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How to Unlock iPhone When Screen Is Broken?


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Unlock iPhone When Screen Is Broken

Many of our regular readers inquire about how to unlock iPhone with a broken screen.

If you have come across the same issue and wonder how to overcome it, keep reading.

This content will explain how to unlock an iPhone screen even if its screen is broken.

Option 1: How to Unlock iPhone When the Screen is Broken – iToolab UnlockGo

Let’s get to the main point – how to unlock iPhone when the screen is broken? Well, in this section of our article, we explain how to get it done with a professional tool. The tool we use here is iToolab UnlockGo.

Many users consider UnlockGo to be one of the best solutions in the modern-day market. This tool lets you access your iPhone no matter if you have lost the passcode. This tool is designed to be a very friendly one, even for a total beginner.

Thanks to its smart algorithm, it can unlock your device within a couple of minutes even if you are bothered with the question of how to unlock an iPhone with an unresponsive screen.

Features of iToolab UnlockGo (iOS)

  • This tool can unlock any iPhone, no matter if it has a broken or cracked screen.
  • It can even unlock disabled iOS devices as well.
  • This software is well compatible with any type of passcode. That means it can remove 4-digit passcodes, Touch ID, and Face ID passwords from your phone.
  • It can be used to remove the screen locks on your iPhone without having the passcode.
  • The unlocking process takes only a couple of minutes.
  • You can remove the Apple ID on any activated device if you have forgotten the iCloud credentials.
  • This application works perfectly and smoothly with all iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, and iPad).

How to Unlock iPhone When Screen Is Broken Through UnlockGo

Now, let’s use iToolab UnlockGo and unlock your iPhone even if it has a broken screen.

  • First, go to iToolab’s official website and download UnlockGo on a PC. Then, get it installed and launch it to see the home screen. After that, please choose the “Unlock Screen Passcode” option.
UnlockGo - Screen Unlocker
  • Then, you should put your device into “Recovery Mode” or “DFU Mode” by following the instructions below so that it can be detected. And then connect the faulty device to the same PC.
unlockgo iphone dfu mode
  • Make sure that you check the device’s details. If they are wrong, just rectify them manually. After that, you can download the firmware package for the device simply by hitting the “Download” button.
unlockgo prepare to download firmware
  • At the downloading is completed, please click on “Unlock Now” as well.
unlockgo firmware downloaded
  • Once you have done the extraction, the unlocking will begin. Then, wait for a couple of minutes.
unlockgo unlocking device

That’s How to unlock iPhone when the screen is broken. And this is a very simple and straightforward process.

PS: we will learn more about how to backup locked iPhones.

Option 2: Use Tenorshare 4uKey and Unlock the iPhone Screen

If your device is experiencing an issue due to a damaged, unresponsive, or disabled screen, here’s another solution.

As per this method, we are using another professional third-party app designed to unlock iPhones with a disabled screen. The name of this tool is Tenorshare 4uKey.

The same tool can even be used to unlock the screens if you have forgotten the passcode. So, learning how to use this tool and unlock an iPhone will be very handy.

Mentioned below is how to perform a screen unlock using Tenorshare 4uKey.

  • First of all, download Tenorshare 4uKey on a computer and install it to proceed. Then, launch the program so you can see its home screen.
  • Once you have done that, you should connect the faulty or locked iPhone to the same PC. Make sure that you use a genuine USB cable to establish an uninterrupted connection.
  • Now, Tenorshare 4uKey will identify the device. Just tap on the “Start” to proceed.
Tenorshare 4uKey
  • You can get the latest firmware to perform the required changes on the device. Just choose a location to save the files and click on the option called “Download.”
Download firmware with 4uKey to unlock iPhone when screen is broken
  • Once the firmware download is completed, hit the option called “Unlock Now” so it will be unlocked.
How to Unlock iPhone When Screen Is Broken Using 4uKey

Please note that the process might take a couple of minutes. But, once the process is completed, you can access the device without any restriction whatsoever.

Option 3: Use Default Features to Unlock a Broken Screen

In Option 01 and Option 02, we explained how to use two professional third-party tools.

However, if you don’t want to use those tools and look for a basic solution, read this section. If you are lucky enough, one of the below-mentioned solutions might fix the error.

1. Use Find My Phone and Erase the Device

You can also use the Find My Phone option and erase your device as a solution. But, this method will be successful only if you have signed up for an iCloud account.

Also, the Find My Phone feature should be enabled on your device. If both the requirements are fulfilled, you can proceed with the steps below and unlock the device.

  • First, go to the iCloud website using a computer. Then, sign in to the iCloud account through the Apple ID and the respective password.
  • Now, in your iCloud account, just click on the option called “Find iPhone.”
Find My iPhone on iCloud
  • At the top of the screen, click on the option called “All Devices” and choose your device.
how to unlock iPhone when screen is broken Using iCloud
  • Please click on the “Erase iPhone” option after choosing the device.
Use Find My iPhone and erase the device
  • You will be able to see a popup now. Just click on “Erase,” so that will confirm the deletion.

2. Restore the Device Using iTunes

It is possible to use iTunes to restore a backup on your iOS device. However, to make it happen, you should have synchronized the iPhone with iTunes on the PC.

Also, it is mandatory to use a PC that is previously trusted by the device. As a result, you will not have to enter a passcode to perform this action.

  • First, you should connect the faulty iPhone to the trusted/synchronized computer. Then, open iTunes and click on Summary, which is located at the top of the screen.
  • You should click on “Check for Updates.” Now, iTunes will display any new software updates for your iPhone.
Restore the device using iTunes
  • You should click on “Restore” and then follow the onscreen instructions. That will guide you towards the completion of the process.
  • Once it is prompted, you can backup the iPhone to proceed.
  • You can then select the option labeled “Restore from iTunes Backup.” Then, set up the iPhone according to that.
how to unlock iPhone when screen is broken Using iTunes

3. Use Siri and Access Your Device through It

Siri is another default option you can go for if your device’s screen is disabled, damaged, or frozen. Here’s how to use it.

  • First, activate Siri simply by performing a long press on the Home button of the device.
  • Then, command Siri to “Turn on VoiceOver.” This will give access to the respective iPhone in a different manner if the screen doesn’t work.
  • Now, turn off Siri and open the unlock screen by pressing the Home button once again.
  • Just swipe it left or right and select the option called “Slide to Unlock.” After that, double-tap on it.
  • Now, the passcode page will open. Swipe towards the side so the right digit will be highlighted. To select the digit, double-tap on it. Repeat this until you enter the passcode.
  • Now, swipe to select the “Enter” button and perform a double click once again.

4. Plug an External Keyboard

If available, you can plug an external keyboard into the faulty device and type the passcode. You should use a lightning adapter with a wired USB keyboard to do this. In fact, this solution is ideal if the screen is broken, and you know the passcode.

  • First, you should connect the external keyboard to the faulty iPhone through a genuine lighting cable.
  • Perform a double-click on the Spacebar, and that will launch the lock screen.
  • Now, you should enter the passcode to unlock the device.

If you have paired a Bluetooth keyboard with the same device, you can use it to unlock the device. However, to make it happen, your iPhone must have an active Bluetooth connection currently.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth keyboard so it will be paired with the iPhone.  
  • Then, double click on the Spacebar and launch the device’s lock screen to proceed.
  • Now, enter the passcode so the device will be unlocked.

Is It Possible to Trust a Computer Through Your iPhone if It Has a Damaged Screen?

Well, in simplest terms, it is impossible to do that. That is because broken or cracked screens don’t allow you to tap the Trust button.

You cannot even restore the backups if the device’s screen is broken. So, the only solution is to replace the broken screen with the assistance of an authorized technician.


Q1: Can I unlock my iPhone with a broken screen without losing my data?

A1: Unlocking an iPhone with a broken screen may involve data loss, especially if you use methods like remote erasure or restoration through iTunes. It’s crucial to have a backup of your data beforehand to minimize any potential loss.

Q2: Will Apple unlock my iPhone if the screen is broken?

A2: Apple does provide unlocking services, even if your iPhone’s screen is broken. It’s recommended to visit an authorized service provider or an Apple Store to seek professional assistance.

Q3: Is it possible to replace a broken iPhone screen myself?

A3: While it’s technically possible to replace a broken iPhone screen yourself, it’s a complex process that requires specialized tools and expertise. It’s generally recommended to have the screen replaced by a professional technician.

Q4: How can I back up my iPhone if the screen is broken?

A4: If your iPhone’s screen is broken, you can still back up your data by connecting it to a computer with iTunes or Finder. These applications allow you to create a backup of your device without relying on the screen.

Q5: How can I prevent my iPhone screen from breaking in the future?

A5: To prevent your iPhone screen from breaking, consider using a protective case and a tempered glass screen protector. These accessories can provide an additional layer of protection against accidental drops and impacts.


Dealing with a broken iPhone screen can be stressful, but it doesn’t mean you’re locked out of your device permanently. By following the methods outlined in this article, you can unlock your iPhone and regain access to your valuable data. Whether you use Siri, Find My iPhone, iTunes, or seek professional help, remember to prioritize the safety of your data and choose the method that suits your needs best.


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