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ICCID Codes: A Must-Read Guide to Identify Your SIM Card


Written by Jack Lin

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New ICCID Codes

If you are looking for New ICCID codes for 2024, here’s a must-read guide for you.

We created this article revealing the latest list of ICCID codes for this year. You already know what SIM cards are. However, some may not know what an ICCID is.

Let’s go ahead and learn everything about this matter.

Introduction to ICCID

In fact, ICCID is the shortened form for International Circuit Cards Identifier. This is a dedicated, unique number that represents each SIM.

This specific number comprises 18 to 22 numbers. It is included in the SIM. In addition to that, ICCID can be found printed to be visible on the respective SIM card.

This specific number becomes instrumental in identifying the respective SIM card. The composition of the ICCID number is as follows.

  • The first two digits remain the same on all the ICCID numbers. Those digits are “89“.
  • After that, you will see the country code (which is assigned by ITU).
  • After the country code, you can find the unique code for the mobile network (3 or 4 digits).
  • For instance, Verizon Wireless has the code 004.
Introduction to ICCID

Besides, if you wonder how to find UDID on iPhone, here, let’s figure out how to get UDID on iPhone effortlessly via different ways, with or without iTunes.

What Makes ICCID Different from IMSI?

Both IMSIs and ICCIDs may appear somewhat similar to some individuals. However, the truth is that they are introduced to recognize different entities.

The SIM hardware is represented by ICCID, and the type of connectivity service is represented by IMSI. So, in a nutshell, they don’t have a specific relationship.

Since the ICCID is a physical characteristic of a SIM card, there has only ever been one. Well, SIM cards always come with one ICCID and usually only have one IMSI.

However, there are cases where a card has more than one IMSI. For instance, let’s assume that a device is on the move. And it should be connected to various networks in many different regions.

In that case, the SIM card may have various IMSIs on board. Then, it will switch those IMSIs depending on the existing location.

It is absolutely true that SIM cards with multi-IMSI were introduced some time ago. On the other hand, technology brings up plenty of options.

IMEI is Another Identifier

The 15-digit IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is typically found on a label attached to the device’s battery.

IMEI is a unique identification number that can be used to identify a device on a network. This is checked against a worldwide database.

Also, the last thing you want is a SIM failure on your iPhone before making an urgent phone call. Let’s figure out the possible reasons and the best solutions here.

The Breakdown of an IMEI

Here’s a breakdown of an IMEI you can see.

  • 33-444444-55555-6
  • 33 is the reporting body
  • 444444 is regarded as the TAC (Type Allocation Code).
  • 55555 is the digit that represents your device’s unique ID number.
  • 6 is your device’s check digit.

Some free ICCID Codes

  • 89014104279605343839 – Live
  • 89014104279605343821 – Live
  • 89014104279605343813 – Live
  • 89014104279605343805 – Live
  • 89014104279605343797 – Live
  • 89014104279605343789 – Live
  • 89014104279605343771 – Live
  • 89014104279605343763 – Live
  • 89014104279605343755 – Live
  • 89014104279605343748 – Live
  • 89014104279605343730 – Live
  • 89014104279605344407 – Live
  • 89014104279605343722 – Live
  • 89014103270421600503 – Live

From Where Can You Get These New ICCID Live Codes?

You might be wondering where to get New ICCID codes. There are several different sources you can look for.

And mentioned below are the most reliable options to consider.


It is true that ICCID has a regular rotation. However, it gives you the option to find the most recent ICCID on this specific site. It comes with an excellent interface. Once you visit the webpage, it is possible to find New ICCID codes at the top of the list.


This is another website that undergoes regular (daily updates). And all those listed ICCIDs work well with iOS 14 as well. You should also know that this service doesn’t charge you anything.

If you intend to help the developer somehow, you will be able to donate using the PayPal platform.  The community is live. If you experience any malfunction with the ICCID, you can comment on it on the page itself.

When the developers see those comments, they will take the necessary actions to replace them.

03. can be considered a very impressive, static website that comes with a single-page design. In general, they publish a New ICCID list every day.

The list of ICCIDs presented on their website works with iOS 15.3 and above. One downside of this website is that it doesn’t have a comments section.

So, to check if these ICCIDs are working or not, you should try them.

Okay, How to Enter Your ICCID Code on a Locked iPhone?

Now that you know several live ICCID codes that are working, let’s learn how to use them. In other words, let’s learn how to enter those codes.

There are several different options you can consider, and below are those options for your consideration.

01. Use ICCID Codes with the Help of an R-SIM in an iPhone

Here’s how to use acquired ICCID codes with R-SIM

  • First, you should insert an R-SIM in your iPhone.
  • Now, you should open the call app. Then, you should dial the code “*5005*7672*00#“.
  • However, if you are using an R-SIM 14+ or more, there’s no dial code involved. Instead, its menu will pop up automatically.
  • After that, you should select the option called “Edit ICCID” (it appears on the list).
  • Then, you should enter the working ICCID from all the sites that are mentioned above.
  • After that, you should reboot your iOS device. Then, it should work with your New ICCID without any issues.
Use ICCID Codes with the Help of an R-SIM in an iPhone

02. Use ICCID Code with the GPP LTE Technology

Here’s another option you can use with the New ICCID.

  • First, you should go to “Settings” on your iOS device. After that, you should tap on the option called SIM.
  • After that, you should tap the ICCID. Then, enter the New ICCID that is found in the above content.
  • Once you have done that, just select “Sharp” or “Perfect” mode. After that, tap on the option called “OK.”
  • Once you have done that, you should replace the old SIM with your new SIM. Then, connect your device to a Wi-Fi network. Wait for a couple of minutes, so the GPP chip should read your newly inserted SIM.
Use ICCID Code with the GPP LTE Technology

Finding Your ICCID Number

Here are the steps you should take to find the ICCID number.

● Finding ICCID on Your iPhone

  • As the first step, you should find and tap the option called “Settings” on the respective iPhone. Then, you should tap on the option called “General.”
  • Then, under the option called “General,” you should tap “About.” This will show you different types of information about the device.
  • Once you have done that, you can scroll down the available list within the option called “About.” Then, you will be able to see ICCID text in that list.
Finding ICCID on Your iPhone

● Finding ICCID on Your SIM Card

Assume that you have a SIM card. In that case, there are mainly two ways to find your ICCID. As per the first method, you are supposed to insert your SIM into a device. After that, you can follow the steps with “Settings” according to the instructions above.

The next option is to use the package of your SIM card. When you purchase a SIM card, you will get a plastic card with it. In fact, your SIM is fixed on that card at the time of the purchase.

You can see a barcode on that card. You will see an 18–22-digit number under its barcode. And this exactly is the ICCID. In addition to that, the same number can be found on the SIM card itself. It is printed in small letters.

Finding ICCID on Your SIM Card

Unlocking Your iPhone Without Necessarily Using an ICCID

The ICCID code becomes instrumental in unlocking an iPhone. However, if you are unable to find an ICCID code, there is still a way to unlock it. In this case, you can use a tool called CELLUnlocker.

Unlocking Your iPhone Without Necessarily Using an ICCID

In fact, CELLUnlocker is a powerful tool that can unlock any iPhone without using an ICCID. Also, this tool works regardless of the type of carrier. You will be able to get the unlocking process completed within 24 working hours.

Once the unlocking is completed, it will never be reversed. And CELLUnlocker will never cause any data loss. So, using this tool is the most convenient option.


Q1: What is an ICCID code?

A1: An ICCID code is a unique identifier for the SIM card used in mobile devices.

Q2: Why are new ICCID codes important?

A2: New ICCID codes provide improved security, better network management, and are compatible with emerging technologies.

Q3: What changes have been made in new ICCID codes?

A3: New ICCID codes have more advanced encryption techniques for enhanced security and adjustments to accommodate eSIM technologies.

Q4: How can I use new ICCID codes?

A4: Once you’ve inserted your SIM card, your device should automatically detect the ICCID. If not, you’ll need to enter it manually.

Q5: What does the future hold for ICCID codes?

A5: ICCID codes are expected to continue evolving alongside mobile technology, adapting to new advancements and requirements.


Well, the content in our article explains why we need an ICCID and how to find them. If you cannot find ICCID even after the steps mentioned above, you can simply use CELLUnlocker.

Please note that using one of the New ICCID numbers to unlock your device will deliver temporary results.  However, if you unlock the device with CELLUnlocker, the unlocking is permanent. Also, there is no data loss incurred with this tool.

Do you have any other doubts related to this matter? If yes, you can leave a comment below so our team will attend to them at their earliest.



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