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Top MOD Converter Tools – Convert MOD to Any Files


Written by Jack Lin

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MOD Converter

Did you end up here because you are looking for the best MOD converter? Well, look no further as we list down the six best options you can use.

We have found all these tools after extensive research. So, keep reading until the end and find a MOD converter that does what it says.

01. Wondershare Free Video Converter (Best Free MOD Converter)

The first place on this list goes to Wondershare Free Video Converter. We have several good reasons to consider this tool to be the best in the market. This is a highly professional tool that is designed to make the video conversion process easier.

Although it is a free tool, it does what a paid MOD converter can do. In addition to the conversion job, you will use it to burn converted files to DVD.

Another significant benefit associated with this tool is that it lets you convert video files into many other formats.

In fact, it supports hundreds of output file formats. Also, it enables you to edit videos with ease, even if you are not an expert. The user interface of this tool is exceptionally convenient for any user.

This special MOD converter supports MP4, 3D MKV, 3D MP4, 3D AVI, 3D YouTube, and so on.

Features of Wondershare Free Video Converter

Let’s pay attention to some of the main features of this excellent MOD converter. This tool is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, FYI.

● Supports a Large Range of Output Formats

It works perfectly with a broader collection of file formats. It is compatible with both SD and HD video formats.

Some of the common video file formats it supports are HD WMV, HD MPG, HD MKV, HD MP4, etc.

Also, it supports SD video file formats, including MOV, AVI, MKV, MP4, MPEG, and a lot more.

● It Can Extract Audio Content from MOD Videos

Another interesting feature of this tool is that it can extract audio files from MOD videos. You can save those extracted files in the form of WMA, WAV, MP3, RAM, MKA, OGG, and so on.

This is one of the rare features that are not available on many other MOD converter tools.

● It Allows You to Enhance the Quality of the Videos

This tool can do it easily if you need to add some enhancements to the video apart from converting. For instance, it allows you to trim, cut, rotate or merge different clips into a single one.

Also, you can add some unique styles to the video and make it more attractive. That is another advantage you can expect only from a professional tool.

Moving forward, let’s learn how to use this professional yet free MOD converter for your convenience. The steps are exceptionally easy, but we thought of listing them below to make it even easier.

Wondershare Free Video Converter

First, you should download and install Wondershare Free Video Converter on your computer. Be sure to use your common sense and download the app from the official website only.

Once the MOD converter is installed, you should open it to see the home screen. You will be directed to the section labeled Convert automatically.

Now, click on the option called Add Files, so you will be directed to select the respective MOD file.

Now, at this stage, you will be able to see the added files with a small thumbnail. It can be seen on the main interface.

Be sure to open the dropdown menu called Convert All Files. Then, you should click on the Video tab and choose the output format you want.

Once you have done all the settings, you should click on the option called Convert. That will begin the conversion process.

At the completion of the conversion, you will be able to access the file. Usually, the conversion will not take a long time. However, the time it takes can vary based on the size of the video.

That’s it. As you can see, this tool makes video file conversion easier, although it is a free tool.

02. HandBrake (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

Although it comes with a pretty unusual name for a MOD converter, it does a decent job. You can use HandBrake to convert pretty much any video file format, including MOD. This file comes with a very convenient interface, even if you are a total novice.

One great thing about this application is that it works perfectly on all three major operating systems. That means it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Therefore, many individuals consider this tool to be the go-to option when it comes to video converters. The installation process of the file is extremely simple.

On top of that, it takes a very small amount of space in your computer system.

Handbrake mod converter

03. FFmpeg (Windows Only)

FFmpeg is another handy tool that can capture all the YouTube videos you want. That is in addition to converting the captured files into AVI format (which has better compatibility).

FFmpeg is designed to be compatible with the Windows platform only. The interface of this handy tool has a very simple design. Even if you are a first-timer, using this tool will be very easy for you.

Also, we found no malware issues associated with this application. Malware-related problems are reported with many free tools but not with FFmpeg (hats off to the developers!).

FFmepg mod converter

04. MPEG Stream Clip (Windows, Mac)

MPEG Stream Clip is another powerful MOD converter developed to be compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. It is compatible with a large range of file formats.

In addition to that, this special tool works pretty fast. You can use this tool with file formats, including AVI, MP4, MOD, MPEG, M2P, DAT, and so on.

So, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. This is a pretty versatile application that can do other tasks apart from working as a MOD converter. For instance, it can do basic edits like trimming, copying and pasting, etc.

Moreover, you can use it as a video player that works well with video file formats like MPEG. Furthermore, you can use it to encode a variety of movie file formats as well.

That is exactly why we consider MPEG Stream Clip as one of the most versatile tools.

MPEG Stream Clip

05. Zamzar (Online Converter)

Those who don’t want to install any application on their computers can use an online tool like Zamzar.

It is a free tool that can work as a very efficient MOD converter. Thanks to the simplified design and the efficiency it possesses, Zamzar has become one of the popular converters.

This app can be recommended for any individual who doesn’t want to install an app on their computer. You can simply go to their official website and start converting the files with ease.


Thanks to the above applications, you can convert MOD files into any video format you prefer. Then, you can edit or use those files as you wish with no restrictions.

In fact, MOD files possess relatively less compatibility than other file formats like MP4. So, use one of the options we have listed above and convert your MOD files for FREE!

06. Wondershare UniConverter [Best MOD Converter]

Well, as we mentioned before, all the tools can convert MOD files for you. All those tools listed above are free.

However, if you are looking for the most professional, best MOD converter, Wondershare UniConverter is the best option.

If you engage in file conversion quite often or expect a highly professional result, UniConverter is the option.

In fact, this Twitch clip converter tool is the most versatile tool of its kind. It works as a powerful video converter, video downloader, DVD burner, recording tool, and so on. What else can you expect from such software?

This special tool can convert your MOD files to a massive range of file formats. In addition to that, it is compatible with more than 1000 video formats as well. One of the best features of this tool is that it doesn’t lose quality when converting.

Also, it can crop, add watermarks and apply various effects to the video apart from converting it. This special tool is developed to be compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

And if you wonder how to open MOD files on Mac, here are the top solutions for you.

Features of Wondershare UniConverter

  • It can convert your MOD files to more than 1000 other formats, including MP4 (how to convert IFO to MP4), MOV, AVI, etc.
  • Can convert MOD videos to match an optimized preset to work with many different devices.
  • Exceptionally faster conversion rate (30 times faster).
  • Can edit MOD videos (cut, merge, trim, crop, add watermarks, subtitles, and so on).
  • Works as a DVD burner with free DVD templates.
  • Can record or download videos from more than 10000 sources such as YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.
  • A highly versatile, comprehensive toolbox that can fix metadata, create GIFs, compress videos, record screens, etc.
  • Compatible with both Windows and macOS.
Wondershare UniConverter

How to Choose the Right MOD Converter Tool?

When selecting a MOD converter tool, consider the following factors:

  • Supported Formats: Ensure that the tool supports the output format you need for your specific requirements.
  • Ease of Use: Look for a tool with a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls to simplify the conversion process.
  • Conversion Speed: Faster conversion speeds save you time, especially when dealing with large MOD files or batch conversions.
  • Quality and Customization: Opt for a tool that maintains the video quality during conversion and offers customization options if needed.
  • Additional Features: Some MOD converter tools provide extra features like video editing, DVD burning, or online video downloading. Choose a tool that offers functionalities that align with your needs.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I convert MOD files to other formats without losing quality?

Yes, many MOD converter tools ensure high-quality output during the conversion process. However, it’s essential to choose a reputable and reliable converter to maintain the original video quality.

2. Are online MOD converters safe to use?

Most online MOD converters are safe to use, but it’s crucial to be cautious while uploading your files to any online platform. Ensure that you use reputable and trusted websites for file conversion.

3. Can I convert MOD files to formats compatible with mobile devices?

Absolutely! The majority of MOD converter tools support mobile-friendly formats like MP4, which can be played on various smartphones and tablets.

4. Are there any free MOD converter tools available?

Yes, some MOD converter tools offer free versions with limited features. However, for more advanced functionalities and customization options, you might need to consider purchasing the full version or opting for premium tools.

5. Can I convert MOD files on both Windows and Mac platforms?

Yes, most MOD converter tools are compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Make sure to check the system requirements of the tool before downloading or installing it.


So, that’s our list of best converters for MOD files. You can choose any free MOD converter or a paid one after going through the options once again.

If you have any doubts about this matter, please let us know, and we’ll get back to you.



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