How to Unlink iPhones from Apple ID With Different Ways


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How to Unlink iPhones With Different Ways

So, how to unlink iPhones from Apple ID? This becomes important to learn if you have bought a second-hand device and the previous owner forgot to remove his account, you would not be able to log in with your account.

Apple has held a contemporary industry and offered the world exquisite devices and handsets featuring advanced specifications and features for all to savor. The most amazing and popular phone brand across the globe is the iPhone due to various reasons. Everyone acknowledges and appreciates the security practice of iOS devices that Apple follows for all.

Apple is known for offering its own OS and covering its own safety protocol covered with the cloud service. Apple establishes an Apple ID, which offers uniqueness to the iOS device itself. Plus, it enables users to function properly.

In simpler terms, Apple ID is famous for linking the interface with all the data over the iPad or iPhone. Now, it is time to learn how to unlink iPhones from the older Apple ID.

Users may have witnessed a range of solutions that would’ve provided a way to unlink an iPhone from an Apple ID. However, these solutions come with some drawbacks. In that case, it is best to go with professional, third-party apps that feature impressive services to protect your device and carry out the operation.

However, it is quite necessary that you select the most appropriate tool as there are so many applications available out there. To ease you out, we introduce a professional tool that lets you unlink your device, Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS). It is a part of Dr.Fone toolkit, where Dr.Fone is ensured to offer the best services. Using this Screen Unlock tool, users can delink their iOS devices properly.

Dr.Fone comes with various amazing features that make this tool the best of all. How to unlink iPhones? It can be done using this tool. Some of these features are listed below:

Unique Features of Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock:

  • Users can unlock their iPhones (how to unlock iPhone 7) easily by just slipping them from memory.
  • The tool offers some active tools that assist you in protecting your iPhone from the disabling condition.
  • One can use this program for unlocking all types of iPod Touch, iPads, and iPhones.
  • It is compatible with the latest iOS versions.
  • To unlock their devices, users do not need iTunes.
  • To use this program, there is no need to have any technical expertise.

Dr.Fone is the perfect option to unlink your device if you are still wondering how to unlink iPhones from the Apple ID. However, it’s important that you learn its operation. This will help you in catering to the entire process with ease.

So, here is a stepwise guide that will explain the entire unlinking process, where you do not need any password to unlink your device when using this tool.

Step 1: Connect the device

First, download the application from its official website. Install the tool and then connect your iOS device to the system using a lightning cable. After that, you have to choose the feature ‘Screen Unlock‘ present on the platform’s home interface.


Step 2: Start the Process

From the next window, you have to choose the feature ‘Unlock Apple ID‘ from the given options for initiating the process of unlinking the Apple account from your iPhone.

Dr.Fone – Unlock Apple ID

Step 3: Tap on ‘Trust’

While accessing the iPad or iPhone, you may receive a notification regarding trusting your computer. Click on ‘Trust‘ from the dialog box. Once done, proceed further.

Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS)

Step 4: Open ‘Settings’

Visit ‘Settings‘ on your iPhone and initiate the reboot process by going through the instructions coming up on the screen. The unlinking procedure will begin immediately once rebooting starts.

Reset Your Device

Step 5: Unlinking the Device

After that, the unlinking process will be executed and presented as the prompt windows on your computer screen. Once this process is over, the existing Apple ID will be unlinked from the device successfully.

Dr.Fone Remove Apple ID

PS: let’s figure out how to easily perform iCloud unlock free.

There are various conventional ways that you can adopt to unlink your device from the existing Apple ID. One of the common ways to unlink an iPhone is to access the device’s Settings. Also, it is so easy to do that. However, the process follows a specific protocol that you need to cover efficiently.

Besides, if you are experiencing issues like Apple ID verification failed, here are the top solutions for you.

To unlink your device, go through the instructions listed below:

Step 1: Visit Settings

In the first place, unlock your device and visit its ‘Settings‘. From the next window, you need to look for a tab saying your name on the screen’s top. From there, you have to select the option ‘iTunes & Apple Store‘ for proceeding further.

Step 2: Enter the Apple ID

After that, you have to select your Apple ID. Then, enter the password if prompted to do so. Once you have entered the password, keep scrolling down to look for the ‘Remove This Device‘ option under iTunes in the Cloud‘ section and tap on it.

How to Unlink iPhonesDirectly from the Device

Step 3: Enter Credentials on the Website

Click on the corresponding tab that will take users to the outside website of Apple ID using a dialog box. In the next window, you need to enter your user ID and password. Once logged in successfully, click on ‘Devices‘ to open up the series of connected devices with the Apple account.

Next, you need to select the phone that you like to eliminate from the existing Apple ID. Once selected, choose the ‘Remove‘ option from the given ones to confirm your action. Now, you have successfully unlinked your Apple ID from your device.

Another traditional way that you can consider unlocking your iPhone from its corresponding Apple ID is through iTunes. This is a cohesive platform that features a wide range of applied applications for users. Using iTunes, users can manage their files and data efficiently.

If you are wondering about how to unlink iPhones, iTunes can offer effective services for that. To unlink your device using iTunes, the following guide can help.

Step 1: Download the Platform

Firstly, you must download iTunes on your computer. Install and launch this program to unlink your device from its Apple ID efficiently.

Step 2: Select ‘View My Account’

From the main interface of iTunes, users have to click on the ‘Account‘ option. After that, they need to choose the ‘View My Account‘ option for logging in using their Apple account and password. Once the device authenticates automatically, users will be redirected to another tab.

How to Unlink iPhonesRemotely Using iTunes

Step 3: Tap on ‘Manage Devices’

Users have to look for the ‘Manage Devices‘ from the options given there. This will open up a list of various devices connected to that particular Apple ID. Now, users need to look for the phone that they want to unlink. Once found, tap on the ‘Remove‘ option to unlink that device.

How to Unlink iPhonesRemotely Using iTunes

After that, your iPhone will be removed successfully. Now, the device is no longer linked to your Apple ID.

Tip: Fix Your iPhone when It Continues to Receive One Another’s Texts after Unlinking Devices

Despite unlinking your device successfully from the older Apple account, there are cases that claimed the retrieval of texts even after executing the entire unlinking process. There could be a slight possibility that your Apple account has not been entirely disassociated from your device and is linked to it somehow.

In such cases, you can undertake some tests and confirm the phone efficiently unlinking from the previous Apple account.

The basic reason could be iCloud connected with iMessage as the same ID is employed for this feature. To counter the problem, you can follow the following two directions.

  • Visit ‘Settings‘ on your iPhone. From there, select the ‘Messages‘ tab and then click on ‘Send & Receive‘. In the next tab, look for your ID. Now, sign out from the previous Apple ID. Then, sign in using different credentials.
  • Also, you can open the phone’s ‘Settings‘ and look for the tab ‘Messages‘. Choose the ‘Send & Receive‘ option and then uncheck email addresses that show “You can be reached my iMessage at:” over both devices.

Now, you have to make sure that the same Apple accounts are not linked to FaceTime, which makes one user get the FaceTime call.


1. Will unlinking my iPhone from my Apple ID delete all my data? No, unlinking your iPhone from your Apple ID will not delete your data. However, if you choose to erase all content and settings, it will remove all apps, media, and personal data from your device.

2. Can I unlink my iPhone from Apple ID without signing out? No, signing out of your Apple ID is a necessary step to unlink your iPhone from the account. It ensures that your device is no longer associated with your Apple ID and its associated services.

3. Can I link my iPhone to a different Apple ID after unlinking it? Yes, after unlinking your iPhone from your Apple ID, you can sign in with a different Apple ID if desired. This allows you to associate the device with a new account.

4. Will unlinking my iPhone from my Apple ID remove it from Find My iPhone? Yes, removing your device from your Apple ID will disable Find My iPhone on that particular device. It will no longer be linked to your Apple ID for tracking and remote management purposes.

5. How can I ensure my personal information is secure when unlinking my iPhone from Apple ID? Before unlinking your iPhone from your Apple ID, it’s recommended to create a backup of your important data. This ensures that you have a copy of your information in case it’s needed in the future. Additionally, make sure to sign out of your Apple ID and remove the device from iCloud to protect your personal information.


So, now you know how to unlink iPhones! Here, we talked about different methods that you can use to perform this action. Test these methods to execute the procedure successfully and disconnect the Apple account from a particular device.

Check out all the methods and try them one by one to find the most appropriate one for you. The best way to unlock your device is to use Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS).

This tool lets you perform various actions, including how to unlink iPhones, and features lots of amazing features. Now, download Screen Unlock to unlock your device from the previous Apple ID hassle-free.


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