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iPhone stuck on iTunes logo

Errors on the phone can be a very annoying thing to deal with; it hurts, especially if you have sunk in quite a lot of money into it.

Seeing something showing common problems can hurt a lot to the user. The error we are talking about now is the iPhone is stuck on the iTunes logo.

The error can be so persistent on the screen; sometimes, getting rid of it off the screen will be hard.

Here, let’s go through why you see ‘iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes Screen.’ And what are the reasons that make this error happen on your device?

iPhone Stuck on iTunes Logo or on Connect to iTunes Screen

The Reason for ‘iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes Screen’

When the error iPhone stuck on the iTunes logo occurs on your screen, you won’t be able to access your phone anymore. It will rather get tough to get it to the screen, let alone fix the error. With an error of this caliber, how does it occur on your phone?

The main reason you see iPhone stuck on the iTunes logo on your phone is jailbreaking. When you fail to jailbreak your iPhone properly, this will trigger this error on the screen. This is not the only reason why you see this error on the screen.

Sometimes it occurs from a failed upgrade of the Operating system in the iPhone. Besides these two, there are many reasons why you see this error on your phone out of nowhere.

But the above-mentioned reason is involved in most cases that have the iPhone stuck on iTunes logo error attached to it. However, Apple itself has provided some solutions to fix the problem.

They suggest you restart the phone to solve the issue. If that doesn’t work, then reinstalling the iOS on the device will surely resolve the issue.

If applying these two rules didn’t fix the problem at hand, then you can try out the methods mentioned below to fix the problem. Each method will have various steps you need to follow to fix the error.

Method 1: Fix iPhone Stuck on iTunes Logo by Restart

The first method includes the basic solution to fix any problem in the device. Ehre, it is no different. Sometimes hitting restart is the best way to turn the phone back to normal.

If you face the iPhone stuck on iTunes logo error on newer iPhone models, you just hit restart.

But if you see this error on the older model of iPhones, you have to hold the Sleep + Home button simultaneously for 10 seconds to make the restart happen. For iPhone 7 users, press Sleep + Volume Down for 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo.

restart iPhone

Restarting always tunes everything back to the normal phrase, especially if the problem is at the starting stage. Quickly hitting restart often fixes the problem before the problem spreads to wider areas of the phone.

Try this method to fix the problem. It may work out for you; if it doesn’t, you can switch to other options.

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Method 2: Fix iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes Screen by Reinstalling iOS

If restarting doesn’t work out for you, you must take the high road and reinstall the iOS. The task will seem immense to some people, but in a way, it is. Don’t worry.

Follow the steps below to properly install the iOS on the phone without messing it up. A quick note beforehand, this will clear all the data on your phone.

If you want your data to be safe, make sure to back it up before a complete reinstall of the iOS.

  • First, you need to connect your PC via a USB cable. Make sure both parts of the USB cable are well connected.
  • Now put the iPhone into recovery mode. In this phase, you will see a message saying, “There’s a problem with the iPhone [your device name] that requires it to be updated or restored.”
update iOS firmware
  • Click on Update to start the process of reinstallation of the iOS. No worries; you will not lose any data during this part of the operation. Don’t click on Restore, or your phone will stop reinstalling and switch back to a previous restore point.
  • After the reinstallation, your phone will be as new as the day you bought it.

If you still see the ‘iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes Screen’ on your phone. Then move on to the next method of the line.

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Method 3: Fix iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes Screen by Tenorshare ReiBoot

Tenorshare is another excellent software that you can use to fix the iPhone screen unresponsive; iPhone is stuck on the iTunes logo error without having to lose any of your data in progress.

You can try Tenorshare ReiBoot for free to put your iPhone into recovery mode with just one click.

Steps on Fix Stuck Issue with ReiBoot

  • First, you will need to install the Tenorshare ReiBoot on your computer. Then you have to install it. If you are facing any issues during the software installation, the problem could be the firewall on your computer or the antivirus. If that is the case, just allow the software to run through them. Then try reinstalling the setup on your computer again.
  • The second step is connecting your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable. Make sure there is no loose end on both sides. Here you will have three options on the screen. Click on ‘Enter Recovery Mode.’ These options will deal with the iPhone stuck on the iTunes logo error you are facing on your phone.
Tenorshare ReiBoot
Tenorshare ReiBoot Enter   Recovery Mode
  • Once your phone is connected, you will see a confirmation message on the screen saying your computer has detected the device on your computer.
  • The software will immediately pick up the phone and detect all the device details.
  • Right-click on the Exit Recovery Mode on the main screen to get your iPhone out of iTunes.
Tenorshare ReiBoot
Tenorshare ReiBoot Exit Recovery Mode

If this one didn’t work out for you, then move on to the next one on the line.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How long does the restoration process take? The duration of the restoration process depends on several factors, such as the speed of your computer, the size of your iPhone’s data, and the stability of your internet connection. It can take anywhere froma few minutes to an hour.
  2. Will I lose my data if I restore my iPhone? Yes, restoring your iPhone using iTunes erases all data on your device. It’s crucial to have a recent backup of your iPhone’s data before performing a restore.
  3. What should I do if the issue persists after following the troubleshooting methods? If the problem persists even after attempting the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this article, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance from an authorized service center or an experienced technician.
  4. Can I fix the problem without using a computer? Unfortunately, most of the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this article require the use of a computer and iTunes. However, you can try force restarting your iPhone and checking the USB cable and port as initial steps.
  5. Is there a way to back up my iPhone before attempting the troubleshooting steps? Yes, you can back up your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud before attempting any troubleshooting steps. This ensures that your data is safe in case you need to restore your device.


Seeing the iPhone stuck on the iTunes logo is heartbreaking for anyone who spends lots of money on the phone, seeing the logo getting stuck at the initial stage of the phone loading up.

So follow the methods above to find the right solution that fixes your problem instead of holding on to the problem because that will make the problem much bigger and might damage the phone from ever booting up.

So quickly apply the right fix to the ‘iPhone Stuck on Connect to iTunes Screen’ problem before the phone takes any more damage to its software aspect of the phone.


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