How to Change the Slack Password?

At times you may not be able to recollect your password and may wonder how to change your Slack password. You may want to change your existing password for security concerns as well.

Now the doubt is how to change the Slack password? The process of updating your password on Slack is very simple.

All you have to do is you should be able to get access to your email ID, and you can change your password whenever you wish.

Does Slack Need a Password?

Below we’ve mentioned step-by-step instructions to change your password on Slack. Slack allows you to access your account without making passwords mandatory.

However, we always encourage you to add passwords to improve your account security.

This will offer you multiple ways to login into your account. To protect your account from any risk, you should keep changing your password regularly. No one can log in to your account without your consent this way.

If you are in a situation where you don’t remember your password, then go through the steps explained below.

PS: here is the step-by-step Slack screen sharing guide for your reference.

How to Change the Slack Password?

You can apply for the password change if you forget your password and you want to get access to your Slack account. After requesting for password change, you will get a verification code in your inbox.

Using that code, you can change your Slack password. We are here to guide you on how you can alter or modify your password with or without accessing your workplace.

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First, Log in to Your Slack Account

You can log in to your Slack account anytime, provided you have your original email address with you.

In cases you do not remember the password, you can sign in with the help of a verification code. It is sent to your email id by Slack; you can access your account and change your account password:

1. Open the Internet browser of your choice.

2. Input the URL in the search bar.

3. Type the email address which is connected with the Slack account and tap on the “Sign In with Email” icon.

Sign In with Email

4. Go through your email id inbox to access the verification code from Slack.

5. Input the code on the sign-in page and pick any one workspace.

Input the code on the sign-in page and pick any one workspace

6. Once you log in to your account, go to Account Settings to change your password. The following instructions will guide you on how to change from settings.

Steps on How to Change Your Password on Slack:

Follow these steps to change your Slack password:

1. In your account, tap on your profile button, which is at the top right corner of the display. Choose the menu option from the profile.

How to Change Your password on Slack

2. Tap on the More, which appears as three dot icons. Next, choose the Account Settings option.

Slack Account Settings

3. Tap “expand” next to the Password area and Click on “Reset your password through email“.

Reset your password through email

4. Watch for an email from Slack in your inbox and Tap on the “Choose a New Password” in those messages.

5. Type your new password. Type it again for confirmation and then tap on the “Change My Password“, which is a green-colored icon.

Reset Password on Slack

Note: Keep in mind that the password should be new and not the one you have set before.

In the case where you memorized your password, you simply have to log in to your account. Go to Account Settings and change your password. There is no need to send a verification code to the email id.

It is mandatory to have an email account that is linked to your Slack account to change your password. However, you can also request the website admin to update the password if needed.

Sometimes a verification code email may not show up in your primary inbox. It may appear in your Promotions, Junk, or Spam mail due to Google’s policies and algorithms.

So, if you don’t find the password email in your inbox, then go through the others folders; you may find it there.

Final Thoughts

So we discussed all the important matters regarding how to change the Slack passwords. All you have to remember is you can change or modify your password as per your choice. But you need to have access to your email ID, which is linked with the Slack account.

You do have the option to update the email id from your Account Settings. However, you can also request your workspace admin to change your email id.

So that’s all we have to share in this article regarding Slack. For more information, visit our site frequently and keep in touch for more such content.


Below we’ve mentioned a few questions related to the Slack account and workspace:

How to Set Up an Account on Slack?

One unusual thing about a Slack account is that you can’t create it without being a part of any workspace. If you do not join at least one workspace, you will have to make one by yourself to proceed.

You will need a new Slack account for every new workspace you make by yourself or become a part of.

If you do not receive an invitation to connect with any workspace, you can start by making your own. You do not need to use a different email address for every workspace you create. You can even access several workspaces and work with them simultaneously.

Follow the Below-mentioned Steps to Set Up Your Slack Account:

1. Go to the official website of Slack.

2. You’ll have the provision to join an active Slack workspace or create a new one.

3. You can start building your customized workspace after this. Choose “My team isn’t using Slack yet” from the drop-down menu.

My team isn't using Slack yet

4. In order to establish your Slack profile, you’ll have to give a Gmail address.

5. Click the “It’s okay to send me emails about Slack” option if you would like Slack to send you marketing emails. If you don’t want to, deselect the box.

6. To proceed, enter your email address and click the Confirm box.

7. To ensure that it functions, Slack will deliver you a six-digit number to your email account.

8. Verify your mailbox for a six-digit number that will allow you to validate your account. Once done, you can start customizing your workspace.

Verify your mailbox for a six-digit number

How to Create a Fresh Slack Workspace?

Slack is created to enhance your work efficiency. You can use its features to optimize your work in a systematic way.

1. Slack will first validate your email. After this, it will request you to provide a name for the newly created workspace. You can choose to provide the name of your company, group, or even your name as an individual.

2. Input the name in the typing space. Hit Next to proceed.

How to Create a Fresh Slack Workspace

3. The name of your current project will be set as the title for your channel on the workspace. Enter this name, and click on Next to proceed.

Enter the Project Name

4. Slack allows you to collaborate with others and work together. You can add the emails of your colleagues to add them in your Workspace. Enter their emails and click on the ‘Add Teammates‘ button.

Add Teammates to Slack Workspace

5. You also get a provision to make a link that you can share with your colleagues. Using this link, you can invite them by tapping on the “Get an invitation link to share” button.

See your channel in Slack

Your workspace setup process is done now, and you can start working.



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