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Play Identity V On Pc
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It is a great idea to play Identity V on a PC. In fact, playing mobile games on a PC brings a lot more fun due to various reasons. On PC, the controllers are convenient, and the graphics are bigger.

So, there are many individuals who want to play mobile games like Identity V on a computer.

What is Identity V?

In fact, Identity V is a popular multiplayer game that falls into the survival horror genre. One player plays as the hunter, along with four others who take on the roles of survivors.

In order to win, the hunter must successfully attack three of the remaining players. However, if the survivors are serious about winning, they’ll work to free the remaining three.

Also, the game’s cast is customizable, both in terms of who you play as and who you can access. Popular among players in this game because of its high quality and memorable gameplay.

Identity V

Is It Possible to Play Identity V on a PC?

Can Identity V be played on a personal computer? What about a PC version of Identity V? Identity V can be played without any problems on a personal computer. You can get the PC version directly from the developer’s site, or you can utilize an emulator.

Additionally, there is a piece of software called Phone Mirror. A Phone Mirror application lets you manage this game using your computer from your mobile device.

So, How to Play It?

The big question is how to play Identity V on a PC. Well, the straightforward answer is that it is possible to play Identity V on a PC.

There are different methods to accomplish this task. With that said, you can consider the following methods.

01. Downloading the PC Version of Identity V

The first option is to get the game by downloading it from the developer’s site. Identify V has a PC version as well as of this writing. In order to play this game, your computer must meet certain criteria before you install it. These include having Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, as well as 6 GB of free space.

  • Go to their official website, and you will see plenty of information on their website.
  • Find the option called “PC Version” to proceed. Click on it so you can install it easily.
  • After that, run the game on your PC. That’s all. You will see that the game loads in a couple of seconds.
Identity V official website

02. Use MEmu Play

Some mobile players may not be familiar with the desktop versions. However, the slight differences between these two may make them prefer the mobile application. But still, they wish to play it on a larger screen.

In this specific situation, you can get this game via a different download method. Android emulators allow for the installation of Identity V. Downloading Identity 5 for a Windows 10 PC is a breeze with these solutions.

Let’s use MEmu Play as an example of the numerous available Android emulators found on the web.

Download Identity V using MEmu Play
  • Then, sign in using Gmail so you can go to the Google Play Store. After that, you can search for the game called Identity V using MEmu Play. Then, as you would normally do with a mobile device, just download the game and play it.
  • That’s exactly how to play Identity V on a PC using an emulator like MEmu.

By the way, if you wonder how to download and play the Knives Out game on PC, here, you will figure out everything you need to play Knives Out for PC.

How to Play Identity V on a PC Without an Emulator?

You’ll be excited to know that it is possible to play Identity V on a PC without using an emulator.

In fact, using Tenorshare Phone Mirror is a great alternative to emulators. Those who don’t use emulators can use this tool and mirror their mobile screen to a big screen.

Thereafter, they can even control the game (or any other mobile app) with a keyboard and mouse.

Thanks to this application, you don’t have to download the heavy desktop version of the game. Instead, you can mirror your mobile device’s screen to play any mobile game conveniently.

  • You can start the process by downloading the Phone Mirror app on a PC and installing it.
  • Run the program and connect your Android device to the same computer with a good USB cable. Then, enable that device’s USB debugging mode.
Tenorshare Phone Mirror USB Debugging
  • When the debugging mode is on, Phone Mirror will be able to identify the device. Then, your Android device will be displayed.
Play Identity V on a PC using Tenorshare Phone Mirror
  • Then, you can click the option called Game Keyboard. For this option to function, you should download Phone Mirror on the Android device as well.
Install Tenorshare Phone Mirror App on Android
  • Then, you can open Identity V on the phone. You can then set all the keys and enjoy all those features.

Other Methods to Play Identity V on PC

In addition to that, there are several other methods you can try and play Identity V on a PC.

Alternative 01: Use a Remote Desktop Application

Remote Desktop Application

It is possible to use a remote desktop application to control a mobile phone through a PC. After that, you can play any mobile game, including Identity V, using a computer without any hassle. This means you can use the computer screen to view what is played on the mobile screen.

  • First, you should ensure that your phone and PC are compatible with the Miracast feature.
  • Then, on your mobile device, go to “Settings“. After that, tap on the option called “Display“.
  • Tap the option called “Cast Screen“. In some devices, it may appear like a “Wireless Display“.
  • A list will appear with available devices; just tap your PC name to select it.
  • When the device’s screen is properly mirrored on the PC, you can view the game. Then, you can play it without any hassle on the big screen.

Alternative 02: Use Miracast


This is another useful technology that helps you mirror mobile screens to the PC. If the phone and the computer are compatible with Miracast, it is always possible to accomplish this task. Then, you can play Identity V on a PC through Miracast.

  • As the first step, you should download a remote desktop application on the PC. You should do the same with your mobile device as well. AnyDesk and TeamViewer are great examples of that.
  • Now, you should open your remote desktop application on the mobile device and PC to proceed.
  • As the third step, you should allow remote access on your device so you can play the game.

Alternative 03: Chromebook


If you are using a Chromebook, you can use it and play Identity V on it. In fact, the Android version of Identity V works on the Chrome OS with no issues at all. However, you should remember that this alternative works only if your Chromebook is compatible with Android apps.

  • First, you should launch Play Store on the Chromebook.
  • Then, you should search for the game called “Identity V“. You should use the search bar to do that.
  • After that, click “Install” so you can download Identity V.
  • When the game is downloaded correctly, you should tap “Open“.

Alternative 04: SideQuest


You can get Android apps like Identity V for your PC from a third-party software shop called SideQuest. Connect the respective phone to your computer and activate developer mode to utilize SideQuest.

  • First, download SideQuest on your computer using the official website. Then, get it installed.
  • After that, you should connect the mobile phone to the same PC using a USB cable.
  • Then, you should enable your phone’s developer mode. To do that, you can select “Settings” and choose “About Phone“. Then, select “Software Information” and tap “Build Number” seven consecutive times. That will enable the developer options on your phone.
  • Now, enable USB Debugging mode on the device. Just tap on “Settings” and choose “Developer Options“. Then, go to “USB Debugging“. Then, turn that option on.
  • After that, open “SideQuest” on the computer. Then, click “Apps” to proceed.
  • Then, you should search “Identity V” in its search bar. After that, click on the option labeled “Install“. Then, you can open the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Identity V is primarily designed for mobile platforms. To play it on a PC, you need an emulator that can imitate a mobile device’s environment.

Absolutely! Emulators are legal and are commonly used to play mobile games on PCs.

While playing on a PC can provide better controls and a wider field of view, it doesn’t guarantee a win. The game requires strategic thinking and teamwork, which are independent of the platform you play on.

The system requirements vary based on the emulator you choose. However, a PC with at least 4 GB of RAM and a decent processor should run the game smoothly.

Yes, you can use the same account to play on a PC. You just need to log in using your credentials on the emulator.

Yes, Identity V is free to download and play on both mobile devices and PC.


Well, Identity V is an exceptionally popular game among gaming enthusiasts. This specific game is mainly introduced for mobile devices. They, however, have introduced a desktop version of the same game. So, if you want to play Identity V on a PC, you can either choose the desktop version.

However, that’s not the only solution you can consider. You can consider mirroring your mobile device to the desktop using Tenorshare Phone Mirror. If not, you can use an emulator on the PC and play the game on it.

That said, what is your favorite mobile game you want to play on the big screen? We would love to know about your experience.


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