MTG Best Angels – 10 Best Angels in Magic: The Gathering

The strongest creatures in MTG (Magic: The Gathering) might not be the most expensive ones. Angels served their masters since the Magic debut, and had been a big part of MTG. They employ flying, and so do other offensive and defensive abilities.

Some have a high mana cost, some are very cheap for an angel and may impress you by how powerful their traits and ability are.

If you like to play MTG and are confused about what angel can best lead you to victory, this list of the MTG Best Angels (Best Magic: The Gathering Angel Cards)will surely be a helpful thing to you.  

1. Angel of Invention (CMC:5)

MTG Best Angel - Angel of Invention (CMC:5)

You might be confused or amazed by her ridiculous 2/1 stats and her price. Well, you don’t need to be worried about it; she’s way more powerful than you think. First of all, she flies (well, duh) and considers that she is cheaper compared to most other angels. Meanwhile, her trait of vigilance allows her to attack without being tapped, and the lifelink provides corresponding extra life whenever the Angel of Invention did the damage. With these traits, she is already becoming useful.

As a matter of fact, the other ability, Invention’s Fabricate 2, allows you to either put two +1/+1 counters on herself or to put two servo artifact with 1/1 tokens of a creature. In my opinion, I will prefer to boost her stats to 4/3 to make the maximum of her lifelink, but it’s changeable by how the current game goes.

Last but not least, Angel of Invention has the ability to buff any other creatures on your possession by +1/+1, which will provide your creatures an excellent upgrade. Which made Invention one of the most underestimated and one of the best angels cards available.

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2. Angel of Despair (CMC:7)

Magic: The Gathering - Angel of Despair (CMC:7)

Her 5/5 only averages her seven costs, but not only that, but Angel of Despair also got a lovely ability: “When Angel of Despair enters the battlefield, destroy target permanent.” With this satisfying ability, Angel of Despair can easily destroy targets that are permanently your opponent’s, and this ability is available to creatures, enchantments, and artifacts. Depends on your need, Angel of Despair can also act as a planeswalker or a land removal. Her functional ability and her 5/5 stats make her one of the best Magic: The Gathering Angel Cards in the game.

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3. Angel of Deliverance (CMC:8)

Magic: The Gathering - Angel of Deliverance (CMC:8)

Because of her being one of the most expensive angel cards in Magic: The Gathering (CMC:8), stocking up your resources with plains and enchantments, for example, Land Tax, will be very important for you to enable to use her. As an angel, she can fly(expected), and her 6/6 doesn’t really balance her mana cost of eight. Don’t worry. She is most useful for her ability. Whether or not, if there are four or more card TYPES inside your graveyard, she can exile a targeted opponent creature for the fact that her ability requires four types of cards in your graveyard and the fact that the mana cost, personally, I won’t use she as an opening card to play. Instead, playing her as an offensive creature, later on, will maybe bring you a very decent play that might lead you to victory. One of the best Angels? Definitely.

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4. MTG Best Angel – Sigarda, Host of Herons (CMC:5)

Sigarda, Host of Herons (CMC:5)

Her stat of 5/5 do just fine comparing to her mana cost. With the rare ability of hexproof, she prevents your enemy from using any effects to target her. More importantly, Sigarda prevents your opponent from causing any sacrifice permanents to you. This ability is unique and essential. Sigarda could be one of your most helpful defensive cards since her ability can keep your troops safe from black-induced sacrifice effects. Which otherwise will deal irretrievable damage to your troops each round surely.

5. MTG Best Angel – Deathless Angel (CMC:6)

Magic: The Gathering - Deathless Angel (CMC:6)

As another defensive card, the Deathless Angel is a little bit more expensive compared to Sigarda. However, she’s still cheaper compared to many of the other angels. Her stats may impress you, 5/7 and with the trait of flying, but wait, there’s more. The Deathless Angel allows you to turn one creature indestructible just by spending two white mana. Indestructible works against most types of removal, and it activates instantly, which makes indestructible one of the best defenses all time. Additionally, you can target Deathless herself with indestructible effects. I myself would use her to give my important units an useful shield during the battle. This shield may be the key to success just by how hard it is to deal with. Deathless works well with some angel combos and will definitely do a great job protecting the combos and making sure it works the way just as you think.

Overall, Deathless will be count as one of the best angels in Magic: The Gathering.

6. Best Angel MTG – Akroma, Angel of Wrath (CMC:8)

Magic: The Gathering - Akroma, Angel of Wrath (CMC:8)

Akroma, similar to all other legendary units, follows the rule that you may only control one of her at an instance. With no special abilities, luckily, she has a whole bunch of valuable traits. Flying, vigilance, first strike, trample, haste, protection from black, and protection from red. Flying means, of course, she flies. Her second trait, first strike, allows her to deal damage to the target before receiving damage. Vigilance, as said in Angel of Invention, will enable her to attack without tapping. Trample deals extra damage against blockers by making them bleeding. Haste applies the ability to attack or tap the round she arrives. Last but not least, protection from black and red. These are extraordinary protective abilities that prevent her from receiving damage, targeted, or blocked by any black or red spells. Additionally, this lets your opponent’s creatures betray them just depend on their color.

These many numbers of beneficial traits indeed balance her eight mana cost out. She is a pretty balanced angel, in my opinion. She is able to deal damage to your opponent’s units as well as avoiding most of the damage at the same time. Her traits are what lead her way to one of the best angels available.

7. Best Angel MTG – Angel of the Dire Hour (CMC:7)

Angel of the Dire Hour (CMC:7)

For her 5/4 stats, Angel of Dire Hour seems useless compared to her seven mana cost. Even though her power and toughness don’t really show how she deserves to be one of the best angels, her traits and ability will.

Being an angel, she is expected to be flying. Besides flying, she also has the trait of flash, which allows you to cast her at an instant speed. Her ability, though, can do a great job against a whole band of enemy creatures. And you will see your opponent’s face turn darker as the Angel of Dire Hour swipes all of the attacking enemy creatures. Additionally, the Angel of Dire Hour is also helpful against graveyard rebirths. Since it will not target opponent creatures, it prevents distraction from protections, hexproof, and shroud. When noticing your opponent’s troops getting larger and larger, don’t mind using Angel of Dire Hour to make yourself more confident of winning.

8. Best Angel Cards MTG – Gisela, the Broken Blade (CMC:4)

Best Angel MTG - Gisela, the Broken Blade (CMC:4)

Only costing four mana, the stats of 4/3 is already worth a shot. Not only that, the Broken Blade still has some valuable traits, flying, lifelink, and first strike. Except for these traits, there is something more to this angel…

9. Best Angel Cards MTG – Bruna, the Fading Light (CMC:7)

Bruna, the Fading Light (CMC:7)

Just like Gisela, Bruna is another legendary creature. So, therefore, you can only field one at once. Costing seven mana, Bruna has better stats of 5/7, vigilance, and flying. Additionally, when casting her, you may get a target angel (or human) back from your graveyard.

If you have both Gisela and Bruna during your ending step, the two will meld together and turn into Brisela, Voice of Nightmares. Brisela has the high stats of 9/10 and also the trait of first strike, flying, lifelink, and vigilance. Additionally, it also stops your enemy from using spells that have a mana cost of 3 or less. With Bruna’s ability to bring back angels or humans from your graveyard, you can simply get back the defeated Gisela in order to meld them into Brisela. This also proves Gisela’s worth, and that’s what makes these two angels into the list of best.

10. Best Angel Cards MTG – Gisela, Blade of Goldnight (CMC:7)

Gisela, Blade of Goldnight

Blade of Goldnight is Gisela’s first form. For seven mana cost, her 5/5 stats doesn’t seem entirely worth it. However, Gisela utilizes flying, and first strike as well as her ability are insanely powerful. If any damage was done to an enemy or their permanents, the damage would double. Whenever a source of damage is dealt with you or permanent that you control, you or your permanent will only receive half damage.

This insane ability will bring a significant advantage to your troops’ offense and defense. It allows weak units to do a considerable amount of damage, and it also prevents your units from dying. The ability even works when your opponent deals damage to themselves for any effects or other reasons. This boost for your creatures and your spells is why Blade of Goldnight will be count as one of the best angels in Magic: The Gathering.

So above are the top 10 best Angel Cards MTG for you. While more and more creatures are introduced into Magic: The Gathering, angels still remain a competitive option. Some of the angels can be a great option of defense for you.

On the other hand, some angels might serve as an offense. In combos, you can surely put angels as either your main attack or main defense, or even support. Some angels with special abilities can bring an unexpected move toward your opponent.

Expect to counter them in any play or tournament, and never underestimate these amazing creatures.


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