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Biggest Creatures Cards in MTG (Magic: The Gathering)


Written by Jack Lin

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MTG Biggest Creatures Cards

The old game, Magic: The Gathering, is all about some beautiful spells and powerful creatures. The tabletop and exclusive digital collectible are among the best ones found to date.

The game was released in the year 1993, and also it was among the first trading card games ever seen. Players use different spells and casts to fight against each other in the game.

On the other hand, there are many monsters in the game. All the cards in the game have five primary colors spending on the power.

We will tell you about MTG’s biggest creatures in the article. Stay tuned as we will tell you about some powerful creatures of the game here. 

01. Lurrus Of The Dream-Den

MTG Biggest Creatures Cards - Lurrus Of The Dream-Den

Lurrus Of The Dream-Den is a beat, and it has some enormous powers. The creature is small in size as compared to others, but the controls are so great that the creators developed a completely different mechanism to see how it operates. If there are specific conditions present there, then the companion lets you cast a single creature.

The character became a prevalent one in limited days. It is, moreover a foul creature with some great destruction power.

There are many defensive attachments with the beast that make it even more robust. One Of the spells from the graveyard off Lurrus makes it next to impossible for the opponent to climb back. 

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02. Uro, Titan Of Nature’s Wrath

Uro, Titan Of Nature's Wrath

Uro players have always been a particular advantage, and this giant creature is also among the giants that can give you a big leap over your opponent. The unique character can draw the controller’s life during the play.

The creature can take all the powers as soon as the controller draws a card on the field. If other cards are not left out, and the card is not removed from the graveyard, it will self-sacrifice itself in the game.

But never make the mistake of thinking that the card requires a lot, as what you get back is just unimaginable. Amazon is the biggest creature in MTG, and basically, it is among the few cards you can have that can give you marvelous resources at once. 

03. Questing Beast

MTG Biggest Creatures Cards - Questing Beast

To be honest, after the release of Throne of Eldraine’s, the power of this card has gone down. But don’t underestimate the creature, as it is still among the few named beasts.

Any creature who possesses less than two powers can’t stop the beast. There are many special powers, like the deathtouch and vigilance, that make the beast a great one.

However, there is a demerit to the card that a player can play this one only once at a time. On the better side, you don’t need more than one of the beasts to destroy the entire scenario. So not the best card, but also one of the most efficient ones. 

04. Mayhem Devil

Mayhem Devil

This one is very much different from all the others, like that of the Rares and Mythics, but it has its advantages. It hits the opponent on different levels, and hence you can be sure that the track always produces positive results.

The main advantage you can get with the creature is that it can attack opponents on different axes, so you always find a way out to loosen your opponents.

As soon as in the game you or your opponent sacrifice a permanent, the card shows its action, and the beast can change the game for you.

Now, this can be an accidental or intentional move. This also became an excellent reason for the Cauldron Familiar ban. Once the Cauldron Familiar is given up with the Witch’s Oven, the game will get over by that time, as Mayhem Devil will have destroyed everything on board.

05. Griselbrand

MTG Biggest Creatures Cards - Griselbrand

If we only consider great power, then we might have to take Griselbrand off the list, but if we are comparing it with the sizes of different creatures, then it stands among the biggest creatures MTG has ever seen.

Moreover, the creature has many advantages that make it special one than all the others. The main one is its power to fly. The creature can fly, which is a plus point over all other creatures who are restricted to land. This way, it becomes out of reach from the number of creatures in the MTG.

The Lifelink feature is a great one to have a look for. This feature gives the power to the controller to take a life point for every damage point the creature makes in the game. This small ability of these creatures makes it worth having a card. Whenever a player uses this card, he can draw seven different cards every time he loses 7 points. 

06. Blightsteel Colossus

Blightstee Colossus

Talking of power and toughness and leaving Blightsteel Colossus out of the list is a big mistake. It’s one of the most loved creatures who can help you switch the entire play at once.

The creature has something called the Trample, which also makes it inevitable to defeat and gives him the power of never dying. This means that if your opponent attacks at his best and sends the creature to the graveyard, it will automatically come back to the player’s library.

The special thing that makes this among the most effective biggest creatures MTG is that it attacks with poison. This creature doesn’t just go out there with power and strength attacks.

The attacks are mainly poison-based which is enough to ruin the entire gameplay of your enemy. Unless and until the opponent has ten or more poison counters, this creature can easily destroy the opponent. 

07. True-Name Nemesis

True Name Nemesis

Well, this creature is not anything big in its size and strength, but it is a very strange one concerning the powers invested in the creature.

True-Name Nemesis is really amazing with its unique gameplay that provides the player with a special power.

The card came into the market basically while dealing with the multiplayer Commander games, but it made its appearances in lots more locations.

The special power of this card is that the one who summoned the card can ask for protection from attack, defense, and everything that might hurt your side. There are only two possible ways to escape such a situation while you are in MTG.

The first is the option of clearing the entire board, and then the creature returns back. The second one will be stopping the player from summoning the card, moreover an important creature for people who are looking to escape the magical powers of other huge creatures in the opponent’s deck.

08. Tarmogoyf


The big and humongous creature is a part of another gigantic creature named the Lhurgoyf. It is all known for its deadly attacks and the big scary look with a number of sharp teeth in its mouth. The sharp teeth can tear up literally anything.

Hence this creature is also known as the scavenger of MTG. The creature is also known as the vanisher out there, so you can’t find even a thin slice of debris from the dead organisms of the game left out there while this creature is on the ground.

The creature is very good and effective when you see it as an opportunity to reduce your opponent’s powers. It really depends on the person who is out there operating the creature to make use of its full features.

Not just with scavenging, but it’s very good with eating up live creatures. If by chance, your opponent has the same sets of cards or cards that are near the power of the great creature, then everything out there will be taken back, and the card still remains with you. A lot of mining and spells are related to the creature.

09. Progenitus


If we are talking of mana, then there is a very high possibility that this creature is mighty Progenitus. With its humongous size and its vigor, the creature can easily crush down the opponent.

It is a very rarely seen creature, but whenever it comes out there, you can be assured that the game is in your hand. Also, the owner should know that the mighty Progenitus is completely protected from any type of attack throughout the MTG.

If your opponent doesn’t have a card that can wipe the entire board, then there is no spell or way to stop the creature from ending the game for you. Even if the opponent works hard to get rid of the creature, it will still return to the library instead of going to the graveyard. On average, a great creature with big powers.

10. Emrakul, The Aeons Torn

Emrakul The Aeons Torn

The mother of Eldrazi cards is among MTG’s biggest creatures ever created or seen. The creature has more than 15 powers, so don’t get confused at choosing which one to go for an attack. It can fly, change color, gain brilliant speed, and lots more.

Overall the giant is a very great choice for killing the game at once. Even the creature can’t die or go to the graveyard. 


  1. Q: Are these creature cards legal in all MTG formats? A: The legality of creature cards varies depending on the specific format you are playing. Some cards may be restricted or banned in certain formats, so it’s important to check the format’s rules and restrictions.
  2. Q: How can I obtain these creature cards? A: Creature cards can be obtained through purchasing booster packs, participating in events, trading with other players, or buying them from online marketplaces.
  3. Q: Are these creature cards expensive? A: The value of creature cards can vary greatly depending on their rarity, condition, and demand. Some of the biggest creatures may be considered valuable and command higher prices in the secondary market.
  4. Q: Can these creature cards be used in any MTG deck? A: As long as a creature card is legal in the format you’re playing and fits within the deck’s color identity and strategy, you can include them in your MTG deck.
  5. Q: Are there any strategies or combos that work well with these creature cards? A: Each creature card has its own unique abilities and synergies. Exploring different deck archetypes and strategies can help you unleash the full potential of these powerful creatures and create devastating combos on the battlefield.


We tried to mention MTG’s biggest creatures in the article above. If you have these creatures on your side, it automatically lifts your chances of winning even before you are in-game. I hope you like it.


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