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How to Fix The ‘iPhone Network Not Available’ Issue?


Written by Jack Lin

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iPhone Network Not Available

Sometimes, when you try connecting your cellular data, the iPhone Network Not Available problem shows up.

When you are not connected to a consistent Wi-Fi network, you are inclined to use your cellular data on a mobile device.

In fact, it is quite safe to use your cellular data rather than using a random network connection.

However, most users face the issue ‘iPhone Network Not Available,’ which could be very frustrating.

So, what should you do if your iPhone network does not show up? Do not worry, as this can be fixed. Here are some amazing ways to fix this annoying issue!

Part 1: Top 10 Common Methods to Resolve iPhone Network Not Available

In many situations, users can resolve the issue of ‘iPhone Network Not Available’ with just a few taps. Here’s a list of some common methods to get this annoying issue fixed.

Method 1: Switch Off/On Your Cellular Data

It is the simplest solution to fix this error. This method helps in rectifying potential issues linked to cellular data. To resolve ‘iPhone Network Not Available,’ follow the instructions listed below.

  • 1: Visit ‘Settings‘ on your mobile device and click on the ‘Mobile Data‘ option.
  • 2: Click on the switch located next to ‘Mobile Data’ to switch it off.
  • 3: Now, click on the same switch for switching on your cellular data after some seconds.
Switch Off/On Your Cellular Data

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Method 2: Start Your Smartphone Again

If you cannot get the issue ‘iPhone Network Not Available’ fixed by switching on/off your cellular data, then try this method. Try fixing this annoying issue by restarting your mobile device.

In fact, restarting your phone can resolve various basic glitches linked to iOS. Follow the steps to restart your smartphone based on your iPhone model.

iPhone X or Recent Versions:

Users who have iPhone X or recent versions should follow these steps.

  • 1: First, press and grip one of the volume tabs and the Side tab until you see a slider on your screen.
  • 2: Now, drag that slider to switch off your device completely.
  • 3: Once you have turned off your device, press and grip the Side tab again until the Apple icon shows up.

iPhone 8 or Previous versions:

Users who own iPhone 8 or the previous version should go with the following steps.

  • 1: Initially, press and grip the Side/Top tab to see a slider on the screen.
  • 2: After that, drag the slider to switch off your device. After the device has been switched off, wait for some minutes.
  • 3: Now, press the Side or Top button, and hold the same again to see the Apple logo on the screen.
Start Your Smartphone Again

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Method 3: Upgrade iOS Version

If the issue of ‘iPhone Network Not Available’ has not been resolved with the above methods, try updating the iOS version.

If you do not know how to update iOS on your iPhone, keep reading the instructions.

  • 1: In the first place, plug the device into power. Then, connect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network to access a reliable internet connection.
  • 2: Visit ‘Settings‘ on your phone and navigate to the ‘General‘ tab.
  • 3: Click on the ‘Software Update‘ option.
  • 4: After that, you have to click on the ‘Download and Install‘ option.
  • 5: Click on ‘Install‘ to update the iOS version. If asked, you need to put in your device’s passcode.
Upgrade iOS Version

Method 4: Examine Carrier Update

You may come across the ‘iPhone Network Not Available’ problem if you have not recently performed the carrier update.

For this, you can connect to your carrier and understand how you can carry out an update if there is available. If you have an update, then you will be alerted with the ‘OK‘ tab.

Examine Carrier Update

By the way, what if your iPhone is disabled, don’t worry; here are the best solutions for you.

Method 5: Turn On/Off Airplane Mode

This method is a basic solution to fix ‘iPhone Network Not Available’ for fixing your cellular network; go through the following instructions.

  • 1: Initially, navigate to your device’s ‘Control Center.’ After that, click on the symbol that looks like an airplane. If not, then just simply visit the ‘Settings‘ application and choose ‘Airplane Mode‘ to switch it on.
  • 2: After some seconds, click on the same Airplane tab to switch it off. Now see if the problem still persists on your device.
Turn On/Off Airplane Mode

Method 6: Try Resetting Network Settings

This method is also an easy one to fix the issue of ‘iPhone Network Not Available’. Here, you have to reset your device’s network settings. Follow the instructions given below:

  • 1: Visit ‘Settings‘ on your iPhone and click the ‘General‘ tab.
  • 2: Next, you have to choose the ‘Reset‘ option and then visit the ‘Reset Settings‘ of your network.
Try Resetting Network Settings

While carrying out this solution, you should note that this method will reset all the APN, Bluetooth, VPN settings, and all your Wi-Fi networks along with the cellular settings. So, it is better to write down or back up the passwords before you opt for this solution.

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Method 7: Reset Every Setting on Your Device

If resetting the network settings does not help you fix ‘iPhone Network Not Available,’ then you should try resetting all your iPhone’s settings. To perform this method, you need to follow some simple steps listed below.

  • 1: Initially, you need to visit ‘Settings‘ from your device’s home screen and then click on the ‘General‘ tab.
  • 2: Next, you have to press the ‘Reset‘ option that you will find at the bottom of your screen.
  • 3: Select the ‘Reset All Settings‘ option and put in your passcode if asked.
Reset Every Setting on Your Device

Method 8: Resolve the Issue by Disabling LTE

To fix the ‘iPhone Network Not Available’ problem, you can try disabling LTE. This helps to fix issues related to cellular data. It is quite easy to carry out this method.

  • 1: Visit ‘Settings’ on your device from its home screen. After that, click on the option ‘Cellular‘ from there.
  • 2: Now, you will see several options, such as Data Roaming, LTE, and Cellular Data.
  • 3: Next, click on a slider featuring ‘Enable LTE.’ You will notice that this option has transformed into white color.
Resolve the iPhone Network Not Available Issue by Disabling LTE

Also, if you like accessing faster internet, you should keep this feature switched on all the time.

Method 9: Toggle Off/On Voice Roaming

Turning off the Voice Roaming option and switching it back on may resolve some minor glitches linked to the cellular network. So, you can give this method a try. To do so, go through the instructions listed below.

  • 1: Visit the ‘Settings‘ tab from your home screen. Then, choose the ‘Cellular’ option to explore various options related to Cellular Data.
  • 2: Click on the ‘Roaming‘ option.
  • 3: Next, you have to click on the toggle present next to ‘Voice Roaming.’ This will switch off that option.
  • 4: After some seconds, you need to click on that switch again to switch it on. Now, see if the ‘iPhone Network Not Available‘ problem is still there.
Toggle Off/On Voice Roaming to fix iPhone Network Not Available

Method 10: Examine Data Roaming to Fix iPhone Network Not Available

When you visit another country, the cellular data on your device does not work. In that case, you have to check the Data Roaming option.

  • 1: Visit ‘Settings‘ on your device and choose the ‘Cellular‘ option.
  • 2: After that, visit the options of Cellular Data and examine whether they are turned on.
  • 3: You have to turn on those options and check if it helps in fixing the issue of ‘iPhone Network Not Available.’
Examine Data Roaming to fix iPhone Network Not Available

Part 2: Best Method to Resolve iPhone Network Not Available

If you cannot get rid of the issue ‘iPhone Network Not Available’ using the common methods mentioned above, then the problem may be more serious than you are thinking.

However, you should not panic as we have the best method to fix the problem ‘iPhone Network Not Available.’ You need a professional tool, such as iToolab FixGo, to fix this issue.

Users can go for this amazing tool to resolve various glitches linked to the iOS system. This professional tool can resolve issues, such as the iPhone caught spinning around, the Apple logo, recovery mode, the black screen and the white screen of death, and many more.

So, you can use this reliable tool for resolving issues related to the cellular network. This program is trusted by various professional sites.

Steps to Resolve iPhone Network Not Available Using iToolab FixGo:

To fix issues like ‘Family Member Not Showing in Screen Time,’ users need to follow some simple instructions listed below. They can resolve this problem with the tool’s standard mode.

#1: In the first place, connect the smartphone to your system, where you have installed FixGo. Now, select ‘Fix Now‘ to fix the issue.


#2: Next, you need to put your device into Recovery/DFU Mode.

#3: Tap on the ‘Start‘ tab. When you enter the Recovery or DFU Mode, the tool will search for the perfect firmware for the device automatically. Now, click on the ‘Download‘ tab, and it will get it installed hassle-free.

Download Firmware

#4: After downloading the firmware, you need to select the ‘Repair Now‘ tab. The tool will then scan the firmware and resolve problems related to your iOS.

Fix iPhone Network Not Available with FixGo


1. Why does my iPhone say “No Service”? Your iPhone might say “No Service” due to various reasons such as poor signal, SIM card issue, or even a software glitch. Try the solutions provided in this guide to fix the issue.

2. How do I reset my network settings on my iPhone? To reset your network settings, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Be aware that this will erase all your network settings and restore them to factory defaults.

3. Can a software update fix network issues? Yes, a software update can often fix network issues. Apple frequently releases updates that improve the overall performance of your iPhone and fix known issues, including network problems.

4. What do I do if my SIM card is causing network issues? If you suspect your SIM card is causing network issues, remove it and inspect it for damage. If it’s damaged or if reinserting it doesn’t solve the issue, contact your service provider.

5. What if none of the solutions worked? If none of the solutions provided in this guide work, it’s best to contact Apple Support or your service provider. They can help diagnose and fix the issue.


So, these are some of the effective methods to get rid of the issue of ‘iPhone Network Not Available‘ on your mobile device. Go through these solutions carefully and try a method that best suits you.

While doing so, ensure that you choose a completely safe and reliable option. We recommend you go with iToolab FixGo for fixing your iPhone issues. Download this professional tool now and get rid of all the iOS problems.


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