Top 5 Best Apps to Send Crazy GIFs on Android


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Send GIFs on Android

Do you know how to send a GIF in a text on Android? What are the best applications for sending GIFs? In this article, we have included the five best apps to help you send crazy GIFs on Android.

Stickers and GIFs express our emotions when we run out of words. Today, texting and typing messages on social media platforms have become a way of connecting to people around the world. As technology is emerging day by day, more and more people are coming up with advanced social media platforms accompanied by advanced features.

One of the most popular features right now on social media is GIFs. These short videos are used to express our emotions. There are things that you can say by sending GIFs to others. Slowly and gradually, social media are introducing new and more exciting GIFs. You can easily search for them and pick the best one.

GIFs are not completely a sticker or a video. It is based on a short graphic interchange format. They are available on every social media platform, website message, etc. GIFs are basically moving images that are either animated or taken from famous movie scenes. There are some GIFs that are inspired by viral memes.

In short, any funny or viral video clip that repeats in the loop is GIF. People generally use them in their conversations on social media or in comments on some digital interactive platform.

Okay, read this full article if you think about the best GIF applications and how to get them. In this article, we have included the top 5 apps that are best for GIFs.

Best Keyboard Apps to Send GIFs on Android

The best way to use them is to download a GIF keyboard on your Android or an application from Google Play.

These applications help you to search, use, send, and even create your own GIF. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the topic of how to send GIFs on Android.    

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1. GIF Keyboard by Tenor

GIF Keyboard by Tenor

GIF Keyboard is an amazing application that has made sending and receiving GIFs fun and easy. You can share them from your keyboard very conveniently.

Tenor stores a plethora of GIFs and stickers of various types. These GIFs includes animated, movie clips, viral meme, and much more. GIF Keyboard has a library of GIFs for you to choose and use.  

You just need to type on the keyboard, and it will automatically show you varieties of GIFs from its library. Whether you want to use them in your regular conversation, in comments, or as a joke, GIF Keyboard has it all.

This application allows you to send an apt GIF with a few clicks. This application is the perfect answer to your question about how to send a GIF in a text on Android.

Tenor GIF Keyboard
Tenor GIF Keyboard
Tenor GIF Keyboard


  • You will find a huge collection of GIFs and videos in this application.
  • It has a feature that helps you to browse by category.
  • You can collect and save your favorite GIFs in one folder or under one category. 
  • It allows you to send GIFs through Messenger. 

Besides, if you wonder how to make the keyboard bigger on iPhone, this guide is just for you.



Alright, if you are familiar with GIFs, then you must have heard about this application. GIPHY is a very popular application for sending GIFs, stickers, videos, emojis, and so on. It is even used as a synonym for GIFs. This application enables you to access the largest library of GIFs, including new and trending ones.

In addition, it gives you the freedom to create your own GIF and share it with other people on social media platforms. It contains varieties of GIFs than other apps. GIPHY includes movies clip, TV shows clip, sports highlights, and many others.

After downloading GIPHY on your Android, you can text GIFs to your contacts and even share them on social media. Plus, this app is compatible with WhatsApp, Messenger, and other such messaging platforms. We will highly recommend you download GIPHY from the Google Play store.



  • It contains different types of GIFs, including movies and sports highlights.
  • This application includes a huge collection of GIF animations.
  • You can save GIFs and share them while texting. 
  • Share these GIFs on different social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Pinterest, Email, and so on.
  • It also provides you with animated sticker options.

If you are still confused about how to text a GIF on Android, the following applications will ease your work. Read further to know more about this topic.

3. Gboard


Google Board or Gboard is famous for its Google keyboard. It serves as an alternative to your Android in-build keyboard.

This application enhances your typing speed and accuracy, increasing search, sending messages, GIFs, videos, and much more without switching between different applications. It is quite convenient to use and enables you to send anything smoothly and effortlessly.

Although Gboard is well-known for its typing features, it also has many other features like emojis, stickers, GIFs, handwriting, etc. Its mechanism is simple and easy to use. You can choose any type of GIF with just one search and share them on social media to get reactions or comments. 

Furthermore, it also has glide typing and voice typing features. In short, this app provides you with different features that will enhance your writing skills and typing speed. It is like all in one package. 



  • You can easily search and send GIFs.
  • It incorporates one special feature known as emoji search. This allows you to simply type the character name, thing, or emotion in the search box and can use it.
  • Gboard has amazing voice typing and glides typing features.
  • It also offers you to type in multilingual languages and use Google Translate.    

4. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the most dynamic applications for texting. It is more than GIFs, stickers, or emojis. Its features are popular and trusted by the people. SwiftKey keyboard is designed to enhance your writing and typing speed and increase productivity.

The best part about this application is that it reads and understands all your activities on its application and shows results to you according to it. It understands the kind of words, slang, emoji, GIFs, and stickers you use while texting. 

Furthermore, with the help of the algorithm, it predicts the words that you want to type. This is surely a cool feature. In addition, it has a separate section for emojis, where you can search for different emojis and pick one that you want to use. The same goes for stickers and GIFs. A separate section is allotted for GIFs. 

These amazing features cut down the long process of searching for emoticons or GIFs from the huge collection. This application is worth a try and is the perfect solution for your problem on how to send GIFs on Android.

SwiftKey Keyboard


  • The best part is that Gboard has a built-in emoji keyboard.
  • It provides you with different sections for GIFs where you can search for the GIF and use it.
  • It is a custom keyboard.
  • Gboard allows you to write in different languages.  

5. Fleksy


Fleksy contains advanced features that make your work easy and smooth. Its mechanism is fast that predicts the words. It is based on an AI model that reads the previous data and shows you the result. While you type, at the top of the bar, you could see words, GIFs, emojis, and stickers options.

Furthermore, it offers you advanced autocorrecting features. The best part about this application is that it contains a separate section for emojis and GIFs, which make your work ten times easier.

This enables you to search for GIFs and use them instantly. It is definitely an efficient and faster way to search for emojis, stickers, and GIFs on Android.



  • Fleksy has a huge collection of emojis, stickers, and GIFs.
  • Separate sections for emoji and GIFs search.
  • Easy to access and use GIFs. 
  • It has an advanced auto-correction feature. 

This is how you can send a GIF in a text on Android. Download one of these five applications and send different GIFs, emojis, and stickers.

How to Send a GIF in a Text on Android?

We have already mentioned the easiest way to send GIFs on Android. The above five apps are designed to make your texting more fun and exciting.

However, if you want to download GIFs on your mobile phone, you can use them while texting, even without using keyboard applications.

1. Open Messages

Open Messages

New phones consist of pre-installed messages, which you can use while texting. You just need to search for that Open Messages and open it. If you don’t have this app on your Android phone, you can download it from Google Play for free.

2. Select Contact

Select Contact

You can use this application to chat with your contacts and use the downloaded GIFs. If you don’t have this app, download it on your Android mobile phone and select the ‘contact’ option. At the bottom-right corner, you will find the (+) sign. Tap on that sign to select the recipient from your contact list.

3. Tap the Attachment Button

Tap the attachment button

In the text field, on the left side, you can find the attachment button. It will either look like a paper clip or like a (+) button.

click on the image icon

This is another way to select GIFs from your mobile phone. Just click on the image icon, and it will direct you to the gallery. You need to select one GIF from the gallery and click on the send button.

5. Send


We all know the send icon, which looks like a paper airplane. Click on that icon located on the right side of the text section.

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Q1: Are these apps free to use?

A1: Yes, all the apps mentioned in this article are free to download and use. However, some apps may offer in-app purchases or additional premium features.

Q2: Can I create my own GIFs using these apps?

A2: Absolutely! Many of the apps mentioned, such as GIF Maker and GIF Studio, allow you to create your own GIFs using videos or images from your device.

Q3: Are the GIFs compatible with all messaging apps?

A3: Yes, the GIFs you find or create using these apps can be shared across various messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and more.

Q4: How often are new GIFs added to these apps?

A4: The apps regularly update their libraries with new and trending GIFs, ensuring you always have access to fresh and exciting content.

Q5: Can I save GIFs to my device for offline use?

A5: Yes, most of these apps allow you to save GIFs to your device’s gallery, so you can access them even when you’re offline.


This article has covered in detail how to send GIFs on Android. Read this full article to learn about the five applications that will help you send GIFs.  


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