How to Permanently Delete Saved Messages on Snapchat


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Delete Saved Messages on Snapchat

Are you constantly worried that someone you know, or worse, someone you don’t know, will find, see, and read all the private messages you send through your Snapchat account?

Many people don’t worry about this because they assume that the moment a particular message expires and Snapchat automatically deletes it, no one will be able to view the photos they sent.

Well, here’s the catch – it is not true. Some Snapchat residual data could be left on your phone, and the only thing you can do is learn how to delete saved messages on Snapchat permanently.

Snapchat is one of the free sexting apps which mostly revolves around photos, texts, and videos that vanish into thin air, and users might not even bother with deleting messages, thinking that it won’t be a problem at all.

However, through the passage of time, its developers have decided to add more and more new features which could help in preserving your messages, and this too forever. Thus, it has become extremely important to know how to delete saved messages on Snapchat.

There could be different reasons a person might want to delete his or her photos or message on Snapchat. It is probably to free up some device space, avoid being reminded of that shameful wild night out during the weekend, or maybe you just want your life to be free from nostalgia now and then.

In this modern world, questions related to deleting saved messages are much more prevalent than queries on how to save your Snapchat messages. This is mainly because of the risk associated with it.

Snapchat messages might not be completely safe after all because of potential privacy leaks. Based on some researchers’ findings, the app only deletes messages temporarily and not totally. And many professional data recovery tools can recover your deleted Snapchat photos easily.

So, for those interested in how to delete saved messages on Snapchat instead of how to keep messages, make sure that you continue reading on to end all your questions finally.

1: How to Delete Saved Messages on Snapchat & Snapchat Thread on iPhone Manually

In the latest version of Snapchat, users are now allowed to save their text communications with their contacts through the long press.

It means that you can actually use Snapchat like your traditional messaging app, wherein the messages are saved in one long thread.

For users who would like to get rid of their saved threads, regardless of the reasons they have in mind, all you need to do is remember the following steps below:

1. Tap on it on the primary Inbox Screen before you long press on each message. When you do this, the bold styling is going to disappear.

long press on each message

2. When you go to the conversation again, the entries will no longer be there.

However, trying to delete all your messages one after another will be a time-consuming and long process.

That is why if you prefer to learn how to delete saved messages on Snapchat by a thread all at the same time, it is best to follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the ghost icon in the upper part of the capture window before clicking on the cog icon.

2. From the menu, select the option of Clear Conversations.

Clear Conversations

3. Pick the conversation menu you like to delete before clicking on the X you can find beside it. The thread you selected will then be deleted permanently.

delete snapchat conversation

To cross-check, you need to go back to the inbox and look for the thread you recently removed. You are not going to find any trace of it. You must follow this process to learn how to delete saved messages on Snapchat by a thread.

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2: Stopping the Snapchat Photo Saving to Your Device

The best and only way for you to save every photo you get is to screenshot each. Otherwise, it’ll disappear after the set time.

To delete the screenshots, consider going to the default photo application on your device.

If you’ve activated Snapchat Memories, then your own videos and photos will be saved on your device.

For to stop this, you need to follow the steps below:

1. Tap the icon of Snapchat on the capture screen and go to the Memories option.

2. Tap on the AutoSave switch and switch it off.

Stopping the Snapchat Photo Saving to Your Device

Snapchat enables you to save memories in the application, in your internal storage, or both simultaneously. You may control this through the menu “Save to..” It was a sequence of ways to stop Snapchat photos from saving to your device.

3: How to Delete Your Saved Snapchat Photos

As mentioned above, the ways to stop future photos are discussed from getting saved.

However, if you like to erase the photos that were already saved, follow the easy steps that were provided below:

1. Proceed to the Capture screen and tap on the button with a small image that can be found below the shutter button. Now you may sell all photos and snaps saved to your Memories.

2. Now tap on the things you like to delete, and they’ll get selected.

Delete Your Saved Snapchat Photos

3. Finally, tap on the dustbin icon to confirm the deletion process.

All selected items will be erased from Snapchat memories and device storage. Thus, the entire procedure was to delete the saved Snapchat photos from your devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Will the other person be notified if I delete saved messages on Snapchat?

No, deleting saved messages on Snapchat is a private action that does not notify the other person involved in the conversation.

Q2. Can I recover deleted saved messages on Snapchat?

No, once you have deleted saved messages on Snapchat, they cannot be recovered. Make sure to double-check before confirming the deletion.

Q3. Can I delete saved messages from a specific person?

Yes, you can delete saved messages from a specific person by following the steps mentioned in this article for the respective conversation.

Q4. Are saved messages permanently deleted from Snapchat servers?

Snapchat states that once a message is deleted, it is no longer accessible to you or the recipient. However, it is important to note that Snapchat’s servers may retain copies of messages for a limited period of time.

Q5. Can I delete saved messages on Snapchat from a computer?

No, Snapchat’s features for deleting saved messages are currently only available on mobile devices through the Snapchat app.


In conclusion, deleting saved messages on Snapchat is a simple process that can help you maintain your privacy and manage your account more effectively. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can permanently delete saved messages and ensure they are no longer accessible.


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