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Phsysxloader.dll Is Not Found? Let’s Find The Top Solutions


Written by Jack Lin

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I get an error message that comprises the file name “phsysxloader.” I am trying to launch a game that is recently installed, and the message says that phsysxloader.dll is missing. What can be the reason for this? What is the best way to fix it? Please help me out!

Phsysxloader.dll Is Not Found

Are you reading this article because you have come across the same problem mentioned above? And, you are looking for a solution? If that’s the case, mentioned below are the best solutions you can try and fix that issue.

This article will explain all the practical solutions that can be applied. We should also mention that the respective solutions are very easy to perform.

Introduction to Phsysxloader.dll 

Before jumping into the solutions, let’s get a quick idea about the nature of the physxloader error. Phsysxloader is a DLL file included in the Physxloader Dynamic Link Library. This specific library is directly related to NVIDIA PhysX.

That said, NVIDIA PhysX is a pretty powerful engine dedicated to physics. This specific engine is responsible for creating real-time physics compulsory for modern-day, cutting-edge games.

In a nutshell, NVIDIA PhysX is there to offer you a real-time gaming experience with impressive graphics quality.

What Are the Best Solutions to Fix Physxloader.dll Errors?

This part will address the main point – how to fix the phsysxloader.dll error. In fact, there are several solutions to fix this issue, and they are very easy.

All you need is to follow those methods one after the other and see which one works for you.

Besides, if you are facing the issues like d3d9.dll not being found, here are the top solutions for you.

Method 1: Reinstall NVIDIA PhysX to Fix physxloader.dll Missing Error

Well, missing the corrupted or infected driver can be one of the main reasons for the phsysxloader.dll error. So, if you can replace the driver with a clean, fresh one, you can expect to fix the issue.

So, you will have to download the new NVIDIA PhysX program through their official website. Then, you can install it on your PC.

Reinstall Nvidia PhysX to fix Phsysxloader.dll Is Not Found

Then, you should run NVIDIA PhysX and open the faulty game. If the problem was related to a corrupted driver, it should be fixed by now.

However, do you still see the error even after installing the most recent version? If that’s the case, please download the legacy one through the same official page.

Download Nvida Physx System Software

Method 2: Open NVIDIA PhysX in a Specific Manner

If the previous option didn’t work, you can go ahead and try this method as well. As per this method, you will have to run the NVIDIA PhysX tool in a unique way. To do that, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, you should go to “C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\XXXXXX“. (The name “XXXXXX” should be replaced with the name of the game).
  • Now, you should perform a double-click on the NVIDIA PhysX application.
  • You can double-click on the exe file of the NVIDIA PhysX application now.
  • You can go ahead and try to launch the game. This time it may work without a physxloader error. But if it doesn’t, you should go ahead and try the next solution on this list.

Method 3: Get a Copy of the Missing Physxloader.dll file from a Different Computer

If both methods above have failed, you can also consider using this method. It is possible to copy the same file from a computer that is already working. It is possible to copy the file from a system that has the same windows version.

Please Follow the Below Simple Guide to Fix Phsysxloader.dll Issue.

01. As the first step, you should find the type of your Windows system. Then, you should find a different computer that runs on the same Windows version and architecture.

If you wonder how to check the type of OS, mentioned below is how to do it.

  • Press the “Windows” key on the keyboard. That will bring the Windows menu up. You should go for the Search box.
  • Now, in the search box, you should enter the text “system information” to proceed. Then, go to the icon that represents “System Information.”
Get a copy of missing Phsysxloader.dll
  • Now, you should see the information related to the system.
information related to the system

02. Now that you know the system type, you should copy the missing phsysxloader.dll. Then, you will have to paste it to the computer that experiences the problem with phsysxloader.dll.

Mentioned below is how to find your physxloader.dll file.

  • Press both the “Windows” and “E” keys on the PC that works without any issue. That will bring the File Explorer window.
  • Now, you should go to the option “C:\Windows\System32” and find the file “phsysxloader.dll.” If that doesn’t give any search results, go to the option “C:\Windows\SysWOW64.” Then, enter the text called physxloader.dll again.
Get a copy of the missing physxloader file from a different computer
  • You can now copy the physxloader file. Then, paste it to the exact location, but it should be on your problematic computer this time.

Please note that the respective DLL file will not be available on all the PCs you have access. So, this method might not be the most successful option.

Method 4: Restore the Phsysxloader.dll from Recycle Bin

If the phsysxloader.dll is deleted, you can go ahead and check if it is in the recycle bin. If it is there, you can easily fix the error by restoring the physxloader file.

However, what if you have deleted that file from recycle bin? In that case, you should recover the file with a good data recovery tool.

Method 5: Perform a Malware Scan to Fix Phsysxloader.dll is Not Found Issue

If you still experience the phsysxloader.dll error, you should perform a malware scan and see if it works. You can either use Windows Defender or a third-party professional malware scanner to do this.

Method 6: Reinstall the Problematic Program

If none of the above options have worked, reinstall the program that uses the physxloader file.

Method 7: Go for a System Restore to Fix Phsysxloader.dll Error

If you have made a major change to your system and experienced a physxloader, go for a system restore. That will bring the PC to a previous state where the PC was working correctly.

System Restore to fix Phsysxloader.dll Is Not Found

Bonus Tip: Go for a Video Driver Update

As you already know, outdated or damaged drivers in your system can lead to this error. This can appear particularly if you have the wrong video drive. In that case, the best option is to download the video driver for your NVIDIA graphics card.

Anyway, downloading the latest drivers is very useful for the smooth functioning of the system. You can get the latest drivers by visiting the NVIDIA website.

If you prefer an easier, more accurate method, you can go for an automatic download. If you are not sure about how to download drivers manually using their official websites, choose Driver Easy.

That will perform a scan on the PC and identify all the drivers that are outdated or corrupted. You don’t have to know what sort of version is running in your system. Also, it eliminates the risk of installing wrong or outdated drivers on your system.

Driver Easy allows you to update drivers even if you use the Free version of it. Also, if you use their Pro version, you can update all the drivers with two clicks. Since it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, your purchase is secured.

Steps to Update Driver with Driver Easy to Fix physxloader.dll Error

  • First, you should download Driver Easy on the faulty PC and install it.
  • Then, you should open “Driver Easy” on it.
  • Now, click on the button labeled “Scan Now.” Then, Driver Easy will perform a scan on the PC, which will find potentially corrupted drivers.
Driver Easy
  • Click on the option “Update,” located right next to each driver in the system. Check if you see that button next to the “NVIDIA” option. Click on that to update the drivers.
  • If you want to update all the drivers with Driver Easy free version, click on each “Update” button.
  • However, if you have the pro version, you only need to click on the “Update All” button.
Update Driver with Driver Easy to Fix physxloader.dll Error
  • Once the drivers are updated, reboot the PC so the errors will be fixed.


  1. What is a DLL file? – DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. It’s a file that contains code and data that multiple programs can use simultaneously.
  2. Why is the Phsysxloader.dll missing from my computer? – The file could be deleted accidentally, corrupted by malware, or not installed properly with the respective software.
  3. Can I download the Phsysxloader.dll file from the internet? – While it’s possible, it’s highly discouraged due to the risk of downloading a malicious or incompatible file.
  4. How can I keep my DLL files safe? – Regular system updates, antivirus scans, and cautious downloading can help maintain DLL file integrity.
  5. Does reinstalling software always solve DLL errors? – Not always, but it can help if the installation process was interrupted or if the DLL file was not installed correctly.


Phsysxloader.dll is not found” is a common error that can impact the performance of your applications. By understanding DLL files and taking proactive measures, you can ensure smoother operation for your system.


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