How to Unblur a Video in Different Ways With Ease


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How to Unblur a Video

How to unblur a video? Is this something you are searching for an answer to? Nobody likes to watch blurry videos. Such videos spoil all the fun.

Plus, you can definitely miss some important details. So, you capture some beautiful moments in a video. Later on, when you play that video on your system, it is all blurry.

So, is it possible to unblur your video? If you are dealing with something similar, then continue reading.

Find here some of the best ways how to unblur videos. Using these methods, you can easily fix your blurry videos in a jiffy.

Part 1: Reasons Why Your Videos Come Out Blurry

There can be various reasons why your videos come out blurry. It is tough to stop this from happening, but taking precautions can prevent it.

Usually, it depends on how you interact with the multimedia. The blur issue is generally linked to the outcome of something going wrong while creating the video.

Plus, this issue may happen due to some issue with the installed hardware. Before you get to know how to unblur a video, it is important that you understand why your videos turn out blurry.

Knowing this will help you in avoiding such circumstances in the future.

Here are some of the usual causes of blurry videos, which many video creators struggle with:

  1. Software compatibility: While watching videos, you may see that they are in poor detail. It is possible that the media player’s version is not compatible with the video’s compression scheme. Your video file should be compatible with the particular format. That’s why your media player requires a software update to ensure videos are not corrupted or blurred.  
  2. Codec support: After formatting your video, the file gets a codec after it is compressed. Your computer does not support the file if you have a blurry video, even in a compatible format.
  3. Restricted disk space: When the disk space is limited, your video can be corrupted or blurry. When there are so many installed programs and stored files, it usually overwhelms a hard drive. Also, it can even interfere with the system’s performance. Because of this, your videos get blurry on playing.
  4. File integrity: Users can come across blurry videos due to poor encoding. Significantly, your videos have to be properly digitized along with having the perfect codec support, enough disk space, or proper software. Improper digitization could cause your videos to get blurry.

PS: let’s learn more about how to blur the background in Lightroom.

Part 2: How to Unblur a Video on Your System

On iMovies, videos are quite engaging, but not if they are blurry. In that case, it is obvious that you will look for answers on how to unblur videos.

This issue occurs due to the quick movements of a camera when capturing a video. This problem is called rolling shutter distortion.

How to Unblur Videos on your Computer Using a Professional Tool

Wondershare Repairit Video Repair is something you need to repair video files. This professional tool repairs various formats, such as MP4, MOV, MTS, M2TS, AVI, FLV, 3GP, and MKV.

It employs Advanced or Quick Repair modes for repairing corrupted videos. Whether the damage has occurred during shooting, editing, converting, processing, or file transferring, it fixes everything.

Key Features of Wondershare Repairit:

  • Repairit repairs corrupted videos simultaneously.
  • It fixes severely damaged videos by using sample files.
  • It lets you run a free scan for damaged videos.
  • The tool lets users preview files before saving them to their preferred destination.
  • It fixes videos from devices like SD cards, digital cameras, camcorders, action cameras, memory cards, camera drones, and computer hard drives.
  • The program clears blurry videos with no size restrictions.
  • It supports macOS 10.9 to 13 and Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11.

Wondershare Repairit is simple to use. To repair your video, download and install this amazing tool on your system. After that, follow the instructions below to unblur a video.

Steps on how to unblur videos on PC:

Step 1: Firstly, you must click the ‘Add‘ or ‘Add Video and Start Repairing‘ option. Using this button, users can add a blurry video.

Wondershare Repairit

Step 2: Now, tap on ‘Repair‘ and wait for a few minutes as the program will begin fixing the video.

Wondershare Repairit

Step 3: Next, the program will fix your corrupted video. Once the repair process is over, you will get a notification. Ensure that you do not interrupt this procedure.

Step 4: To preview your recovered file, double-tap it. This allows you to examine if the video has been unblurred or not.

Wondershare Repairit

Step 5: If the file is not fixed to your satisfaction, do the further repair. For this, tap on the ‘Advance Repair‘ tab. This advanced repair procedure will take a few minutes. Next, tap on the folder icon to add the sample file. After that, tap on ‘Repair‘ to repair your video.

how to unblur a video Using Wondershare Repairit

The best thing about Wondershare Repairit is that this program enables users to retrieve and export the repaired file to any preferred location. So, this is how to unblur a video with this professional tool.

How to Fix your Blurry Videos Using iMovie

If you are looking for a way to fix the video quality, then use iMovie. This tool is designed especially for fixing this problem with the help of the Rolling Shutter function. If you face this distortion, this is how to unblur videos with iMovie.

Step 1: Select the footage having a blurry video by tapping on it. You can look for the blurry video in the Event Browser or movie library.

Now, the adjustment bar will show up above the viewer. Hit the ‘Shaky Video‘ tab to get the Stabilization tools.

how to unblur a video Using iMovie

Step 2: From there, select the ‘Fix Rolling Shutter‘ box. This box features a red dash that shows that the program is making adjustments to your video.

It will take some time, depending on your file size. After the adjustments, there will be a checkmark against the Fix Rolling Shutter box.

Fix Rolling Shutter box

Step 3: Users can preview their repaired videos in ‘Viewer.’ Also, the ‘Playback‘ options feature the ‘Play‘ tab. Now, tap on ‘Play‘ to watch the video.

How to Fix your Blurry Videos Using iMovie

Step 4: iMovie lets you make adjustments according to your choice. For this, tap on ‘Fix Rolling Shutter.’ Choose the adjustment level that you want. The program will then apply this new adjustment level to your blurry video.

Save Video on iMovie

To confirm the file quality, preview your file. Finally, save your repaired video. So, this is how to unblur videos with iMovie. It is a bit complicated.

If you are looking for an easy method, then go for Wondershare Repairit. This tool repairs corrupt video movements, frames, and headers hassle-free.

Part 3: How to Unblur a Video on Facebook

Are you dealing with blurry and grainy videos on Facebook? Or is every video shared on the Facebook feed look distorted?

Sometimes, you realize your videos are blurry even after spending so much time creating content for your Facebook profile using various editing programs.

If the final video is grainy and blurry, there can be two situations. Now, check how to unblur a video and get rid of the issue.

Situation 1: Uploaded Videos Turn Blurry

Today, there are so many amazing cameras out there. They offer sharp quality and are affordable too. Many are even carrying ultra-definition video cameras with them in the form of a smartphone.

It is not difficult today to shoot great-looking videos. The main challenge is to upload them on Facebook without getting blurred.

Here are the reasons why videos become blurry and pixelated on uploading to Facebook:

  • Compression: On the internet, every platform, like Facebook or YouTube, compresses the file to save space on the server. So, this is why your video may look pixelated.
  • Longer processing time: On uploading 1080p videos, users may observe that Facebook allows them to see the video with only 720p resolution. However, this does not mean the video quality has decreased. This happens because Facebook takes some time to process HD videos. The longer your video is, the longer Facebook takes to upload it.

How to unblur a video on Facebook

To fix this issue, follow the fixes listed below for different devices:

On Android Devices:

Step 1: Open Facebook and go to the right menu. Under ‘Help and Settings,’ tap on the ‘App Settings‘ option.

Step 2: Look for ‘Upload Videos in HD‘ or ‘Upload Photos in HD.’ Switch on these options to make your videos look clearer. Now, you can view your files in premium video quality.

how to unblur a video on Facebook
On iPhones:

Step 1: Open Facebook and go to the right menu. From there, tap on the ‘Settings‘ tab.

Step 2: Next, look for ‘Videos and Photos.’ Now, switch on the option present against both the ‘Upload HD‘ tabs.

Facebook Videos and Photos Settings
How to Unblur a Video On Desktop:

Step 1: On your system, open the Facebook app. Go to its home page and then visit the menu tab. From there, tap on the ‘Settings & Privacy‘ tab and select ‘Settings.’

Step 2: Next, go to ‘Videos‘ present on the left side. Tap on it and modify the settings to ‘HD‘ from ‘Video Default Quality.’

how to unblur a video on Facebook Desktop

If you set the videos to default, then the quality will change automatically depending on the bandwidth available. If the bandwidth is faster, the quality will be better.

Situation 2: Content is Corrupted

When your videos are corrupted, they may seem pixelated or blurry on Facebook. Now, how to unblur videos? There are various ways to fix corrupted videos. Some of them include the following:

If you observe that your phone camera produces corrupted videos, clear the cache and data of the camera application. This will fix the problem.

Also, if you are unable to play the sound of your video on the system, update your system drivers. For this, go to ‘Start‘ on your system and choose the Device Manager tab. Please open it and look for your sound drivers. Right-tap on it and select the option for updating it.

Device Manager

To fix corrupted videos, it is better to go with a professional program like Wondershare Repairit. To begin, download the Facebook video on your system.

This program will assist you in performing both advanced and quick video repairs. It fixes all problems associated with blurry or pixelated videos, corrupted videos, audio-video syncing issues, and many more.

Part 4: How to Unblur a Video on Android

Apart from these fixes, you can fix blurry photos and videos on Android with some special tools. Now, let’s have a look at some of these tools right below:

1. How to Unblur a Video via Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a popular editing tool. Although it lets you fix blur videos, it is quite complicated to use. The tool comes with various features. So, you can actually do anything with your photos or videos.

For advanced and intermediate users, it is a fine application. Plus, it has a standard industry to manipulate pictures. So, it is best if you are wondering about how to unblur videos on your Android device.

how to unblur a video with Photoshop Express

2. How to Unblur a Video via Fix Photo Blur

Fix Photo Blur is another useful and powerful editing tool. As its name suggests, Fix Photo Blur lets you unblur blurry images.

The tool features an option called ‘Fix Blur.’ This feature lets you restore blurred photos with slider tabs. Also, you can adjust the intensity of blurriness.

how to unblur a video Using Fix Photo Blur

This tool also allows users to remove chroma noise and Gaussian from blurry photos. So, how to unblur a video? Fix Photo Blur is the answer.

3. How to Unblur a Video via GIMP

GIMP is another excellent program that allows you to edit images of any quality. It is useful and powerful. With this tool, you can unblur your photos and videos for free.

Compared to other powerful tools, GIMP offers more features. Although it is not much popular, it does the job perfectly and effectively. Now, unblur your videos with GIMP if you are still confused about how to unblur videos.

how to unblur a video with GIMP

4. How to Unblur a Video via AfterFocus

AfterFocus lets your remove blurry effects from the picture effectively. The tool features a user-friendly interface. It comes with various focus options like smart focus area selection, background blur effect, etc.

Plus, the tool features an easy share option. Using it, you can share pictures through social media tools and emails.


5. How to Unblur a Video via Blurity

Blurity allows users to fix their blurring videos and photos for free. The program employs a military-grade technique called blind deconvolution for unblurring texts, photos, and videos.

So, how to unblur a video? Blurity is very easy to install and use.

YouTube video

6. How to Unblur a Video via Snapseed

Snapseed is another popular tool for editing pictures and videos. It features lots of amazing editing options. With these options, users can make their pictures perfect.

Snapseed comes with a ‘Detail‘ option that removes blurriness from photos. Using its slider, users can increase sharpness. Its ‘Selective‘ tool lets you adjust contrast and structure.

So, this is a decent tool for fixing blurry videos. Now, you do not have to think anymore about how to unblur videos.


Part 5: How to Unblur a Video

If you have shot a blur video, there are ways to undo it. So, how do unblur videos? There are a few steps that you can follow to unblur a video.

Step 1: Preparation is everything

Before recording a video, you have to make some preparations. Firstly, ensure what you actually want at the end before you even start shooting a video.

Also, consider where you are going to play the video, such as your computer or camera, to determine the resolution.  

For HD production and editing, the video should be 720p or 1080p. It is always recommended to shoot the video with the highest screen resolution.

Otherwise, there are chances of getting a blurry video after scaling up or zooming in the footage.

Step 2: Go with vector art

While recording a video, you get options like raster art and vector art. Here, raster art comprises several pixels, whereas vector art employs certain mathematical calculations.

Meaning that one cannot enlarge the former without making the video blur. Vector artworks without any fixed resolution. As a result, you enjoy unblur videos with vector art even after scaling them.

Step 3: Choose the right format

Using the right file format is the secret to making your blurry videos clear. Get insights into different video formats to ensure you get the best footage quality. The perfect video format is MP4.

This file format ensures high quality with a small size, even when you compress them. Plus, this file format is compatible with various devices, including TVs, phones, computers, tablets, and others.

Part 6: How to Enhance Video Quality

So, how to unblur a video? Undoubtedly, it is not a pleasing experience. Users can fix their videos with the above methods if they are wondering how to unblur them.

However, the best thing is to keep some techniques in mind while recording footage rather than fixing the faults afterward. Here are quick tips for ensuring a high-quality video capture:

  • To capture high-quality videos, use a good camera. Using a nice camera with amazing features is recommended, which can shoot premium-quality videos.
  • When recording a video, do not add digital effects. It is better to add them while editing the video.
  • Shoot uniform video shots with steady angles. This lets you maintain consistency throughout the video.
  • While shooting, check your sound. Use premium-quality microphones and remove distortions and background sounds while editing.


Q1: Can I unblur a video using online tools?

A1: Yes, there are online tools available that claim to unblur videos. However, the effectiveness may vary, and it’s recommended to use reliable and reputable platforms for better results.

Q2: Are AI-powered video enhancement tools easy to use?

A2: Yes, many AI-based video enhancement tools offer user-friendly interfaces, making the process of unblurring videos accessible to users with limited technical knowledge.

Q3: Can I unblur a video captured with a low-quality camera?

A3: While it may be challenging to fully restore the quality of a video captured with a low-quality camera, employing various techniques and tools can still improve its clarity to a certain extent.

Q4: What should I do if I need to unblur a video urgently?

A4: If time is of the essence, utilizing video editing software with quick and automated features can help you unblur a video more efficiently.

Q5: Can I unblur a video without compromising its originality?

A5: Yes, by using appropriate techniques and tools, you can unblur a video without significantly altering its original content, ensuring the video remains authentic.


So, it is pretty common for videos to become blurry. That’s why people look for answers to how to unblur a video. If you are wondering how to unblur videos, always go with a trusted method to fix the issue.

Although there are various methods on how to unblur a video, only some of them work well. Wondershare Repairit Video Repair lets you fix the problem effortlessly. This program lets you fix a blurry video without any expertise or knowledge.


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