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How to Get Better at Valorant – The Best Tricks You Can Try


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Get Better at Valorant

There is no shortage of gamers who want to learn how to get better at Valorant. If you are one of those gamers and looking for the best tips, keep reading.

Valorant has a massive base of players already. And, the number of players in the player-base is growing at a rapid speed. That is exactly why it has become one of the most popular games found on Twitch.

It is true that this is a game is introduced by Riot Games. So, we expect that plenty of non-FPS players will take part in this game. In reality, new players often face some serious obstacles when it comes to getting the correct aim.

Also, they face a variety of obstacles as well. So, pretty much every player wants to learn how to get good at Valorant.

Tips on how to get better in Valorant

In this section, we explain the best tips on how to get good at Valorant. So, let’s go ahead and learn the most important tips.

Tip #1: The correct level of sensitivity matters

When it comes to finding the right level of sensitivity, there are two methods to pay attention to. Mentioned below are those steps you should follow in order to find the precise sensitivity.

● How to get better at Valorant by converting the sensitivity

Assume that you have been playing first-person shooter games and don’t want to alter the sensitivity. In that case, you can convert the sensitivity.

You may determine the sensitivity using certain factors supplied by Riot Games.

● Optimization of gradual sensitivity

Assume that you don’t have any experience related to shooter games. In that case, you may have to depend on the gradual sensitivity adjustments. In fact, this method requires you to start from a pretty low level of sensitivity.

Then, you should be able to progress to a higher sensitivity level with some experiments. In this case, you will have to test the aim every time. So, you are supposed to increase the sensitivity of the game until you accomplish perfection.

After achieving the desired level of sensitivity, you can stick with that level for the rest of the game. You don’t have to change this level of sensitivity because of a minor failure you may come across. Those failures are completely normal, and your brain will adjust to that reaction time. However, that will take some time to master.

As a result, the muscle memory of the player will be improved significantly, and that’s great. To do that, however, you should play plenty of games.

Besides, if you wonder how to become a professional gamer, this guide is just for you.

Tip #2: How to Get Better at Valorant by placing the crosshair correctly

It’s a good question if you want to know how to get better in Valorant. The first step is to correct your crosshair placement. That is because you should modify it in order to strike your opponent when you peek around a corner.

This is particularly true if you have poor crosshair placement. Your adversary is constantly on the prowl for your precious skull, no matter where you go. So, keep that in mind if you want to know how to get good at Valorant.

How to Get Better at Valorant - Placing the crosshair correctly

Are you a novice and looking for how to get better at Valorant game? If so, we don’t suggest peeking around corners all the time. However, if you must, keep your crosshair locked on the enemy’s head while you move about at that angle.

It goes without saying that wrong crosshair positioning is a terrible habit that takes time and effort to break. When you decide to reduce or raise your crosshair when jogging or walking, you’ll see a significant difference.

Tip #3: How to Get Better at Valorant by using Kovaak to practice the aim

Here’s another important tip if you wonder how to get better at Valorant game and play it with confidence. The first thing to keep in mind is that there’s no player with the born talent to play it. There are no quick cuts; you must put in the time and effort to succeed. You’ll improve your accuracy by playing more. So, keep that in mind if you want to learn how to get good at Valorant.

In Valorant, the training is very restricted and does not provide you with the results you want. Many training applications and games are available on Steam, but my personal favorite is Kovaak 2.0. In fact, the Meta is a user-friendly program that provides a range of aiming exercises.

Use Kovaak to practice the aim

You don’t have to use Kovaak to learn how to aim. Instead, you can just use the game to educate yourself that way, although it will take longer. It’s simple and enjoyable to train with Kovaak.

To utilize the game only as a learning tool would take a long time. You would encounter many disappointments and disappointing outcomes when you are playing with real people instead of bots. They hardly ever care whether you are a real professional or an absolute novice. When you play with actual people, they never care if you are a novice or a pro player.

So, if you wonder how to get good at Valorant, try to make a slight modification. In addition to that, you should consider whether your tracking is up to par. Make a plan for working out and stick to it. Those who work out for an hour each day have seen results that are impressive.

Tip #4: Rely on teamwork

Any competitive game requires effective communication to be successful. Right after seeing your opponent, increase your level of detail and precision. To win a game, cooperation is always required. But if you lack it, not only you but also the team pays the price.

How to Get Better at Valorant - Rely on teamwork

In ranked mode, it is always better to play with friends compared to playing against random individuals.  Valorant, around 90% of the time, gamers use tagging, which is a built-in feature.

They do it instead of using the microphone to record their playbacks of the game. The Valorant discord server has a large number of players that are of a similar skill level as you.

Tip #5: Be smart when picking the crosshair

This is another vital point to remember if you want to learn how to get better in Valorant. This game always offers its fans a wide variety of options for customizing their crosshair. Assume that you are far away and attempting to headshot someone.

So, several gamers claim that having a green or red point in the middle of the screen is better. They say that it can improve your accuracy. Even though it gives you an edge, your crosshair will become smudged during gunfights. As a result, things will be very difficult when it comes to keeping track of your foes.

Be smart when picking the crosshair

However, there are some who believe the original CS: GO crosshair is the finest one yet. With this unique crosshair, it’s much simpler to strike your target regardless of where he or she is or if you lose sight of it.

Make the crosshair more precise, accurate, and ready to strike by adding a stroke. That’s a pretty handy point to consider when you want to learn how to get good at Valorant.

While one esports player may be utilizing a bespoke crosshair, another may be using a traditional crosshair. Remember to give everything a go. Preferences and views about what’s best may differ, but your end outcome will be the same no matter what you use.

Tip #6: Know your maps better

Valorant’s map design was created with newbies in mind, especially those making the switch to FPS from MOBA. If you’re one of such people, you don’t have to be worried. In fact, the standard 2- or 3-lane layout of the map will be there for your comfort.

In this case, you’re supposed to pay attention to callouts and use them to your advantage all game long. Your ability to communicate will improve. As a result, giving you an edge over your competitors.

It’s also critical to figure out where to place the spikes. It is possible to locate the spike so you can see it later while you’re concealed. That is because the spike will become red when defused. For when you’re the last man standing and the enemy has just defused their bomb.

Tip #7: There is no requirement to be toxic

In fact, microphone information is often utilized to find the enemy’s hiding place or movement. Using such a device to vent frustration or spread misinformation was never a good idea.

Toxic is a lot more detrimental than being a newbie. So, it’ll restrict communication, which may lead to unfortunate consequences and poor knowledge transfer. Don’t feed the incoming poison, and always be helpful.

Tip #8: How to Get Better at Valorant using the audio

The sound design for Valorant is currently in its infancy. It’s not quite there yet, but that’s something you can work with. There’s no such thing as a bad headset. Keep it in mind when you are looking for how to get good at Valorant.

You’ll spend a lot of time throughout the game hearing people approaching or passing by. You may hear opponents coming and get a clear shot since everyone is rushing to complete the goal.

When the spike is planted from a distance, it makes a loud noise that can be heard. To get the most out of the sounds, turn off any external music or sound effects. Then, you can crank up the volume on your speakers.

Tip #9: It is better to stay away from Ranked if you are a beginner

Don’t try the ranked mode unless you’re confident with your aim and communication abilities in Valorant. This is particularly true if you’re a new player looking to improve. Before entering this phase, you’ll need to brush up on your knowledge.

The more you play it, the less prepared you are, and the more difficult it will be later on. On top of that, the more likely it is that you’ll delete the game. That is because you’ll conclude that Valorant isn’t necessarily worth your time and effort.  So, be patient and learn at your own pace.


1. Is Valorant a free-to-play game?

Yes, Valorant is free-to-play. You can download and play the game without any cost.

2. Can I play Valorant on a low-end PC?

Valorant is designed to be accessible to a wide range of PCs, including low-end systems. It has relatively low system requirements, allowing many players to enjoy the game smoothly.

3. Are there ranked modes in Valorant?

Yes, Valorant offers ranked modes for players who want to compete at a higher level and test their skills against similarly skilled opponents.

4. How often does Valorant release new agents?

Riot Games periodically releases new agents for Valorant to keep the game fresh and introduce new gameplay dynamics. The release schedule may vary, but new agents are typically added every few months.

5. Can I play Valorant solo or is it better to play with a team?

You can play Valorant both solo and with a team. While teamwork is crucial in Valorant, solo play is also possible. However, playing with a coordinated team can significantly enhance your chancesof success and communication within the game.


Improving at Valorant requires dedication, practice, and a focus on various aspects of gameplay. By mastering the basics, developing your aim, understanding game sense, and implementing effective strategies, you can enhance your performance and climb the ranks.

Remember to stay mentally and physically prepared and continuously analyze your gameplay to identify areas for improvement. With persistence and a growth mindset, you can become a better Valorant player.


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