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What is IAStorDataSvc and How to Prevent Its High CPU Consumption?


Written by Jack Lin

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Introduction to IAStorDataSvc

What is IAStorDataSvc?

IAStorDataSvc, or Intel’s Storage Data Service, is a system component found on computers with Intel motherboards.

It’s part of the Intel Rapid Storage Technology which helps to improve the performance of your SATA hard drive or if you’re using an SSD, it provides better power management. It runs as a background service in Windows and ordinarily, it should consume little resources.

Importance of IAStorDataSvc

The IAStorDataSvc service aids in the rapid access and storage of data on your machine. You can think of it like a traffic controller at a busy intersection, helping data move quickly and efficiently from one component to another. Its function is key for those with heavy data processing needs.

Understanding IAStorDataSvc High CPU Consumption

Reasons for High CPU Usage

Now, you might be wondering, if IAStorDataSvc is such a hero, why does it sometimes cause high CPU consumption? Typically, IAStorDataSvc should only use a small percentage of your CPU. However, outdated drivers, corrupt files, or other software conflicts can cause it to go rogue and start hogging more CPU than it should.

Impact of High CPU Consumption

When IAStorDataSvc starts consuming more CPU, your computer might become sluggish, applications may freeze, and your system might overheat. Imagine the traffic controller has gone haywire, causing a massive traffic jam!


Let’s move on to the solutions that you can try to manage the software better.

Uninstalling the IAStorDataSvc Software

Mostly, the decision to uninstallation of IAStorDataSvc is the easiest one to perform, and this can actually help you get rid of the problem if the software has some serious faults.

So we are going to give you the steps to follow if you want to proceed with uninstalling the software.

1. Press the keys Windows + R together. This will launch the Run box.

2. Enter the command appwiz.cpl. Now hit OK.


3. A list will emerge now showing all the programs installed on the PC. Navigate through the list and find the option of Intel Rapid Storage Technology.

4. Hit double-click on the option. Select the option – Uninstall.

Uninstalling the IAStorDataSvc software

5. The software now stands uninstalled, and all its functions will cease operating on the PC.

If you want to keep the software but do not want it running, then disabling the services it runs on the PC can be one option to try.

However, this doesn’t guarantee full error troubleshooting. The best option is to fully remove the software since you can re-install it anytime you want.

Note: Once you are done with the above uninstallation process, do not forget to delete all the junk files related to the software. Leaving such files can cause them to become corrupted later and cause more errors.

Changing and Updating the Intel Driver

If you decide not to lose the IAStorDataSvc software, the best option is to fix the program first to prevent it from using a high amount of CPU storage.

One way to do that is by updating the Intel Chipset SATA RAID Controller driver.

Follow the Steps Given Below to Do That:

1. Press the keys Windows + R together. This will launch the Run box.

2. Enter the command appwiz.cpl. Now hit OK.


3. A list will emerge now showing all the programs installed on the PC. Navigate through the list and find the option of Intel Rapid Storage Technology.

4. Hit double-click on the option. Select the option – Uninstall.

Uninstalling the software

5. This will remove the software from the PC.

Now once you are done with the uninstallation process, reboot the PC. The next step would be to visit the website of Intel Rapid Storage Technology and open its download page.

From here, select the particular operating system that you are using. This will fetch you a list of all the downloads available for your Windows version.

Select the option of downloading and installing the software. Run them now, and you will see that the issue stands fixed.

Changing and updating the Intel driver

If the above method didn’t work well for you or you get confused, you can get just the website of your system’s manufacturer. Here you can search for the appropriate drivers that you could not find earlier.

The website’s download section must list the relevant product for you as they already know the system’s configuration, and they will suggest suitable software for it.

Update Intel Driver with Driver Easy

Do you also find updating the system drivers manually very tiresome or difficult? If the answer is yes, you can get help from certain third-party tools that give professional support and make the entire task very easy. Driver Easy is one such tool that will do the job for you.

The program performs automatic detection of the necessary drivers and downloads them too. You can also update the outdated and missing drivers with the latest version available in very less time.

All it will take is a couple of clicks, and you will be through the update of your device drivers.

Update Driver with Driver Easy to Fix IAStorDataSvc Issue

The Driver Easy software has a professional version that has a lot of amazing additional features for the convenience of the users, along with providing the feature that allows you to update all the drivers of your device in one go.

You can also create backups for your drivers and restore them later quickly for access anytime in the future.

It also has very professional tech experts and a support team backing up, which will help you with anything related to your system drivers.

Another great offer with the tool is that you can get a refund within 30 days of the purchase if the services are not to your satisfaction.

Disabling the Services to Fix IAStorDataSvc Issue

Suppose the option of uninstallation of IAStorDataSvc doesn’t go well with you, and you don’t want to update the drivers either, as the process is too tedious for you.

In that case, disabling the Intel software services will be the best for you.

To do that, follow the steps that we give below:

1. Press the keys Windows + R together. This will launch the Run box.

2. Enter the command services.msc. Now hit OK.


3. Now press the key I (to search for Intel). This will pop up all the options that start from me, and this way, you will be able to locate the Intel Rapid Storage Technology option faster. Now hit double-click over it.

4. Open the box Startup type and set it to Disabled. Once you have made these changes, click the tab Apply and then hit OK to save all the changes.

Disabling the services

5. Now exit the Services window.

If these methods helped you out, then it’s great. However, if they didn’t, then let us give you some other solutions that might prove useful.

By the way, here is everything about nvdisplay.container.exe for your reference.

Uninstall the Antivirus Software from the PC

Sometimes the culprit behind the system errors is the antivirus software that you have installed on your PC. It mistakenly suspects IAStorDataSvc software to be malware and puts it on the blacklist.

You have to check the system for this only and stop the antivirus program from doing that. The users that uninstalled the AVG and Norton antivirus program reported the resolution of the issue. You can also try doing the same and see if it helps.

Change the BIOS Settings

This is one last method that you can try, as has been reported by the users, to give successful results. They tried changing the SATA controller’s settings and setting it to AHCI under the BIOS section.

However, we suggest you take caution while doing this and be fully aware of all the steps associated with this method. Any mistake can land your system serious trouble, as changing the BIOS settings into the wrong configuration can generate serious errors in the PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is IAStorDataSvc? IAStorDataSvc is a system service related to Intel’s Rapid Storage Technology.
  2. Why is IAStorDataSvc using so much of my CPU? High CPU usage by IAStorDataSvc is often due to outdated drivers, corrupt files, or software conflicts.
  3. How can I reduce IAStorDataSvc’s CPU usage? You can try updating your Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers, or if necessary, disabling IAStorDataSvc.
  4. Is it safe to disable IAStorDataSvc? Disabling IAStorDataSvc could slow down data processing and potentially affect system stability.
  5. How can I permanently disable IAStorDataSvc? You can disable IAStorDataSvc permanently from the System Configuration window.


IAStorDataSvc plays a key role in your system’s data handling capability. But when it starts consuming too much CPU, it can bring your system to a crawl. Understanding what IAStorDataSvc is and how to manage its resource usage can help you keep your computer running smoothly.


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