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HIPDF: Online Solution to Split, Compress & Merge PDFs


Written by Janice

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Are you looking for a handy app to split, compress, and merge PDF files? If so, HIPDF can be the best solution for you.

This review will provide substantial knowledge about HIPDF for those interested in it. Please read on!

Why Is Hipdf the Best?

HIPDF is one of those online tools that come with a variety of options to edit PDF files. This specific software can convert PDF files into other formats such as Word, Excel, PPT, etc.

Also, HIPDF can convert other files (including Word, PPT, Excel, MIDI, etc.) into PDF without any trouble. This handy online tool is compatible with a plethora of file formats, including DOCX, XLSX, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, etc.

Although HIPDF comes with such a large range of features, it is exceptionally user-friendly software. It has a simplified interface with superb speed.


1. Upload File on Hipdf

To upload a file on HIPDF, you can click on the button labeled “Choose File.” If not, you can drag and drop a file into the interface of this software. The time it takes to convert a file may vary depending on the size of the file.

After the conversion process, you can download the file directly on the computer. But, HIPDF does not let users upload files from cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

2. Easy-to-Use UI

As we mentioned before, there are plenty of other websites that offer online PDF conversion services. However, most of those websites don’t have a very pleasant interface.

They are too complicated and have a lot of advertisements. On the contrary to that, HIPDF comes with a very convenient UI that makes the job easier.

3. Free Version is Available

One of the most notable features associated with HIPDF is that it is free. This means you don’t have to pay a penny, no matter how many PDF files you convert through HIPDF.

This free offer can be handy compared to software like Acrobat Pro DC. If you are looking for a very affordable solution to convert PDF files, HIPDF is a great option. All in all, HIPDF is a superb alternative to expensive PDF converters.

4. Safe to Use

When it comes to the security of the data you upload to HIPDF, it is perfectly safe. This respective website doesn’t misuse any of your files for other purposes. In fact, the files you upload to their server automatically get deleted within an hour.

These files will not be able to access by any other person. In a nutshell, the security of your data is perfectly safe if you use a service like HIPDF.

However, there is one drawback associated with this online PDF converter. It doesn’t let you choose any output extension while converting PDF files into Excel, Word, or PPT.

That means the files will be converted with the default output format predefined by the software itself. You cannot necessarily change it.

But you don’t have this restriction when converting PDF files to different types of image extensions.

5. Convert PDF

Indeed, HIPDF doesn’t have a restriction regarding the number of files to convert. However, there is a limit on individual file sizes.

That is to say, you cannot upload files that exceed 10 MB. HIPDF will not accept anything beyond 10 MB.

In addition to that, this software does allow you to upload multiple files simultaneously through different tabs.

But that doesn’t mean that it allows you to convert files in batches. Single-click batch file conversion is not possible in this case.

Convert PDF
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Apart from converting the files, this respective software can perform other tasks. For instance, it can easily merge and split PDF files.

This online tool’s functionalities can greatly be used for professional and other purposes. If you have a business that requires frequent merging or splitting of PDF files, HIPDF is a superb option.

6. Merge PDF

It is a really simple task for merging files using HIPDF. You can put a multitude of files into the UI of this software and download a single PDF file. To download the file, you should click the Merge CTA button.

But you should remember that there is a limitation on the file size. As we mentioned, you cannot upload a file exceeding 10 MB.

However, you don’t need to worry about the number of files you can upload. That is because you can easily upload any number of files and merge them. Know more about how to insert PDF into word.

Merge PDF using HIPDF
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But Acrobat Pro DC stands ahead of the HIPDF when arranging pages. With Acrobat Pro DC, you can arrange individual pages in each file.

Also, it can delete unwanted content from every single file. On the other hand, HIPDF can rearrange PDF files only. But it can’t arrange individual pages.

7. Split PDF

When you need to split the files, HIPDF considers the number of pages of each file. Then, it allows you to select the range of pages you need to split. Also, it defines the number of parts the respective PDF is to be split.

Depending on the information you have specified, the file will be split. Depending on the range specified, the PDF file will be divided into many files. These files can then be downloaded as a single zip file.

At a glance, the functionality of splitting in HIPDF is pretty similar to Acrobat Pro DC. However, this tool doesn’t necessarily have the option of adding labels.

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8. File Compression

When it comes to the filing compression feature, you will be able to upload files that are smaller than 10MB. As long as the files weigh less than 10MB, you can upload them easily.

Moreover, this tool allows three compression levels. The compression levels are as follows.

  • If you expect less quality, please go for the “High Compression” level
  • If you expect good quality, please go for the “Good Compression” level
  • And if you expect high quality, please go for “Less Compression
Compress PDF using HIPDF
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As you can see, HIPDF allows you to define the compression level depending on your requirement. After the compression is completed, you can download the file without trouble.

The developers of HIPDF focus mainly on the simplified interface with ease of use. Because of this very reason, this online PDF converter lacks some advanced features.

For instance, it doesn’t have the option to optimize the color or change the monochrome settings. On the other hand, all these features are available in Acrobat Pro DC.

HIPDF is a browser-based tool. As per our general acceptance, it is a notable benefit associated with this tool. That is to say, you can use this tool on any computer regardless of its operating system.

But the users should remember that their website offers solutions based on PDF file format. Therefore, the splitting function of HIPDF is available for PDF files only. That means HIPDF only allows you to input and output PDF files.

In fact, HIPDF comes in the English language only. However, as per the information we receive, this online PDF converter will soon be available in other languages too. From a realistic point of view, HIPDF may lack some features compared to Acrobat Pro DC.

However, because it is a free tool, it can be really handy. Also, you should know that this tool has no limitations regarding the number of files dealt with. If you are a user who needs an affordable, all-in-one solution to convert PDF, HIPDF is a really good option.

HIPDF Pro Version

Although HIPDF is free software, it also comes with a paid version. The paid option comes as HIPDF Pro. Let’s look at the characteristics associated with the paid version of this software now.

Also, If the Pro version still can’t satisfy you, try this more powerful one – PDFElement.

It Gives You Access to All the Tools Integrated

Unlike the paid version, you don’t have to worry about limited features using the Hipdf Pro version.

It Lets You Process Files in Batches

This feature lets you save precious time. You can process a large number of files at once without having to open multiple tabs. This feature will be exceptionally handy for you if you are a business or other organization.

Compatible with Larger File Size

Even the free version of this tool supports an unlimited number of files. However, as you already know, the free version of this online tool doesn’t permit you to upload larger files.

That means it doesn’t support files larger than 10MB. But, when it comes to the paid version, the maximum file size is 50 MB.

Convert & Compress Files Through Email

The free version doesn’t allow you to upload files through emails or other cloud storage. However, you can upload files even through emails without any hassle when it comes to a paid version.

Grants Access to OCR

This feature lets you gain access to OCR. Optical Character Recognition lets you upload even JPEGs and convert them into PDF files. Because of this feature, you can save a lot of time.

In addition to that, the paid version doesn’t display any ads on the screen. Perfect email support is another value addition associated with this program.

Pricing of HIPDF Paid Version

Here’s the pricing of this program. This program is available in two different pricing plans as follows.

Monthly Plan

As per the monthly plan, you can subscribe to this service by paying $6 each month. Moreover, you can cancel this subscription at any time.

Annual Plan

If you go for the annual plan, you can obtain the service for $48. As we believe the annual plan is affordable compared to the monthly plan. An annual plan can be the best option if you are a business.


HIPDF is an online tool that provides solutions for splitting, compressing, and merging PDF files.

Upload your file, select the desired operation (split, compress, merge), follow the prompts, and download your file.

Yes, HIPDF uses high-level encryption for data security.

No, HIPDF compresses files without significant quality loss.

In addition to splitting, compressing, and merging, HIPDF offers conversion, watermarking, and encryption services.


In conclusion, HIPDF is a powerful online solution that caters to all your PDF management needs. With its myriad features and user-friendly interface, it truly is a game-changer in the digital world.


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