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Switching Dark Mode On or Off in Microsoft Outlook


Written by Jack Lin

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Outlook Dark Mode

Make a seamless switch to Outlook Dark Mode, a feature designed to reduce eye strain and conserve battery power.

Discover how to enable it, its numerous benefits, and how to troubleshoot common issues.

Here’s How to Enable Outlook 365 Dark Mode:

In Windows: Navigate through File > Office Account > Office Theme, then select Black.

On the Web: Login into Outlook 365 > click the gear icon > toggle Dark Mode to On.

On a Mac: Head to Outlook 365 > Preferences > General > Appearance, then select Dark.

Understanding the Dark Mode Phenomenon

Dark Mode

The introduction of dark mode has revolutionized the digital world, transforming our screens and providing a unique, eye-friendly alternative to the traditional glaring white.

This setting has been embraced by many software and app developers, bringing a completely different user experience to the table.

But what’s the big fuss about dark mode, and how is Outlook leveraging this trend?

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Outlook Dark Mode: A Brief Overview

When it comes to Microsoft’s email and calendar management software, Outlook, the application of dark mode is not merely about aesthetics.

Outlook Dark Mode is a feature that allows users to change the default light background to a darker one.

This switch can provide several advantages, from enhancing visual ergonomics to reducing power consumption on OLED screens.

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Why Dark Mode? The Science Behind it

The science behind dark mode stems from how our eyes perceive light.

Our eyes can become strained and fatigued from prolonged exposure to bright screens, especially in low-light environments.

By shifting the screen’s color scheme to darker tones, dark mode can reduce this digital eye strain and enhance overall comfort.

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How to Enable Outlook Dark Mode

Outlook 365 offers a Dark Mode across all versions, from desktop to mobile and even the web. However, the way you activate and manipulate this feature depends on the platform in use. Note that similar steps apply when activating Dark Mode in other Office 365 applications.

For you to enjoy Dark Mode on the desktop version of Outlook 365 on your Windows PC, Mac, or iPhone, you must be a Microsoft 365 subscriber. However, this subscription is not necessary for web usage.

Keep in mind that this guide is tailored specifically for Outlook 365. Although other Outlook versions may support Dark Mode, the steps to activate it may differ.

Here’s What We’ll Explore:

How to Toggle Dark Theme in Outlook 365 on Windows, Web, iPhone, and Mac?

Switching to Dark Theme on Windows

To transition to the Dark Theme in Windows, follow the steps below:

1. Open Outlook 365 and click File in the upper right corner.

click File on Outlook 365

2. In the lower right corner, select Office Account.

select Office Account

3. In the Office Theme section, choose Black. This action activates Dark Mode for Outlook 365.

choose Black on Office Theme

Pro Tip: Opt for ‘Use System Setting‘ to allow Outlook to alternate between dark and light themes according to your Windows dark mode preferences.

4. Please select OK to confirm your changes.

Switching to Dark Theme on Windows

Transitioning to Dark Theme on the Web

You have two alternatives to change Outlook 365 to a dark theme on the web, both straightforward. Choose the option you find more comfortable or the one you remember.

Here’s the first method:

1. Log into Outlook 365 on your web browser.

2. On the top right corner, select the Settings gear icon.

select the Settings gear icon on the Web

3. Click the Dark Mode slider to toggle it to On.

Click the Dark Mode slider to toggle it to On

And the alternative method:

1. Log into Outlook 365 on your web browser.

2. On the top left corner, click View.

click View on the Outlook Web

3. Select View Settings.

Select View Settings

4. Click General.

Click General

5. Go to Appearance.

Go to Appearance

6. Toggle the Dark Mode slider to On.

Toggle the Dark Mode slider to On

7. Click Save and continue using Outlook 365.

Transitioning to Dark Theme on the Web

Activating Dark Theme on iPhone

Both the iPhone and Outlook for iPhone support Dark theme.

Follow these steps to activate it:

1. Open the Outlook application.

2. Tap your account icon in the upper left corner.

3. In the lower-left corner, tap the gear icon.

tap the gear icon on Outlook iPhone

4. Choose Appearance.

5. To enable Dark Mode instantly, tap Dark.

Pro Tip: If your iPhone is set to automatically toggle between Dark Mode and Light Mode according to your local time, you can also configure Outlook to adjust its theme synchronously by selecting the ‘System‘ option.

Activating Dark Theme on iPhone Outlook

Enabling Dark Theme on Mac

To activate the Dark theme on a Mac, follow these steps:

1. Open Outlook 365.

2. On the upper left corner, click Preferences.

click Preferences of Outlook on Mac

3. In the Preferences window, select General.

select General

4. In the Appearance section, activate Dark Mode by clicking Dark.

activate Dark Mode by clicking Dark

Pro Tip: If your Mac switches system-wide Dark Mode based on local time, choose System to set Outlook to change between Light and Dark mode automatically.

Enabling Dark Theme on Mac

Switching Between Dark Mode and Light Mode

When reading a message, you can toggle dark mode on or off by using the icon at the top of the message window.

  • Choose the sun icon to change the message window background to white.
Choose the sun icon to change the message window background to white
  • Select the moon icon to change the message window background to black.
Select the moon icon to change the message window background to black

When composing a message, you can switch between dark and light modes from the Message toolbar by selecting the dark mode icon.

Switching Between Dark Mode and Light Mode
Switching Between Dark Mode and Light Mode-3

Deactivating Dark Mode

If it’s your preference, you have the option to disable dark mode, ensuring your message window consistently maintains a white backdrop, even when using the black theme. Be aware the toggles for switching between dark and light modes become inactive when you turn off dark mode.

  1. In Outlook, navigate to File > Options.
  2. On the General page, look under “Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office“.
  3. Set the Office Theme to Black and select the checkbox next to “Never change the message background color“.
  4. Select OK to save your changes.
Never change the message background color

Health Benefits of Using Outlook Dark Mode

While switching to Dark Mode isn’t a complete solution to digital eye strain or sleep disruptions, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

If you often find yourself working late into the night or in a dimly lit environment, switching Outlook to Dark Mode can make a big difference to your eye comfort and overall digital experience.

However, remember to also consider other healthy habits like taking regular screen breaks and adjusting your screen’s brightness to match your environment.

FAQs on Outlook Dark Mode

Outlook Dark Mode is a feature in Microsoft Outlook that allows you to change the interface from a light to a dark theme. This change aims to provide better visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain, improving readability and focus, and saving battery life on OLED screens.

Enabling Dark Mode in Outlook depends on the platform you are using. Typically, you can find the option under the general settings or theme settings. However, the process can vary slightly between the web version, the desktop applications for Windows, Mac, the mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Yes, you can. Microsoft provides options to switch between Dark Mode and Light Mode according to your preference. You can change the mode anytime from the settings.

Yes, using Outlook Dark Mode can save battery life, especially if you are using an OLED or AMOLED screen. These types of screens can completely turn off pixels when displaying black, leading to significant power savings.

While Dark Mode comes with several benefits, it might not be for everyone. Some people find that Dark Mode reduces readability, especially in well-lit environments. Moreover, certain graphical elements or images might not appear as vibrant or might lose some details in Dark Mode.

Yes, Microsoft has made Dark Mode available on all platforms where Outlook can be accessed – this includes Windows, macOS, the web version, iOS, and Android.

To activate Dark Mode in Windows 11, head to Settings > Personalization > Colors, and select Dark. If you’re interested in personalizing a dark theme, follow the path: Settings > Personalization > Themes > Custom > Choose your default Windows mode > Dark.

Dark Mode in Windows 11

Certainly, when you activate Dark Mode in Outlook for Windows, it alters all other Office apps to Dark Mode as well. However, when you’re using Outlook on the web, iPhone, or Mac, the Dark Mode will only be applicable to Outlook.

Conclusion: The Future of Dark Mode in Outlook and Beyond

As we wrap up, we’ll look toward the future of dark mode in Outlook and other digital platforms.

As technology continues to evolve, what can we expect from this feature, and how can it continue to enhance our digital experiences?



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