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My Eyes Only Snapchat
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Snapchat, an instant messaging app, as well as the My Eyes Only Snapchat feature, has become quite popular amongst many people.

If you are a selfie freak or someone who loves clicking pictures, then you will love this app and its features. It comes with an album called Memories. In Memories, you can securely save your special photos and stories.

You may be one of the crazy photo lovers who click pictures often but don’t want others to snoop into your naughty moments. Secondly, you may want to make memories of the blissful moments that you share with your beloved one.

For the above-said scenarios, the solution comes in handy with Snapchat. You can keep your private photos protected from nosy people with the help of the My Eyes Only Snapchat feature. Your snaps and stories can be kept secured with a password or a passphrase.

If you are inquisitive about how to enable My Eyes Only Snapchat, then you will find this article to be useful. This guide will help you to set up this feature; plus, you can learn more about this feature.

About My Eyes Only Snapchat

The main aim of My Eyes Only Snapchat is to ensure the security and privacy of users. You can protect your pictures and stories from intruders by adding a password or a passphrase.

By doing so, only you can access your private stories and photos. You need to remember this extra password to view your protected snaps.

If you forget your My Eyes Only Snapchat password, you can reset it. But bear in mind that once you reset your My Eyes Only Snapchat password, your saved files can no longer be restored.

In this way, Snapchat protects your most secretive photos from snoopers who try to intervene in the privacy setup of My Eyes Only Snapchat.

How to Enable My Eyes Only Snapchat Feature on iPhone

First, confirm that you have a minimum of one picture in your Memories album, or you should share photos from your phone’s gallery with Snapchat.

Besides, here are the best Snapchat viewer tools for you to hack other people’s Snapchat accounts.

Steps to Enable My Eyes Only Snapchat:

1. Tap on the Snapchat icon and open the app.

Run Snapchat

2. Then, scroll up on the camera’s screen to open the Memories album.

open the Memories album on Snapchat

3. Choose an image you would like to hide, press and don’t leave the button, and tap the “My Eyes Only” option.

My Eyes Only

4. Now, tap the “Quick Setup” option.

My Eyes Only - Quick Setup

5. Create your password. Remember that the password you use for logging in to the Snapchat account and the one for the My Eyes Only Snapchat feature should not be the same.

As said before, you cannot access your private photos without the My Eyes Only Snapchat password. If you do not remember your password, then the only option left is to reset your password.

As a result, you will lose all your previously saved pictures. You can either create a passcode consisting of a number of four digits or a passphrase composed of alphabets and numbers. To set a passphrase, select the “Use Passphrase” option.

Create Passcode

6. Go through the detailed information about the My Eyes Only Snapchat feature that appears on your phone screen. Then, press the circle sign to proceed.

Confirm Passcode to Continue

7. Then click “continue.”

Confirm Passcode and Continue

8. Finally, select the “Finish” option.

Quick Setup Complete

After completing these steps, you can migrate your photos from your Memories album to the My Eyes Only Snapchat folder.

1. Swipe up from the camera screen to move to the Memories album.

Memories album on Snapchat

2. Click the checkmark provided at the screen’s top.

Click the checkmark

3. Select the stories and snaps you wish to shift to the My Eyes Only Snapchat folder.

Select the stories and snaps

4. Select the lock sign present on the screen’s bottom.

Select the lock sign

5. Finally, press the “Move” Button.

Move to My Eyes Only

Also, there are ways by which you can reactivate your Snapchat account by yourself. Don’t panic if your Snapchat account gets deactivated.

How to Enable My Eyes Only Snapchat Feature on Android

Like the app on iPhone, snaps can be shifted to My Eyes Only Snapchat on Android devices if you possess a minimum of one snap in the Memories album.

The steps to enable the My Eyes Only Snapchat feature on Android are as follows:

1. Launch the Snapchat application.

Run Snapchat on Android

2. Access the Memories album by scrolling up from the screen of camera.

Access the Memories album

3. Press and hold on to a picture you wish to move and then tap the “My Eyes Only” option.

tap the "My Eyes Only" option

4. Now opt for the “Quick Setup” option.

Quick Setup

5. Then, make a password. The password you use to log in to your account of Snapchat should be different from the password you use to access the My Eyes Only feature.

When it comes to the My Eyes Only Snapchat password, you can use something you can easily remember. This is because if you do not remember your password, then you have no choice but to reset it.

Sadly, resetting your password will cost you your previously saved files. Your password can be a four-digit passcode or a passphrase consisting of alphabets and numbers.

If you prefer passphrase to passcode, click the “Use Passphrase” option at your screen’s bottom.

click the "Use Passphrase" option

6. Now, look at the details on My Eyes Only that appear on your phone screen. After reading it, select the circle sign if you wish to continue.

select the circle sign

7. Then, select the “Continue” option.

select the "Continue" option

8. Click “Finish.”

Click "Finish."

After successfully setting up this feature, you will be allowed to add your pictures to My Eyes Only. For this, you have to:

1. Swipe up from your screen of the camera to go to the Memories album.

Snapchat Memories album

2. Select the checkmark shown at your screen’s top.

Select the checkmark

3. Pick the stories and snaps that you wish to put in the My Eyes Only folder.

Pick the stories and snaps

4. Click the Hide icon.

Click the Hide icon

5. Select the “Move” option.

Move to My Eyes Only

Frequently Asked Questions

Some FAQs regarding My Eyes Only Snapchat are written below:

What Hinders Me from Moving My Snaps to My Eyes Only?

It could be due to various reasons. First, you need to check your internet connection. Then, make sure that the My Eyes Only feature is set up before you put your snaps into it.

Creating a password is essential to view the feature. Finally, check your photos in your Memories album or phone gallery.

Is It Possible to Change the My Eyes Only Password?

The My Eyes Only feature can be accessed only by a password. As said before, forgetting your password will result in resetting it, which will delete all your protected files.

On the Other Hand, You Can Alter Your Password if You Remember the Present One:

1. Tap on the Snapchat icon and open the application.

2. Go to the Memories album and then swipe left to see the My Eyes Only feature.

My Eyes Only feature
My Eyes Only on Memories

3. Now, click on “Options.”

My Eye Only Passcode Options

4. Then, select the “Change Passcode” option.

Change Passcode

5. Enter your new password. You can choose to enter a passphrase that consists of numbers and alphabets or a four-digit passcode.

Enter your new password

6. Select the “Next” option.

7. Read all the particulars shown on your phone screen carefully. And then, select the circle icon if you wish to continue.

8. Select the “Continue” option.

Confirm Passcode

9. Finally, tap “Finish.”

Changing your password will not delete any of your previously saved snaps in the folder of My Eyes Only.

The privacy concern of the user is taken into consideration by the Snapchat team. They respect the privacy of the user, which led to the introduction of this feature called My Eyes Only.

Even the Snapchat support team does not have access to your protected files in the folder of My Eyes Only, as the main mission is to restrict access to others except the account user. Hence, restoring files after a password reset is impossible.

The Steps to Reset Your Password Are As Follows:

1. Click on the Snapchat icon and open the app.

2. Then, go to the Memories album and swipe left to access the My Eyes Only feature.

3. Click on “Options.”

4. Then, select the “Forgot Passcode” option.

Forgot Passcode

5. Enter your Snapchat account’s password.

6. Then, select the “Next” option.

Enter your Snapchat account's password

7. Read the information on the phone screen carefully and hit the circle icon to agree.

8. Select the “Continue” option.

Reset Your Snapchat Password

9. Now, type a new password. Your new password should differ from your Snapchat login password.

You can now access your My Eyes Only folder, but your old files will be lost forever. Now you can add new snaps and create new memories in your My Eyes Only folder.

Privacy Protection on Snapchat

As said in the beginning, My Eyes Only is the best option provided by Snapchat to secure your most private photos from stealthy eyes.

The My Eyes Only Snapchat feature can be enabled with minimum steps and acts as a secret vault for our “close to the heart” snaps with the help of a password or passphrase.

At the same time, always remember your special password to retain your private photos.


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