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How to Remove/Reduce Background Noise in iMovie Simply


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Remove Background Noise in iMovie

Detaching the audio from the video is not as cumbersome a task as it sounds. Usually, users want an easy way to eliminate the sound from their favorite videos in iMovie.

Are you also one of those who are looking for that kind of option or have a question regarding how to remove/reduce background noise in iMovie?

Fortunately, there are various valuable options, and with their help, you can get your answer on reducing background noise on iMovie. Among all the options, the most valuable and accurate option is iMovie.

With its help, you can easily make commendable movies. If you are a Mac user, fortunately, on this device, you will get this application as default-free.

If you are looking for the best way to eliminate the sound, you have the option of iMovie. Are you aware of how to remove background noise in iMovie? If not, it is essential to read the below-mentioned information. 

Part 1. Ways to Delete Only Sound from Video with the Help of iMovie:

There are chances that you only require audio from a specific video. With the help of a split clip, you can delete it. So, please follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Visit the launchpad and establish iMovie on your system. 

2. Select the “Create new” option displayed on your screen. The Finder Wizard will display on your screen. 

3. Select the video that you want to edit.

4. After loading the video, select it to timeline.

5. Splitting the video with the vertical line and moving it to the last point. 

6. Select the Split Clip, and you can work on deleting the rest of the video portion.

Remove Background Noise in iMovie

7. Work on exporting that edited portion and select the file. 

8. The dialogue box will display on your screen. Further, select the option of “audio-only” and select the specific file format. 

Reduce Background Noise in iMovie

9. Choose the location in which you want to save the audio. 

These are some specific steps that you need to consider regarding “how to reduce background noise in iMovie.”

Part 2. Filmora – Top Alternative to Remove Background Noise in iMovie 

No doubt, iMovie is the best video editing option; it has a few restrictions. For instance, it does not come with extraordinary editing options.

If you are using it for the first time, you may face problems using this application.

On the other hand, Filmora comes with the most prominent features. You will get professional results that are beyond your thinking level.

Whether you are unaware of this application or are professional, you can easily use it without facing any problems. After using it, you will get commendable results. 

Besides, let’s learn more about how to import MP4 into iMovie with ease.

Filmora is Ideal for the Different Kinds of Platforms That Include: 

  • Desktop 
  • Apple
  • Samsung 
  • Google Pixel 
  • Xbox One
  • Playstation 4 
  • Smart TV and so on. 

There are variously highlighted points that make Filmora unique from others. Do you want to know about those features? So, let’s discuss all those features.

Key Features of Filmora:

  • Easily add the specific music and further work on refining it.
  • Create great slideshows by considering templates
  • Immense effects, transitions, sounds, and so on 
  • Work on adding the effects, transitions, sounds, and many more

Using the Filmora is not rocket science it is difficult to use. With the help of some steps, you can use it and eliminate the sound from the specific video. So, here is the list of steps for deleting the sound from the video.

How to Remove Background Noise in iMovie by Filmora?

1. Download the Filmora on your PC and install it. 

2. Import your video to the Filmora timeline panel.

Import your video to Filmora

3. Detach the audio from the video by right click on the “Detach Audio” menu.

click on the "Detach Audio" Menu

4. Double-click on the audio track and select “Remove background noise” in Edit Panel to remove the background noise directly.

select "Remove background noise" in Edit Panel

So, keep all these steps in your mind if you want to remove the audio. Consider each step. Otherwise, you will face a problem. Additionally, there are plenty of benefits associated with using the video editing tool.

Benefits of Using the Video Editing Software or Application in Marketing: 

Video editing is required mainly in the marketing field. One marketing video can make or break your company’s reputation.

With the help of the videos, you can connect with your audience and explicate all of your services. 

It is hard for beginners to add a professional touch to the video. At that time, video editing tools are best for them.

There are various benefits associated with using different video editing tools. So, here comes the list of those benefits. 

● Time-efficient Video Editing

 You will not get the benefits of publishing unprofessional videos. Maybe you work hard and round the clock, but you will not get that outcome.

But to streamline your video editing process, you can use video editing tools. It will boost your movie creation process. As a result, you can save quality time.

The video editing tools are a blend of various handy features. All of these features work best and make your work ideal. 

● Boost the Productivity 

Video editing tools are not only budget-friendly tools but also work on enhancing productivity.

With the help of a video editing tool, you can save quality time and effort. It is because after importing the video, you make necessary changes by using specific features. 

You remove the background noise and specific audio, add the effects, and so on. Additionally, using the video editing tool is a great way to showcase your skills. 

● Create the Appealing Video 

Video editing applications are a great way to add grace to your dull video. No doubt, content is the backbone of the video. But your creativity will grab the attention of the viewer. If your video is attractive, the audience will focus on the content. Otherwise, you will not get any attention from the audience.

With the help of a video editing tool, you can add grace to your video. There are various effects that come with their feature. You can utilize that features and implement them in your video. What is better than it? 

● Video Customization 

Uniqueness is required in the video to create a wall of difference. You can add uniqueness to your video by considering professional software. It comes with a customized option. You can add changes as per your liking and creativity.

If you want to add music in the background, you can also add it. On the other side, if you want to remove that audio, you can also do this. 

So these are the benefits that are associated with the video editing tool. If you are in the marketing industry, you must have knowledge about these tools. It is because you can be aware of your audience with your unique marketing skills.

It is not hard to learn how to use the video editing tool. The Internet is flooded with numerous tutorial videos. With the help of these video tutorials, you come to know about ways of importing the video and how to add effects. Once you are aware of all these features, you will not face any problems in using any of the features.

Tips for Recording High-Quality Audio

While iMovie provides effective tools for removing background noise, it’s essential to capture high-quality audio during the recording process. Here are a few tips to help you achieve better audio quality:

  1. Use a dedicated microphone: Invest in a good-quality external microphone to capture clear and crisp audio.
  2. Choose a quiet environment: Select a quiet location for recording to minimize background noise.
  3. Monitor audio levels: Keep an eye on the audio levels during recording to avoid distortions or clipping.
  4. Use a windscreen: When recording outdoors, use a windscreen or a foam cover to reduce wind noise.


Q: Can I remove background noise in iMovie on Windows?

A: No, iMovie is exclusively available for Mac users. However, there are alternative video editing software options for Windows that offer similar noise reduction capabilities.

Q: Will reducing background noise affect the overall audio quality?

A: When applied correctly, reducing background noise in iMovie can significantly improve audio quality without compromising the overall sound.

Q: How can I minimize background noise during recording?

A: Minimizing background noise during recording involves choosing a quiet location, using a dedicated microphone, and monitoring audio levels to avoid capturing unwanted sounds.

Q: Is it possible to remove specific background sounds while keeping others intact?

A: iMovie’s noise reduction feature applies a noise gate effect to reduce overall background noise. However, it may not be possible to selectively remove specific background sounds without advanced audio editing techniques.

Q: Can I use third-party plugins for advanced noise reduction in iMovie?

A: iMovie does not support third-party plugins. If you require advanced noise reduction capabilities, consider using professional audio editing software.

Final Verdicts

In the end, you have got knowledge about how to remove background noise in iMovie. 

If you have knowledge about how to use this application, you will surely not face any problems. Additionally, you will add creativity to your work and showcase your skill.


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