tools that enable users to bypass restrictions and access blocked video content. They offer benefits such as unrestricted access, enhanced privacy, and improved connection speeds. By considering the factors mentioned above and following the steps to use a video proxy, you can enjoy a seamless video streaming experience.


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