Is Discord Used for Cheating? What Parents & Teachers Need to Know


By Jason

Discord Used For Cheating
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Discord is a popular communication app used by over 150 million people each month. With its text, voice, and video chat features, Discord enables seamless collaboration and engagement between various online communities and friend groups.

However, the app’s privacy and chat capabilities have led some parents and teachers to worry it may enable cheating. In this article, we’ll examine if Discord can be used for cheating and provide tips to prevent academic dishonesty.

How Discord’s Features Could Enable Cheating

Discord has several features that make it appealing for cheating if students have poor judgment:

  • Private servers – Students can create invite-only servers to privately collaborate. Teachers wouldn’t be able to view conversations.
  • Direct messaging – Students can DM each other answers and photos during an exam.
  • Voice channels – Cheating could occur verbally via voice chat. You can learn about using voice changer for Discord to know more about voice channels.
  • Screen sharing – Students could broadcast exam questions/answers to each other. Learn more about how to screen share on Discord.
  • Deleting messages – Students can delete incriminating messages after cheating interactions.

Academic Dishonesty Issues on Discord

There have been some reported instances of students using Discord for cheating:

  • College Board banned Discord during SAT exams after finding cheating networks.
  • High school students in New York were suspended in 2016 for using Discord to exchange exam answers.
  • Some students use Discord bots to anonymously request homework and test answers from peers. Find out how to add bots to Discord.

How to Prevent Cheating on Discord

While Discord has collaborative benefits, cheating undermines learning. Here are tips for parents and teachers:

  • Establish expectations – Discuss academic honesty rules and emphasize integrity.
  • Monitor usage – Periodically check in with students’ Discord activity. Join relevant servers. Here’s how to make a welcome channel on Discord.
  • Limit app during exams – Don’t allow Discord access or other chat apps during tests.
  • Follow honor codes – Ensure students understand and agree to honor code policies.
Prevent Cheating on Discord

Discord Can Also Enable Academic Collaboration

When used appropriately, Discord can enable beneficial academic collaboration and communication:

  • Study groups can discuss course concepts in voice channels.
  • Students can collaborate on group projects via screen sharing.
  • Class servers allow teachers to engage with students. Learn how to make rules in Discord.
  • Tutoring and homework help can be provided through direct messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can teachers see what students are doing on Discord?

No, teachers cannot directly monitor student chats on Discord unless a teacher has specifically been invited to join a Discord server. Therefore, teachers rely on student integrity and honor codes to prevent cheating. Learn about Discord ID Lookup.

Should students use Discord for school projects?

Discord can be beneficial for collaborating on group projects if students use it appropriately. However, students should follow a teacher’s guidelines regarding what apps are acceptable for academic work.

Can Discord be completely blocked while taking exams?

Teachers can request students close Discord and other chat apps during exams. However, it is difficult to completely prevent access to Discord on personal devices. Teachers must emphasize academic honesty policies. Check out this Discord unblocked website for school.

Are there ways to monitor a child’s Discord activity?

While parents cannot directly see a child’s chats, they can join their Discord servers to get a sense of the activity. Parents can also periodically spot check devices to review recent conversations.

Here’s how to tell if someone blocked you on Discord.

Can schools ban students from using Discord?

Schools typically avoid outright bans but may block Discord on school networks. They can prohibit use during exams and emphasize cheating will result in discipline. Student Discord use comes down to digital citizenship.

The Bottom Line

While Discord has the potential to enable cheating, there are also many positive academic uses. With reasonable precautions by parents and teachers, Discord can provide a means for students to productively collaborate beyond the classroom.


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