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Best Ways to Fix ‘Pokémon Go Failed to Detect Location’


Written by Jack Lin

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pokemon go failed to detect location

Many players say that their Pokémon Go failed to detect location all of a sudden. It is needless to mention that Pokémon Go requires accessing the location if you want to play it.

So if you end up with failed to detect the location Pokémon Go situation, read this article and fix it.

Part 1: 5 Simple Solutions to Try If ‘Pokémon Go Failed to Detect Location’

If your Pokémon Go failed to detect location, there could be several reasons behind it. So, to address those different types of causes, there should also be different solutions.

We have identified 05 practical solutions to address the “failed to detect location Pokémon Go” issue and listed them below. Go through those fixes carefully and see if they can resolve the issue.

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Method 01: Use Mock Locations

One of the most effective and practical ways to address this issue is by enabling Mock Locations. In other words, you can set a fake location on your device and trick Pokémon Go.

Many users have tried this fix and found it to be effective. Mentioned below are the steps you should follow to get it done.

01. Access the “Developer’s Mode” on your device

The first step to using a fake location on your device is to access “Developer Options” on the device.

To access it, you should go to the “Settings” of the device and choose the “About Phone” option. You will see a “Software Info” option, just tap on it.

This option will display the build number of the device. To access the “Developer Options,” you should tap on the build number seven times in a row.

02. Install FakeGPS Go on the device

Now that the “Developer Options” is enabled, you can launch Google Play Store and search for FakeGPS Go. After finding the app, tap on it, and install it on the device to proceed to the next level.

03. Enable the Mock Location on your device

The next step is to go to “Settings” again. Then, you should reach “Developer Options” as well. Just open the “Select Mock Location App” option.

You can now see the app you have just installed. This will be displayed in the next menu that appears.

Use Mock Locations

04. Open FakeGPS

It’s time to launch the FakeGPS app now. Just tap on the app so it will be opened. After that, you should set the location where you prefer to play the game.

Use Mock Locations

Once this step is completed, you can click on the button assigned to Play. You can launch Pokémon now and see if the “failed to detect location Pokémon Go” issue is gone.

Use Mock Locations to Fix Pokémon Go Failed to Detect Location

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Method 02: Turn on Your Location Services

Pokémon Go is designed to make people get up and walk here and there.

In other words, as per the default settings, you cannot play this game without moving around. The game requires you to be present in different locations.

So, if the location is turned off, you cannot play the game. In general, we tend to keep the location of our devices turned off as a power-saving trick.

Also, keeping your location turned off is a safety measure as well. No matter why you’ve turned off the location, you must turn it off to play Pokémon Go.

Below are the steps to turn on the location if you have already turned it off.

  1. Go to the “Settings” app as the first step and go to the “Passwords & Security” option.
  2. Then, you should see the “Location” option.
  3. Be sure to check if the toggle switch is turned on. If it is turned on, you can see the icon in a bright color. Otherwise, it will appear in faded color. If the location is turned off, tap to enable it.
Turn on your location services

That’s it. Just launch Pokémon Go now and see if it works.

By the way, click to figure out how to enable Grindr fake GPS here and everything about Pokemon Go Nest Migration.

Method 03: Reboot the Device and Enable GPS

Performing a reboot on your device is another practical solution if your Pokémon Go fails to detect the location.

In fact, performing a restart is one of the best ways to fix many minor glitches on your device. If you reboot or restart your device, that may also fix issues associated with the location.

Also, performing a reboot or restart is not a very difficult process. It takes only a few seconds to reboot your phone, so it is always worth trying it.

Mentioned before are the simple steps you should follow to restart your device.

  1. First, you should press the Power Key of the device and wait for a couple of seconds. As a result, you will see a menu that shows a couple of options. Choose the option that says “Reboot” or “Restart.” Then, you should wait for a couple of seconds until the device is rebooted.
  2. If you are lucky enough, this trick will eliminate the issue. You can turn on GPS on the device once again (you already know how to do it). Then, you should launch your Pokémon Go game and check if the issue is gone.
Reboot the device and enable GPS to Fix Pokémon Go Failed to Detect Location

PS: get to know how to track phone location with ease.

Method 04: Log out Pokémon Go Account and Log in once again

If you can still find a solution, you can also try this one. In this case, you should log out of your Pokémon Go account first. Then, you should enter the credentials once again.

As a result, you may be able to remove the potential error and allow yourself to play the game. Well, let’s look at the steps below.

  1. First, you should launch Pokémon Go. Then, you should find the Pokéball icon on the main screen and tap on it.
  2. Once you have done this, you can tap on the “Settings” option. This option is visible in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. You can scroll down to find the “Sign Out” option and tap on it.
  4. After logging out, you can again enter the account’s credentials. After that, just check if you can play the game without trouble.
Log out Pokémon Go account and Log in once again

Method 05: Clear the Data of Your Pokémon Go App and Log in to the Account

If the issue is still existing, you must be really frustrated by now and wondering what to do. But don’t get panicked. Instead, you can try our 05th (and last) fix. In this fix, we reset the data related to your Pokémon Go app and cleared it.

By doing so, we expect to give the app a fresh start. You should know that the apps are installed on your device to collect data over time. Eventually, the components can become a burden and prevent the app from functioning smoothly.

If you’ve used the Pokémon Go app for a long time, the above instance can apply to you. If that is the case, the best thing you can do is clear the cache of Pokémon Go. This will refresh the app, so let’s learn how to do it.

  • 01. As the first step, you should launch the “Settings” option on the device. Then, go to the “Apps” tab and tap on it. You can then see the “Manage Apps” option. Tap on it to proceed.
Clear the data of your Pokémon Go app and log in to the account
  • 02. You will now see the list of apps already installed on your device. You can search for “Pokémon Go” and get it opened. Then, tap on the “Clear Data” option. Be sure to confirm the action by tapping on “Clear Cache.” Then, tap on “Clear Data” as well. Doing so will reset the data on your Pokémon Go app. Now, you can relaunch the app and log in.
Clear the data of your Pokémon Go app to Fix Pokémon Go Failed to Detect Location

This should fix the error.

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Part 2: The Easiest Way to Change the Real GPS Location on Your Pokémon Go

If you have tried all of the methods mentioned in Part 02 and have yet to succeed, don’t worry. Here’s a powerful and handy tool to resolve the “failed to detect Pokémon Go location” issue easily.

In this case, we use a special app called Tenorshare iAnyGo, which can change the location effortlessly. You can pick any location using this tool. Mentioned below are the steps to fix Pokémon Go Failed to Detect Location.

YouTube video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is my Pokémon Go saying failed to detect location? The error could be due to GPS problems, enabled mock locations, or software bugs.

2. How do I fix the ‘failed to detect location’ error on my Pokémon Go? You can restart your device, check location settings, update the game, or clear cache and data.

3. Does updating Pokémon Go resolve the location error? Yes, updating Pokémon Go can potentially fix the location error as the newer versions come with bug fixes and improvements.

4. How does mock location affect Pokémon Go? Mock locations can interfere with the game’s ability to accurately detect your actual location, causing errors.

5. What preventive measures can I take to avoid this error in the future? Keeping your device’s software and the game up to date, turning off mock locations, and using a reliable internet connection can help prevent this issue.


Troubleshooting “Pokémon Go Failed to Detect Location” error can be as simple as restarting your device or as complex as adjusting your device’s mock locations. By following the provided steps, you can return to capturing and training Pokémon in no time.

Do you know more ways to try if Pokémon Go failed to detect location? If so, we are interested to know your opinion. Please comment below.


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