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MacBook Pro Not Charging – Best Fix for You


Written by Jack Lin

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Macbook Pro Not Charging

If you are facing the problem of ‘Macbook Pro not charging,’ then worry not.

Here, we are going to offer a detailed guide that you can use to fix your Mac against the mentioned error.


As everyone knows, Mac systems are reputed and marketed for their portability, sleek design, and user-friendliness.

However, the degree of satisfaction all these features offer customers are reliant upon their minimal glitches and faults that hamper their functionality.

The most common fault that Mac users encounter is the problem of the MacBook Pro not charging or the MacBook charger not working.

Now, we are not saying that this fault is the major issue that you encounter on MacBooks, but what is there left for a laptop if your Macbook Pro is not charging?

Let’s see how to solve this issue with ease.

How to Fix the Issue ‘Macbook Pro Not Charging’

An initial investigatory analysis is quite necessary for identifying the primary source of the issue whenever you come across any fault. Here, we are providing a list of some possible investigatory steps to resolve the issue of the MacBook charger not working.

Also, let’s figure out how to fix the MacBook Pro’s black screen.

Step 1: Examine the Hardware

In the first place, you need to ascertain the integrity and viability of the system hardware physically. On facing the problem of ‘Macbook Pro not charging,’ you need to check its power adapter. For this, you need to disconnect the power adapter from its socket.

After that, you have to physically check every inch of the hardware with your eyes and hands. Here, you should check for every possible cut, dark stains, or cuts. Once you have carried out a thorough analysis, you must have identified cuts as the main reason for the problem ‘MacBook charger not working’ or the physical integrity of the power adapter is intact.

In addition to this, it is necessary to examine the ports of your cable to make sure that there is no kind of blockage or clogging. The blockage could cause due to the buildup of debris or dirt. On finding such buildup, employ a toothbrush to get rid of the foreign bodies gently.

After carrying out this procedure, reconnect the system to your adapter pack. Then, connect the adapter to the electric socket. Once you have switched on your socket, check if the problem of ‘Macbook Pro not charging’ still exists or not. If the problem is still there, then move on to the next step to locate the main reason behind this issue.

Examine the hardware to fix Macbook Pro Not Charging

Step 2: Inspect the Battery

Not just human beings but every gadget requires the need for regular checkups. This is to confirm the health condition of the battery of your Mac for identifying or eliminating potential causes behind the issue of ‘Macbook Pro not charging.’

Moreover, it is quite possible for the MacBook’s battery to wear off if you use it intensively. Hence, you should examine the battery status on a frequent basis to avoid frustrating battery problems.

In order to check the status, you have to long-press the Alt-tab and click on the battery tab present on the menu.

After this, a tab of advanced options will activate that will show one of the status results. These status results could be like Service Battery, Replace Now, Replace Soon, or Normal, arranged in the decreasing severity.

macbook battery status

Step 3: Start Your MacBook Again

As you all know, every technological device is prone to some glitches. That’s why there is a need for continuous reboots or updates.

Mac systems are vulnerable to hardware freeze, which can sometimes result in issues like ‘MacBook charger not working’ or ‘Macbook Pro not charging.’

Meanwhile, users can easily resolve this problem by executing some basic reboot steps as listed below:

  • Search for the Apple logo and tap on it on the screen’s left side.
  • Tap on the option ‘Restart’ that comes up on the screen.
  • Now, you need to wait for the reboot completion and verify the status of the issue related to the MacBook charging.
Restart Macbook

Step 4: SMC Reset

Here, the term ‘SMC‘ refers to the System Management Controller. As the name suggests, the SMC function comprises the management of the battery as well as the health status bars.

If you reset the SMC, it will help you in resolving the issue of ‘Macbook Pro not charging.’ Before you do so, you have first to examine whether the battery is non-removable or removable.

If you are using earlier models of Mac than 2009 or models having removable batteries, then go through the procedure mentioned below:

Steps to Resolve the Issue ‘MacBook Charger Not Working’:

In order to resolve the MacBook charger not working error, follow the steps:

Step 1: Switch off the System

Initially, you need to shut down your MacBook.

Step 2: Remove Your Battery

Next, you have to remove the battery of your Mac very gently.

Step 3: Hold the Power Tab

Now, you need to press and then hold the power button of your MacBook for around 5 seconds.

Step 4: Insert Your Battery

After that, you are all set to reinsert your MacBook’s battery into its place. Do this task carefully!

Step 5: Switch on the System

Now, you can power on your MacBook.

Step 6: Examine the Problem

After performing this task, you need to ensure that the issue of ‘Macbook Pro not charging’ is resolved or not.

SMC Reset to fix Macbook Pro Not Charging

In case you are using later models than 2009 or MacBook versions that come with non-removable batteries, follow the given instructions.

Steps to Fix the Problem ‘Macbook Pro Not Charging’:

To reset SMC on later models than 2009, go through the following simple steps:

Step 1: Switch off Your MacBook

In the first place, you need to power down your MacBook.

Step 2: Press the Following Keys together

Now, long-press the power tab and Shift-Control option simultaneously on your system for around 10 minutes.

Step 3: Switch on Your Mac

Next, you need to power on your system with the help of the Power tab after 10 seconds.

Step 4: Examine the Problem

In the end, you can see whether the issue ‘MacBook charger not working’ is resolved. If you are still struggling with it, you can go for the next method.

Step 5: Go for the Charging After the System Cools Down

The common fault with most technological devices or engines could be overheating. Due to the same reason, you could face the problem of ‘Macbook Pro not charging.’ Mac features an innovative defensive measure for preventing damage to the system.

Hence, MacBooks are designed specially to have thermal sensors, which restrict admittance to the battery automatically on detecting a potentially dangerous temperature rise.

To make sure of the speedy recovery of the battery access, it is recommended to shut down the system for some time and keep the system close to some cooling unit like a fan for faster heat dissipation.

In case you use your system in direct sunlight, then you should move away to a cooler and shady region from the direct sunlight till your Mac cools down.

Fix the Problem 'Macbook Pro Not Charging'

Step 6: Go to Apple Store

If nothing works for you, it is time that you should contact the Apple Store. This is the last option left to you for resolving the MacBook charger not working issue.

So, visit the local Apple Store or Apple repair center nearby you. By doing so, you will receive a professional opinion as well as a thorough checkup for the system. Also, it will increase the possibility of a quick fix with minimum or no damage risk.

In addition, if you are experiencing MacBook Pro Screen Flickering, don’t worry; here, we will explain how to fix this error and get your MacBook Pro working again.


  1. What is an SMC on a MacBook Pro? The System Management Controller (SMC) is a subsystem in Mac computers that controls power-related functions.
  2. How often should I update my MacBook Pro? It’s recommended to update your MacBook Pro whenever a new software update is available.
  3. What can I do if my MacBook Pro’s battery drains quickly? Try reducing screen brightness, closing unnecessary apps, and turning off dynamic wallpapers or graphics.
  4. Can a faulty power adapter stop my MacBook Pro from charging? Yes, a faulty power adapter or a damaged cable can prevent your MacBook Pro from charging.
  5. Is it harmful to leave my MacBook Pro charging overnight? As long as your MacBook’s battery is in good condition and the charging environment is safe, it’s typically fine to leave it charging overnight.


So, the main reason behind the problem of ‘Macbook Pro not charging’ could be due to several basic occurrences or faults. You can fix these basic faults on your own from the comfort of your house.

However, if you tried all the fixes mentioned here, it is recommended to visit the Apple Store for fixing the issue of the ‘MacBook charger not working’ professionally.

If you are looking for a tool to clean your system, then go with CleanMyMac. This tool will assist you in getting a faster system after cleaning your system thoroughly. So, download the application now!


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